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Yup, not a lot of room.  Was a BIT more spacious (not much) in the aft cabin, where we did hoisting etc

AC is a CH124A (RCAF version of an H3).  Pic taken after a crew change on the deck of HMCS Halifax, I was the Det Comd.  I still use the clipboard for IL2 :)

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On 11/10/2020 at 12:45 PM, THERION said:


Some kind of cramped conditions you had...



My old office, P-3C Orion, Electronic Warfare Operator (Anti-Surface Warfare Specialist). The picture is not of me. This is an official US Navy photo released to the public. If I ever brought a camera onboard, I'd be in Federal Prison.






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My CFII also was a P-3 EWO. I asked him if he ever got sick in turbulence (while battling Florida thermals under the hood), to which he replied that flying 12h missions at low altitude basicly makes you barf the airsickness out of your system forever...

That was in 2016. Now he's also a DPE.


Man, I really need to go back to the US and mabe do the Commercial Ticket.

Just for the fun of it...

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the police stares at me frowning i wonder why:




the thing is that i have the hair naturally like that and this is the only rol model i can have


the fault of being kelt




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