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D3D Error on Starting Mission Editor

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Well I cannot get it to work. Made a mission last week - this week cannot get the thing to start.


I have altered the 1SGS to 1CGS - rerun - no effect.

I have renameds !CGS using regedit - but as far as I can see the editor simply recreates the 1CGS branch on start up.


When I start the editor the menu options are responsive - but as soon as I pick New Mission, or select a terrain pre-set from the Properties Window, I get a "Please wait for operations to finish" window and nothing happening. Task manager at that point shows the editor as not responding. Setting the Tools to start with last mission makes no difference.


Any ideas? Infuriating - all I need is a single truck moving down a street for a film...... last shot I need to make to finish it as well.

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