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can I add waypoints to an existing flightplan?

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Never mind I figured it out.

Just in case anyone else needs to do this all you need to do is to delete the object and target associations between any  2 way-points and add the new way-points in between these way-points. then re-do the object and target associations for the new way-points and re-assign any way-point commands (land/attack.etc) as necessary. 


Hope this makes some sense lol



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Ok. How do I do that?


Say you have a sequence of waypoints like this: A >> B >> C >> D >> E (>> representing the Target Link (red colored line))

And you want to add a waypoint X betwen B and C, to get A >> B >> X >> C >> D >> E

What you need to do is, place the new waypoint X to where you want it to be on the map, connect it to the aircraft object with Object Link (green line), then delete the Target Link connecting B and C (be sure to keep the Object Link (green colored line) connecting B and C to the aircraft object, respectively). Then, Target Link B to X, and X to C.

That's it.  

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