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Hi fellow VR Pilots :)

Made a quick search of the forum but didn't find any info on this.


Is there a plug-in for TS that allows the name of the person speaking in TS to show in game?

Sorry if this is obvious but I haven't found it :) In CloD there is a plug-in that allow a window to
be set up to do this inside the game itself.



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hmm try this :

Your HDD/thefolder of your TSnotifier/TShelperplugins

Open it copy the plugins (both 32 and 64 bits) and paste them here :

Your HDD/the folder of your Team speak3/plugins

And then ??? it should work ...

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i know nothing about your Os but i know that if you put the two of them there will be no prob ;) ....thats why i told you to put them both


"Should do nothing me think but I'll give it a go.".....

On first try wasn t working for me ...then i put the plugin ....as told here : http://blog.cfxxl.de/index.php/how-to/how-to-ts-notifier/?lang=en#p_1_3_1

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I was trying to get a number of TS3 overlays working.  Each had their own issues.


Overwolf is the "Official" TS3 Overlay but although everything sort of worked, it would not stay on top.  Dumbest possible issue for an overlay program, I'd say.


So, here is at least a fix that works with TS3 Overwolf.

The following is a link to a freeware program Deskpin.  This can pin any window to stay on top while it is open.

Once the Overwolf TS3 Channel window is up, you simply drop a pin on it and it will stay on top of the game.

Not a permanent fix but, hey, it works.


There is an auto pin option.  If anyone figures out a way to automate the pinned window, please post it here.

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15 hours ago, SvAF/F16_Goblin said:

Still don't work in VR as far as I can tell.

Yeah, maybe I should have mentioned that it only seems to work in 2D... sorry. I missed the VR in Blade18's post.

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