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Model Pilot

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#601 BorysVorobyov

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Posted 17 September 2017 - 23:51

You need to do a 1/144 airfield diorama.
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#602 Finkeren

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Posted 20 September 2017 - 13:30

I can't ever hope to match the quality of craftsmanship I see demonstrated here, but i still want to share some images of my first brushes with scale modeling in almost 20 years. Recently I bought my oldest daughter an Airfix kit (at her request) and that sparked me to try to revive my interest in this hobby.


As I said, I haven't touched paint or glue since I was a teenager, but I tried to pick up where I left - I used to focus on WW2 aircraft in 1/72 - and given my preference for Soviet aviation, I wanted start out with some models of VVS aircraft, already making things difficult for myself, as Soviet aircraft are criminally underrepresented among the WW2 kits.


It was an exercise in frustration to put it mildly!


I started off with the Zvezda 1/72 La-5FN. Easy build - horrible kit (raised panel lines, not engraved  :huh: ) . I build it and painted it in a day, thought I did okay for my first try, and then promptly decided to ruin the model by spray-varnishing it without masking the canopy, resulting in a nice layer of frost and a completely opaque canopy!  :fool:


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Undaunted, I went and bought Academy's 1/72 P-39N/Q instead, planning to build the VVS version of the N model. Slightly more advanced kit, beautifully detailed and quite easy to build. However, during assembly I realized, that I hadn't put enough of a counterbalance in the nose for the model to stand by itself, and in my attempt to surgically implant small pieces of metal through the cockpit, the glue reacted with the metal and literally melted the effing nose of the plane!!!  :dash:  :dash:


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I'm now on my third attempt to make something worthwhile, and while this one is so far turning out okay, I still continue to make my own life difficult. I bought Roden's early series LaGG-3, and oh boy: The kit is fairly detailed and with a crapload of options, but it is a nightmare to build. No pins-and holes to line up the pieces during assembly, the fuselage halves were warped and did not fit at all. Pretty much not a single thing fit without me having to perform significant "surgery" with my old, chipped scalpel and no filler. Still, I got it all to kind of stick together and the fuselage is almost straight now.


I'm making Leonid Galchenko's unique and very recognizable LaGG-3 series 3, as it appeared in winter 1941 - 42. It's so ugly and yet so appealing, and Galchenko must've been one of the best fighter pilots of the entire VVS, because he achieved most of his 24 kills and 12 shared fighting in this piece of junk, which was kept in constant service for well over a year without ever getting shot down. 


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I hope it turns out all right in the end.

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The P-51 won the war.

#603 Feathered_IV

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Posted 21 September 2017 - 10:57

I reckon you've done a very fine job, though I grieve with you for that P-39.  That would have come out beautifully.  Definitely grab another one if you can.

The La-5 can most likely be saved.  A brushed coat of thinned down acrylic Clear such as Mr Hobby H-30 will cancel out the matt and set things to rights again.  Avoid lacquer based clears though as it will be too aggressive. Or you can leave it alone and content yourself with it as a very convincing museum piece on outdoor display  ;)


The LaGG is looking excellent.  Be sure to keep us updated on that one!

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#604 Finkeren

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Posted 21 September 2017 - 13:44

Thanks for the kind words Feathered. Praise from Caesar is praise indeed (coming from a guy who builds better models in 1/144 than I can do in 1/48)

I might try your suggestion about the canopy, otherwise I'm thinking of doing a diorama covered in hoarfrost - one side of the canopy is worse off than the other, making it kind of look like the sun is melting away the frost on one side of the aircraft.

Likewise I plan on using the P-39 for a diorama, where it has suffered a collapsing nosewheel on landing, leading to the crumbled-up nose.

Who knows? I might also get an attack of the lazy and just buy a new kit after the LaGG is done.
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The P-51 won the war.

#605 sallee

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Posted 21 September 2017 - 17:34

I think things are shaping up very well! The droop-snoot P39 is a great idea!
LaGG looks terrific.
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