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Custom Alpha Channel Tutorial for Gimp (advanced skinners)

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Salute All,

I'm using Adobe CS3 and would very much like to edit my alpha to mate the painted areas and shine up the Alum. I have made some tries at this with the worst out come . I tried to copy my paint and marking to my alpha but im finding invisible holes in my AC in game, small but I see it. Not sure if im needing to convert to shadow before I paste to alpha. Any help would be great.


Salute Wolfe

alpha layer.jpg

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I've tried this with Gimp 2.10...and it doesnt seem to work as the OP describes.


A work around I've found is to keep the Alpha channel I want to use as a layer in my template, then I finish my skin and use copy visible (shft+trl+C) and paste as new (shft+ctrl+V), then I copy the alpha layer into the new file as a layer mask. Save as .dds and presto! 

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