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Version 1.003 - Published on October 24, 2014.

Version 1.004 - Published on November 11th, 2014.

Version 1.005 - Published on November 13th, 2014.

Version 1.006 - Published on November 24th, 2014.

Version 1.007 - Published on December 03th, 2014.

Version 1.008 - Published on December 23th, 2014.

Version 1.009 - Published on February 24th, 2015.

Version 1.010 - Published on March 17th, 2015.
Version 1.011 - Published on April 22th, 2015.

Version 1.101 - Published on July 07th, 2015.
Version 1.102 - Published on August 11th, 2015.
Version 1.103 - Published on September 29th, 2015.
Version 1.104 - Published on October 27th, 2015.
Version 1.105 - Published on November 24th, 2015.
Version 1.106 - Published on December 22nd, 2015.
Version 1.107 - Published on January 28th, 2016.
Version 1.107b - Published on February 19th, 2016.
Version 1.201 - Published on March 31st, 2016.
Version 2.001 - Published on May 18th, 2016.
Version 2.002 - Published on June 28th, 2016.

Version 2.002b - Published on June 29th, 2016.


Version 2.003 - Published on June 29th, 2016


Version 2.005 - Published on November 15th, 2016.


Version 2.006 - Published on December 19th, 2016.


Version 2.006c - Published on December 21th, 2016.


Version 2.007 - Published on January 31st, 2017.


Version 2.008 - Published on February 28th, 2017.


Version 2.009 - Published on April 10th, 2017.


Version 2.010 - Published on May 11th, 2017.


Version 2.011 - Published on July 06th, 2017.


Version 2.012 - Published on August 29th, 2017.


Version 3.001 - Published on March 14th, 2018.


Version 3.002 - Published on April 18th, 2018.


Version 3.003 - Published on May 24th, 2018.


Version 3.004 - Published on June 18th, 2018.


Version 3.005 - Published on July 18th, 2018.


Version 3.006 - Published on September 26th, 2018.


Version 3.007 - Published on November 20th, 2018.


Version 3.008 - Published on December 5th, 2018.


Version 3.009 - Published on December 19th, 2018.


Version 3.010 - Published on February 4th, 2019.


Version 3.010b - Published on February 8th, 2019.


Version 3.010c - Published on February 14th, 2019.


Version 3.011 - Published on March 5th, 2019.


Version 3.012 - Published on March 18th, 2019.


Version 3.101 - Published on June 10th, 2019.


Version 3.102 - Published on July 24th, 2019.


Version 3.201 - Published on September 30th, 2019.


Version 4.001 - Published on November 7th, 2019.


Version 4.002 - Published on November 26th, 2019.


Version 4.003 - Published on December 17th, 2019.


Version 4.004 - Published on January 21st, 2020.


Version 4.005 - Published on April 8th, 2020.


Version 4.006 - Published on May 20th, 2020.


Version 4.007 - Published on June 9th, 2020.


Version 4.008 - Published on July 9th, 2020.


Version 4.009 - Published on August 17th, 2020.


Version 4.501 - Published on September 17th, 2020.


Version 4.502 - Published on November 5th, 2020.


Version 4.503 - Published on November 16th, 2020.


Version 4.504 - Published on December 16th, 2020.


Version 4.505 - Published on December 28th, 2020.


Version 4.506 - Published on February 16th, 2021.


Version 4.601 - Published on April 21st, 2021.


Version 4.602 - Published on June 1st, 2021.


Version 4.603 - Published on August 11th, 2021.

Version 4.604 - Published on September 21st, 2021.

Version 4.605 - Published on October 27st, 2021.

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Version 1.003



Hi Everybody!


Since the game was officially released two days ago, we've decided to publish change logs here. Obviously the dev blog notes are going to be more rare from now on, however the updates will certanly be posted regularly.


So, version change list is as follows:

  1. Incorrect friendly fire penalty for shooting static objects, neutral and enemy houses fixed;

  2. Server performance improved twice in the moments when ground vehicles explode during massive AI battles;

  3. Dserver crashes that happen 1-2 times a day fixed;

  4. In Campaign missions “Escort for assault planes”, “Ground attack”; “Ground forces support” there’s now a chance for the 2nd and the 3rd waves of enemy fighter escort to appear;

  5. Spawn points for enemy fighters are now random in “Escort for assault planes” missions in Campaign;

  6. Target area is now shown correctly on the enemy territory in the Uranus operation in Campaign;

  7. Briefing data about airfield altitude and target approach altitude was rounded up in Campaign;

  8. Atmosphere pressure and temperature were set in accordance to te dates in Campaign;

  9. Autoplay for the final video cut scene fixed in Campaign;

  10. Getting XP and a new level on the same debriefing window fixed in Campaign;

  11. AI covering tactics changed: they don’t fly far away now from the objects they are covering

  12. XP counting for destroying villages or towns was disabled. You still can get XP for destroying warehouses, plants, bridges, railway stations;

  13. Plane setup is now correctly transferred from mission settings when login to a server or loading a mission; personal customizations are recorded for one mission;

  14. Default plane setup no longer stops player from starting a mission (but we recommend you to check the settings if you’re playing on a custom server);

  15. Incorrect image proportions fixed on loading screens;

  16. User settings reset function will no longer reset all options but custom interface only;

  17. Stats for destroyed static objects fixed;

  18. XP counting for targets destroyed by the AI gunner fixed. Each object destroyed by a gunner should now be added to pilot’s log.

You can discuss the news in this thread

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Version 1.004

Hi Everybody,

We present you the fresh update for IL2BOS, the change log follows below.

The change log for v.1.004 is as follows:

1. German localization added;
2. The menu of radio commands, gestures and commands to gunner added, use ~ to open it;
3. Fixed game crashes that happened while closing the application;
4. Fixed game crashes in Campaign;
5. Fixed game crashes when completing a mission in Campaign;
6. TrackIR driver should now load the game profile automatically;
7. A key to switch base level between pressure on the friendly airfield and the standard pressure level (LAlt + A);
8. More detailed controls for bombs and rockets added: salvos (LWin+B , LWin+R) and series (LCtrl+B) of dropping and launching are controllable; all available options depend on the plane (functionality for the bombsight will be added later);
9. Indicators of remaining bombs added to planes that did have it;
10. Animation of buttons for releasing bombs and launching rockets added;
11. Separate controls for inlet cowl shutters on the La-5 engine added (LCtrl+Minus / LCtrl+Equals);
12. Armored vehicle BA-10М added;13. Anti tank cannon ZIS-2 added;
14. Background color on German instruments was corrected according to the standard;15. Ju 87 3D model visual bug corrected;
16. The AI should now correctly estimate the amount of remaining fuel so it’ll be enough for them to return home;
17. AI landing procedure has been fixed for the cases when they are damaged or require fuel;
18. Spotter is giving orders for assault planes and bombers first in the interception missions;
19. Spotter stops tracking the targets that leave it’s zone of coverage;
20. Turret gun cooling fixed, now it depends on the plane’s flight speed;
21. Fuel consumption of Ju 87 and He 111 fixed;
22. Max speed of manual stabilizer repositioning on Bf 109 was reduced to last 5 seconds;
23. Detached plane parts keep all the details as they were before the part was torn off of the aircraft (aerial brakes, bomb hatches, gears, etc.);
24. Hitting turret gun weapons should have a correct visual effect now;
25. Taxing on the Kotelnichesky airfield fixed in the Campaign’s 3rd chapter;
26. Watermark with the game logo and nickname was removed from the upper left corner;

Update 1.004 also includes the hot-fix for 1.003:

27. Ground attack planes should now spawn correctly in corresponding interception missions;
28. Hitting utmost spans of bridges should now be counting as proper hits in Campaign;
29. Starting a mission with overheated machineguns and engine was fixed in Campaign;
30. Stats counter fixed in Campaign;
31. Dserver has a 32 players limit;
32. Dserver automatically turns the Win OS “High power” when launched;
33. Damaged and detached bomb hatches now look correctly on IL-2;
34. All damage visuals should now be preserved on all plane’s parts, including the detached ones;
35. A damaged turret remains that way when a new player takes place in it in MP;
36. Sequence of reading preset config files fixed.

You can discuss the news in this thread

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Version 1.005

We present the new version today as well a small fix for the earlier one. One of the very important parts of this update is our fix for the older TrackIR devices.
Changle log for v.1.005:
- A temporary solution for TrackIR 3 issue wass found and implemented. Start the game, then close it, find the configuration file in \data\startup.cfg, find the section [KEY = input] and set the parameter as shown: old_trackir = 1
- Needless extra keys for dropping bombs and launching rockets removed. The corresponding functional bugs were fixed as well;
- AI planes should correctly stay in formation when approaching the action area for attack or bombing;
- La-5's engine start procedure fixed;
- Incorrect axis invertion fixed for La-5's inlet cowl shutters controls;
- Fuse delay in German planes should now be adequate to the settings you put before the flight;
- Several corrections in Russian localiza have been removed;
- Sounds of hangar should turn off automatically when a mission starts, a corresponding setting has been also added to the Sound settings menu;
- Exhaust flames on IL-2 should now correctly work in replay tracks;
- Animation of machine gun and cannon firing trigger was fixed for Bf 109 F-4, Bf 109 G-2, Ju 87 D-3.
And one more thing goes as a hotfix:
- The delay between input and action when controlling stabilizers of Bf 109 was fixed;


 Update on the Master server on November 14th (no client updating is required)
- A plane destroyed by the gunner should now be counted as a kill for both gunner and the pilot. The Coalition points are taken only for killing the pilot;
- If a player destroys a plane (or any other object) after being shot down (while falling down in a burning plane) the kill points go to his stats anyway;
- If a player damages an enemy plane, and the pilot of that plane quits the flight while in the air, the attacking player still gets the kill points;
- If a player damages an enemy plane, and the pilot of that plane leaves from the server, the attacking player still gets the kill points, and the leaver gets death points as a penalty.


You can discuss the version in this thread

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Version 1.006
We've just released a new verion of the game; here's what we have for you this time:
- Bomb sights on Pe-2 and He 111 were fixed in German localization;
- Bomb drop interval and series of bombs settings added to Pe-2 and He 111 bomb sight interface;
- A new command to wingmen added "Stay in formation and cover the leader";
- Some graphical and interface issues with extra resolution modes were fixed (including some related to Matrox TH2Go);
- Excessive roll wobbling when attacking ground targets fixed for AI planes
- Issues with keeping formation when attacking ground targets fixed for AI planes;
- Inlet cowling on La-5 can now be shut when starting with taxiing;
- An issue with releasing Ju 87 gunner's canopy fixed (it used to be shown even when it was not there);
- Trains fixed on Stalingrad map;
- A message about switching bomb fuses on and off added to techno chat;
- An issue that caused the game to shut down slowly and to keep running as a process for 5-20 extra seconds in tray was fixed;
- An issue with ESC menu unavailability was fixed.
You can discuss the version in this thread

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Version 1.007


- Polish localization added;
- A tree was removed from a runway near Davydovka;

- Signal fires were moved to correct positions at the Illarionovsky airfield;

- Model of the prop twist on FW 190 fixed;

- The bug with sun filter on Ju 87 fixed;

- Head plate shadow bug that appeares with a turret installed was fixed;

- Shadow and SSAO bug on removed flaps fixed;

- Lag between pushing the button and firing decreased from 0,1 sec to 0,02 sec;

- Collision with invisible objects on Lapino and Tatsinskaya airfields fixed;

- The bug with AI wingmen taking off on Fw 190s fixed (both tail wheel and engine management flaws removed);

- The issue with a damaged plane getting a speed boost fixed;

- Oil pressure indication added;

- Field cannon Pak 38 added;

- Shaking of a slightly damaged plane decreased;

- StuG III Ausf C-D added;

- Color of armored glass framing fixed on Bf 109 F-4;

- Player limit on dedicated servers set to 48. We ask all hosts to decrease the number of server clients in case if tickdelay gets higher than 18ms;

- Time of drawing plane's skin was decreased;

- A plane that is caught in the enemy airspace after the side rotation on a MP server is no longer getting the "captured" state;

- You may hear dogs barking in the villlages.


You can discuss the version in this thread

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Version 1.008


  1. Custom user made plane skins can now be used on unranked server in Multiplayer, in single missions and in Quick mission mode;
  2. IL2BOS Skin viewer added (can be found bin\viewer folder);
  3. GUI color of nations can be switched now (redblue);
  4. 'Navigation markers' option added that allows to turn on/off your plane's icon and waypoints both on the map and in 3D (it's ON by default on Normal and Expert modes);
  5. Chat message sounds have changed;
  6. Some bugs with object markers on the map related to custom difficulty settings were fixed;
  7. The issue with the message about a new available chapter appearing one mission later was fixed;
  8. The issue with the main menu showing instead of the level map when connected to a server was fixed;
  9. 'Return to base' command to AI was fixed;
  10. All chat messages in Single missions, Quick mission and Campaign are now marked with player's name, not the system name;
  11. The 'Bot" word was replaced with 'Enemy plane' in techno chat;
  12. In Messages about changed view settings and messages about saved SNAP views were added to techno chat;
  13. AI fighters now apply a more complicated ground assault pattern on a bomb run;
  14. AI should now be dropping unarmed bombs before landing;
  15. AI will no longer try to attack one more ground target if it's too close to the first one and if that could be risky;
  16. In Campaign the AI planes will now return to base if they lack fuel, ammo, or have been damaged;
  17. In Quick Mission the issue with takeoff of AI planes and autopilot was fixed;
  18.  The program module that controlled aerodynamics of FW 190 A-3 beyond stall angles of attack was enabled (had been there before, we just forgot to enable it after testing);
  19. Pilot can no longer poke his head out of the canopy on high speeds;
  20. Fuel indicator now switches to the next tank every 10 seconds both in flight and on the runway. If a tank is empty the indicator won't show that tank;
  21. Proximity of fire in fuel tank or engine now depends on the projectile energy. For instance, the chance to set a fuel tank on fire depends not only on rate of fire but also on bullet's caliber and muzzle velocity. Only AP ammo can cause fire while HE rounds burst when hitting the sheathing and can only tear through the tank, but can't set it ablaze;
  22. The bug with a plane ‘floating’ after landing from a high altitude was fixed;
  23. Radial engines on La-5 and FW 190 were made more sturdy;
  24. A plane counts as destroyed (kill point added; crew bails out; icon disappears; mission trigger activates) if it's fuel tank is on fire now because it's impossible to extinguish the fire anyway;
  25. Shockwave influence on several planes fixed (it used to hit only one plane in the area);
  26. Gun crews can be damaged from bigger distances;
  27. Gunfight sounds added to Stalingrad;
  28. Additional tuning was done to stability and controllability of planes in the yaw axis so wobbling on gliding angle was significantly reduced;
  29. The bug with invisible brake flaps when BK-37 is installed was fixed;
  30. The issue with radio comms when they didn't contain any call sign was fixed;
  31. The rare issue with projectiles, shells and bombs being marked with "Attack this target' icon was fixed;
  32. The bug with trains on the Novosokolniki map in Quick Mission was fixed;
  33.  All invisible obstacles (that we’d discovered) on all airfields were removed.
  34. Christmas tree!

You can discuss the version in this thread


The Skin Templates were organized by Jason from amazing artwork provided by the art team which was used to make our original in-game skins. These templates should make it easy for users (beginners and experts alike) to create impressive paint-jobs that look realistic in a very short time. They are in .psd format. They have have been simplified as much as possible with few, if any, advanced Photoshop features such as masks etc. left on to speed up the skin making process. You may find some issues or faults as there were numerous layers and some were a bit mysterious in their original form, but you should have a solid base to do some really cool skins. 

All skins need to be DXT5 with Alpha included to work.


You can download the Skin Templates from these links:













If the download is slow, the server may be overloaded. Mirrors are gladly allowed and encouraged.



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Version 1.009



Dear pilots!

Today we’re updating the game to version 1.009. The change log was published in the previous dev blog last Friday, you can also find it below.

The most expected are numbers 55, 56 and 57, of course :)


55. Full mission editor added
56. Dedicated server added
57. Remote control console for the dedicated server added


1. Oxygen system added. In case when it’s damaged or when runs out of oxygen, the pilot will suffer more severe overloads on high altitudes;
2. Fixed rudder wobbling when control rods are broken;
3. The stick doesn’t wobble when shooting any more in a plane parked with its engine off and at calm weather;
4. The bounce of the stabilizer that used to bother pilots tuning it for Bf 109 was fixed;
5. Default yaw trimming for Yak-1 was fixed; the plane is now trimmed for combat flight speed;
6. The approach to default roll and yaw trimming changed: it is now working as trimming with rods that should return to combat speed position when released to neutral position;
7. Fixed tabs on Bf 109 and Fw 190 were tuned so that the default stabilizer position is now more convenient;
8. Yak-1 and IL-2 flaps are now influenced by the incoming airflow as the speed increases (at about 250km/h)
9. Landing flaps can now stuck or break off at speeds that exceed the normal speed which these elements are supposed to withstand;
10. Plane is now shaking and can get it’s landing gears broken away when flying at high speed with the gears down;
11. Open bomb hatch should now affect the air drag;
12. Flap control lever on Yak-1 was fixed: it should not be shaking at high engine revs and should not return to neutral position when the flaps are down;
13. He-111 trimming range corrected, it is now possible to trim the plane for horizontal flight at any speed;
14. Excessive jumping behavior of Pe-2 tuned to bet the same like in reference videos;
15. Fixed the issue with engine not starting at all after a failed attempt to start;
16. The bug with transparent elements attaching to ripped off parts of He 111 was fixed;
17. It is now posible to shoot off wheels from the landing gears of Pe-2 and He 111;
18. The lag between hits and visual effects of impact was minimized;
19. HE and fragmentation ammo influence on armoured elements fixed: they are now properly protected from low caliber hits;
20. Armour penetration ammo has also been more precisely tuned;
21. Ground crews are now running away correctly from exploding vehicle;
22. An issue with ground vehicles placed near each other not exploding in Multilayer was fixed;
23. Airframe durability has been tuned and increased in most of the cases adding more resistance to direct hits;
24. Fixed abrupt blackouts that pilots of Bf 109 experienced when using flaps while the slats are out;
25. Fixed abrupt blackouts when putting up the gears right after takeoff;
26. A rolling gear wheel aerodynamics fixed. This should decrease the chance of nose over and as a result make landing a bit easier;
27. Excessive snow dust effects created by a falling wheel removed;
28. All soviet inline engines in the game got their durability fixed, and as a result - incresed. All inline engines in the game now have roughly similar durability. Radial engines are approximately twice tougher than the inline ones;
29. An opportunity to extinguish fire in the fuel tanks on flight. To do that increase speed and sideslip;
30. Gun spread was recalculated. German fixed weaponry got horizontal spread decreased by 50%;
31. MG/FF cannons on Fw 190 A-3 and He 11 H-6 got their horizontal spread decreased according to the reference;
32. Horizontal spread of turret guns in case of overheat has been increased;
33. Several Campaign and Dserver crashes have been fixed;
34. Engine and wind sounds shouldn't clip and disappear when played simultaneously with numerous bullet and shell impacts;
35. AI bombers should now correctly drop the bombs after the Do Like Me command;
36. AI will not bail out instantly but with a random delay;
37. Significantly improved the situation with hit sounds in Multiplayer;
38. AI stay in formation when an enemy fighter is spotted;
39. Invisible tracers fixed in Multiplayer;
40. AI dive bombers Ju 87 and Pe-2 will do vertical dive bombing only if the need to spend not more than 2 minutes to gain the necessary altitude; next dives the do will be flat ones;
41. AI should now return to the home base if damaged or leaking fuel;
42. AI that go to home base because of low ammo or minor damage should now be going on max speed;
43. AI that was damaged, or has low fuel or zero ammo will now perform evasive maneuvers on its way to the home base;
44. Light BT-7M tank added;
45. La-5 canopy framing was slightly corrected;
46. In Campaign and Quick mission, a transport convoy will move off the road and spread if attacked from the air;
47. Full player list on the server added;
48. It is now possible to vote to kickban a player (for 24 hours by default);
49. AI controlled Ju 87 are now using flaps correctly on takeoff;
50. Excessive wobbling on roll axis that appeared during dive maneuvers on Ju 87 was removed;
51. AI planes will start engines again if they fail to do that at first attempt;
52. It is now possible to mark players on the server; marked players have purple icons;
53. Ground target markers are now shown on all the objects, not their group leaders only;
54. Distance is now shown on markers of ground targets (3km and less for group leaders and 1km for each object);
55. Full mission editor added \bin\editor\STEditor.exe;
56. Dedicated server added \bin\game\DServer.exe;
57. Remote control console for the dedicated server added \bin\console\;
58. It is now possible to set a pool of missions to put the to rotation on a ranked server. To add a mission to the pool you need to contact us;
59. Two multiplayer missions created by DED team added to this version to begin testing of the ranked servers system;
60. HUD is now turning red when the plane is near stall, or suffering from flatter;
61. The issue with bomb fuses turning off before landing was fixed;
62. Ranked server are now marked with red badges in the server list;
63. AAA should now cover transport convoys in Quick Mission;
64. Snowy ground textures improved;
65. When the bomb hatch is open the wind noise can be heard.


And of course dedicated server is one of the key parts of the update. Everyone can now run their own multiplayer mission. Note that at this stage we’re offering you a Beta version of the server software which implies some simple rules of its use.


To start a server you need to be authorized on the Master serve with a game account. And since it is not possible to play and host with the same account simultaneously, you might need an extra account. But of course you don’t have to buy a new key for this purpose - you can use one of our specially prepared Dserver accounts. To get login and password to such account you need to submit a request at our Customer service helpdesk.


To get your ticket processed please follow the following template precisely:

  1. login to your account at http://il2sturmovik.com/

  2. follow this link https://il2sturmovik.com/support/request/

  3. put this as the ticket title: DSERVER please

  4. enter the text of the ticket as follows:


Please, provide me with a special account that I would like to use to host a dedicated server. I know that such account would not let me play the game and that it doesn’t have planes on it, and I acknowledge that such account is the property of 1C Game Studios.

  1. send this request and wait for response;

  2. receive the account credentials and put them into the .SDS server configuration file.


And attention once more!

Giving out the extra dserver account takes time, so I’m afraid some of you may have to wait until tomorrow, because our customer service guy needs to sleep sometimes too.


The file with .SDS extension saves all the settings of your server. A mission can be saved as .MISSION, or .MSNBIN - for ranked servers. To help you to get to know the new features we suggest you take a look at the configuration files that we used on the BOS EU Normal server. The archive that you can get via this link contains the following files:

BoS_MP_RD.msnbin - mission file



BoS_MP_RD.rus - mission description files

BoS_MP_RD_EU_normal.sds - server config file


You can discuss the version in this thread

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Version 1.010


Dear pilots!

We present to you this new major game update. Some things have been fixed, others are going to be introduced for the first time. Well, meet the 1.010!

A few lines in the change log that we find particularly important are highlighted with blue color


Aircraft FM/DM/AI:
1. The issue that caused He 111 to hop up when its wheel is shot off was fixed;
2. Extreme nosing over in case of heavy tail hit on Pe-2 was fixed;
3. He 111 tailwheel fixed;
4. Pilots and gunners vitality decreased (now it takes 2-3 not slowed by an armor 7.62 bullets to kill them);
5. Rudder counter forces at high speed were reduced on Fw 190 according to the reference;
6. Taxiing on Fw 190 improved (landing gear settings tweaked to make turning at low speeds with released tail wheel manageable);
7. Fixed the speed that pushes pilot’s head back into the cockpit. It starts to push on 300 km/h and completely returns the head back inside on 500km/h;
8. It still remains possible to do a small sneak peek even on high speeds;
9. The airflow is now pushing pilot’s head back into the cockpit according to IAS, not TAS;
10. Speed is now correctly shown on He 111 gauges;
11. Prop feathering levers on He 111 now works correctly;
12. The issue that made it impossible for AI to control the plane after any manual stabilizer changes was fixed;
13. AI pilot on Fw 190 was fixed;
14. Landing skill of Bf 109 AI pilots was improved;
15. Bombing skill of Bf 109 AI pilots was improved;
16. AI fighter pilots can sustain heavier overload during dogfight;
17. AI bombers and attack planes won't attempt to dogfight in Duel missions, they perform evasive maneuvers and rely on their turrets;
18. AI gunners open fire at ground targets at a longer range;
Graphics and misc:
19. The mixture control lever on IL-2 was fixed;
20. The tiled texture near the fixed gun on Pe-2 was fixed;
21. Several typos in signatures in He 111 were fixed;
22. Trimmer indicator on He 111 shows correct value when trimmer is reset;
23. The telltales (external gear indicators) should now disappear when the wing is cut off;
24. Gunsight illumination regulator on Yak-1 won't move when you switch cabin light on or off;
25. The Ju 87 cockpit glass should be disappearing correctly when it’s shot off;
26. The issue that caused an averagely damaged Yak-1 to loose canopy glass was fixed;
27. Friendly aircraft that cover your flight in campaign start on correct course;
28. The trees that blocked takeoff for heavily loaded planes on the Pichuga airfield were removed;
29. Trees the heavy loaded planes could crash into are removed near Peskovatka airfield;
30. Trees the heavy loaded planes could crash into are removed near Lapino airfield;
31. Tanks near Pitomnik are positioned correctly (previously they could end up on ice);
32. Stalingrad building templates are saved with correct path;
33. The visuals of river banks were improved;
34. Airfields are now more easily distinguishable on the terrain;
35. The sound of fire on the second engine was fixed for the corresponding planes;
36. Train flatbeds were added to the stats; 
37. AA guns placed on the trains are now correctly being counted for the stats;
38. Objects that carry no tactical value were removed from the stats (half destroyed objects, aircraft shelters, etc.);
39. Objects on Novosokolniki and Velikie Luki maps were added to stats;
40. Flash objects and images can be used in custom missions via mission editor;
41. It is now possible to see your route and all the events that happened during a Campaign mission in the debriefing;
42. Ground object kills are shown in in-game chat;
43. AI unit kills are shown in in-game chat;
44. In-game chat shows exact object type which was killed and which made a kill;
45. Microstutters on multiplayer servers with big amount of players were fixed;
46. Convergence and bomb fuzes are now working properly in Campaign and Quick Mission;
47. The error that used to show up when trying to respawn during a death penalty has been fixed;
48. The issue with multiplayer that caused a plane to spawn but kept the lobby screen  showing the endless clock counter, was solved.
49. Death penalty timer was fixed;
50. Finishing flight is only possible after landing on Expert difficulty (and can be set on Custom difficulty).
51. Server preset is now shown correctly in the server list after finishing flight;
52. Access to the 9th skin for Fw 190 was fixed;
53. This list of single missions only shows the missions of proper kind (single missions);
54. Missions that require a plane unavailable to a player will not be available to a player;
55. Plane setups are now saved for the next respawn on that plane in multiplayer. A setup is stored until the user leaves the server or clicks the corresponding button in the GUI;
56. A multiplayer mission should now be checking availability of unlocks required by the mission scenario, this doesn’t involve the plane setup dialog screen.
57. An option to edit missions using a topographic map is now available in Mission editor;
58. Add by Dialog option was added to the train’s Advanced properties;
59. Advanced Properties dialog in the Mission editor was reworked to make it better visible on wide screens;
60. Camera resets to default position after changing the map in the editor;
61. Ok and Cancel buttons were added to the localization switch dialog in Mission editor;
62. .List files are now saved differently to TRA_Media (Flash). It should now save all the files that are stored in the corresponding folder along with the .sfw or .gfx files;
63. An option to set server configuration via .sds file was added;
64. Ping filter should be now working properly in dserver settings;

65. DServer Remote Console settings are stored in SDS file and can be adjusted using DServer Manage SDS feature.


You can discuss the version in this thread

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Version 1.011
Dear pilots!
You're free to update and launch the game now. Version 1.011 is live, and here's what it brings to BOS.
New Features

1. Ju 52 aircraft added. It can be met in QM, Campaign, and also can be used in User missions;
2. Velikie Luki map added, it’ll be available in QM, MP and User missions;
3. Fixed gun aiming helper was added to Custom difficulty setting;
4. Route markers and other icons can now be shown or hidden from the map dynamically during a mission (TRG_Activate/Deactivate are influencing TRA_Icon now);
5. Soviet and German skin tones were tweaked to look less washed out;

Flight Model and Damage Model

6. Damaged airframe should now cause slightly more noticeable changes to aerodynamics;
7. Terminal overload was fixed (slightly increased) for Yal-1 and Fw 190;
8. Belly landing of IL-2 was corrected (it should now break its wings in case of more severe landings);
9. Thermal modelling of IL-2 was fixed (it used to overheat to rapidly);
10. Pe-2’s resistance to overloads was slightly decreased; it should also be less durable at harsh landings;
11. Thermal model of Bf 109 fighters was corrected; these planes should now get overheated when flying with their radiators shut and the blower at 1.3 - on climbing in winter conditions and also on level flight in summer temperatures;
12. Ju 87 controllability improved, it’s wobbles less on both rudders now;
13. High g-loads influence on gunners’ blackouts was fixed;
14. The issue that caused different g-loads to start blackout at normal and inverted flights was fixed;
15. Behavior of planes’ detached parts on high speed was corrected;


16. A logging mechanism was added to help us find and fix a rare bug with invisible planes in Multiplayer: if you meet such bug, leave the server, then quit the game, find a log file here: \data\MP_InvisibleAirplanes.log, zip it and send it to us, please!
17. Tracer ammo issue in MP was fixed (previously, all rounds used to be tracers);
18. The Ju 87 canopy issue in MP was fixed (it used to be drawn incorrectly when opened/closed/released);
19. The “endless clock” issue was fixed in MP;
20. The forever grey START button issue in MP was resolved as well;
21. The issue with 3D hangar shown incorrectly in the MP Plane setup menu was fixed;
22. It is now possible to set restrictions on armament, unlocks and fuel in MP server settings;
23. Influence of the airflow pressure applied to rudders on Yak-1 was reduced according to references (test results). All planes in the game now have this parameter checked and corrected.
24. The issue with audio events buffer in MP was been fixed;
25. The bug with mission ending timer running out faster than flight ending timer, that used to crash game in Multiplayer, was fixed;
26. Cancelling a friend highlight in Multiplayer was fixed;
27. The sound and smoke trails of trains were fixed in Multiplayer;
28. Several fixes were made to ground vehicles movement in Multiplayer (less drops and jumps on elevation changes, no more moving with their sides forward, less stutters when turning, etc);
29. The number of rockets launched by artillery rocket systems in Multiplayer was corrected;
30. The bug with AI planes detached parts was fixed in Multiplayer;


31. Game crashes related to bullet config files were fixed;
32. Game crashes related to ground vehicles moving in columns were fixed;
33. The “endless clock” issue was fixed in QM;
34. The bug which caused Quick Mission to start with random planes was fixed;
35. The bug that caused trains to explode when starting movement and crossing Y-junctions was fixed;
36. Movement of ground vehicles in the Volga crossing area near Stalingrad was fixed for Campaign and Quick Mission modes;
37. LAlt+F1 view control was fixed. If it doesn’t seem to work for you, then please re-assign the keys manually in the view settings section.
38. Extra smoothing was added to gunner turrets at max zoom;
39. Screens showing unlocked modifications, skins and planes in mission debriefing were restored;
40. The bug with bomber aim assist marker staying there after the plane’s crash was fixed;
41. Shaking of crosshair on defensive turrets’ weapons was fixed;
42. Long names of some unlockable modifications are now written in one line in the OPlane setup menu;
43. Lower exhaust pipe and cowl panel hinges of Fw 190 A-3 were moved to the correct position;

Mission Editor

44. The list of weather conditions in the Editor was fixed;
45. Mission editor was significantly optimized to make handle complex missions saturated with objects quicker;
46. You can now play sound by specifying it in Animation Operator and calling using Command: Play Sound;
47. Images and flash-dialogs should now correctly call out the onMediaStopped event when closing;
49. The error message in the Editor that used to pop-up when addressing to an object oriented to North was fixed;
50. Working with separate components of a same map was fixed and should now be available in the Editor;
51. The Editor should now be working correctly with .mp3 sample in Animation Operator;
52. App freezing when deleting objects was fixed in the Editor;
53. All known issues that caused the Editor to crash were fixed;
54. Disappearing of object icons and object models when opening (editing) massive missions in the Editor was fixed.

A special logging routine added to catch a bug with invisible planes in multiplayer - if you encounter this bug, please leave the server, exit the game, then zip the file \data\MP_InvisibleAirplanes.log and send it to us!
It's now possible to transfer the game license to Steam. Read more about how to do it here in the FAQ section.


You can discuss the version in this thread

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  • 1CGS

Version 1.101
Dear pilots!

Today we're not only deploying the major update 1.101 but also we're starting the long-awaited early access to IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Moscow! This is an important step in the project's development, and we're proud that together with the testers we managed to release this new version in schedule, without any delay.


Everyone who's pre-ordered (or will pre-order) Premium edition of BOM gets access to the first game's plane - I-16 type 24. The release plan for 4 more aircraft is as follows:

August - MC.202 Series VIII
September - P-40 E-1
October - Bf 109 E-7
November - Bf 110 E-2

Owners of Standard edition pre-order will get access to the early game builds of BOM later in October 2015.


Complete change log to v.1.101:
1. I-16 fighter is now available to pilots who preordered Battle of Moscow. Players who don’t have it will be able to fight with it;
2. HDR can be turned off;
3. SSAO can be turned off;
4. Terrain Texture Draw distance can now be increased with a dedicated setting option;
5. New Choose plane screen added to Quick Mission builder;
6. F11 free camera is now available;
7. Your plane's camera should be shaking because of explosions nearby in external view with Cinematic Camera turned on;
8. Improved sun visuals on dusk and dawn;
9. More precise (realistic) calculation of the earth's curvature;
10. Max number of players per server increased to 64;
11. An automated chat warning about insufficient server performance capabilities added;
12. Variations of bomb aerodynamics added for more realistic bomb spread;
13. Bombs can now ricochet if dropped at a low angle;
14. Snap view settings can now be reset with the Reset user settings option;
15. Bombing tips added to the bombsight mode, press “?” to show them;
16. Ammo counter for the hand signal pistol added to GUI;
17. The following rules are now applied to server names:

  • first 3 letters of the name must be latin;
  • first 3 letters cannot be a single letter repeated 3 times;
  • names that include text from the config file are prohibited;
  • names that consist of latin letters, numbers, spaces and ( ) - / . , : = only are allowed;
  • a letter cannot be repeated more than 3 times in a row (aaa - okay, aaaa - not okay);
  • names can be not longer than 128 symbols;
  • symbols (not letters or numbers) can be repeated 2 times in a row max (== - okay, === - not okay)

18. Added cameras attachable to objects:

  • call in the currently selected object - LAlt + F2;
  • customisable configs are available here: \data\LuaScripts\WorldObjects\fixcameras

19. Watching game recordings should no longer cause game crashes;
20. Abrupt lightning changes at sunset time were fixed;
21. The issue with the camera jumping to a map corner instead of showing the player’s plane when crashed was fixed;
22. Wind correction setting for bombsights was changes. Now, when all settings are correct the target should not move in the sight when the wind is blowing;
23. The issue with bomb falling through the ground with no explosion fixed;
24. Heavy AA guns will be using contact fuses when shooting ground targets with HE rounds;
25. Pilots gestures in MP fixed;
26. Pilot’s heavy breathing should no longer be heard on the external cameras;
27. Incorrect drag caused by bomb holders on Fw 190 was fixed (thanks to the report submitted by Ze_Hairy);
28. Config files responsible for weather settings was changed (they are now divided adequately to different seasons. Missions that were made before this update must be reconfigured using the new weather config structure;
29. Airfield choice should no longer be instantly reset with a click on the map in Campaign;
30. Server list will not shake when scrolling it;
31. A rare issue with text lines in the list of scenarios only showing when under the mouse cursor was fixed;
32. The issue with the Start button unavailable for some time after entering an MP match as a gunner was fixed;
33. The gunner icon was fixed in MP;
34. The distance controlling element of the He 111 bombsight was fixed (it doesn’t jump anymore);
35. The bubble is moving smoother now in the Pe-2 bombsight;
36. Spontaneous bomb release in Auto and Scope bombsight modes on He 11 fixed;
37. The issue with NaN values shown on the dashboard right after a start in MP fixed;
38. The bug with chat message colors in MP fixed;
39. The 3d marker showing the center of an attack zone was fixed (swords instead of a yellow border);
40. The exploit of avoiding navigation markers with a map on/off trick in MP was fixed;
41. Resetting control settings should also reset inverted axis;
42. Several bugs related to inverting axis (including those bound to mouse) were fixed;
43. Scroll bars in the GUI are now working in a more traditional way;

44. Pe-2 wings could appear randomly broken (fixed);

45. Fw 190 additional guns status lamps are added to start and stop sequences (so they are turned off on parking);

46. Fw 190 flight stick texture error fixed;

47. Bf 109 F-4 и 109 G-2: Z-fighting on seat back and canopy fixed;

48. Enemy AAA should no longer appear close to player airifield in quick missions.

You can discuss the version in this thread

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Version 1.102: Macchi in early access
Earlier today the 1.1.02 update has been released. It's full content you can find below. The main features are Macchi in BOM's early access and a package of several specific improvements.
1. MC.202 series 8 is available to all players who pre-ordered premium edition of Battle of Moscow and is now participating in the early access;
2. A sound bug at all Bf 109’s was fixed, and engine should sound different when under stress load (at same revs but with different prop pitch;
3. Bomb release sequence changed for 50kg bombs used on German fighters;
4. “Distant landscape texture details” graphic option should be some more effective;
5. The fuel tank simulation was improved to predict correctly how much of the remaining fuel can be pumped to the engine before it falls into negative G;
6. Ground troops were taught how to use signal flares more adequately;
7. Aim assist feature should now work independently from the Bomb and Rocket sight option;
8. Bad ping limiter should work not only at start but also during a match, giving the user a chat warning and then removing them from the server);
9. The F2 camera was tuned properly not to let one zoom into the plane, or invert it when the plane’s parked;
10. The missing gun reloading sounds that were missing have been fixed.
You can discuss the version in this thread

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  • 1CGS

Version 1.103

Dear customers of IL-2: Sturmovik!


Today we complete another stage of Battle of Moscow development and present you another milestone aircraft - P-40E-1 fighter. Those who pre-ordered Battle of Moscow premium edition and have Battle of Stalingrad can fly it right away (other BoS players can fight against it in Quick missions).


In addition to P-40 fighter this update also brings numerous improvements for joint BoS and BoM platform. Complete list of them can be found below.


P-40E-1 has some unique features available for the first time in our project:

1. Ultra-violet lighting of cockpit gauges, information plates, needles and labels

2. Tail wheel steering controlled by rudder pedals via sping-loaded "soft" rods with special mechanism of "steer control cut" when wheel is declined more than 30°

3. Six M2 Browning .50 cal machine guns have 5% more combined 1 second burst energy than Fw 190 A-3 with gun pods. This makes P-40 the new leader among the fighters in our project in terms of firepower.

4. Green sun filter on gun sight :-)


Changelist of version 1.103:


1. P-40E fighter is availble for those who pre-purchased premium edition of Battle of Moscow, other players will be able to see it as an enemy.
2. DServer and overall multiplayer stability improved, found memory leaks fixed.
3. High-G effects are working again.
4. AI pilots correctly use rockets against ground targets.
5. AI pilots behavior tuned for higher skill levels, aces are now more aggressive.
6. AI pilots pursue and attack fleeing air targets better.
7. AI pilots better attack targets flying at low level.
8. AI avoid a fleeing target better (previously it could crash into it after attacking).
9. AI should no longer 'stuck' and fly into the ground during low level dogfight (was a random issue).
10. Ju-87 AI flight members better assign targets between them.
11. Bombers and transport planes don't make evasive maneuvers in high priority flight mode.
12. AI pilots now return to base after spending all ammo.
13. A high level AI takes into account only enemy fighters while making decision to attack (previously they could cease an attack against a large group of any enemy planes).
14. AI pilots now correctly drop their bombs with a player after being ordered 'do like me'.
15. AI pilots now drop all smaller bombs or launch all smaller rockets at once while engaging a single target to reduce the time being under fire.
16. AI pilots maneuver for attack runs almost two times quicker than before.
17. AI wingmen take off on their own if flight leader (player) took off without following take off procedure.
18. A signal flare is correctly visible to multiplayer clients.
19. AI should no longer continuously turn engine boost on and off (happened in some combat situations).
20. AI correctly turns engine boost off after disengaging.
21. Default trimming for airplanes with manually controlled stabilizer has been changed from trimming by stabilizer to trimming by trimming tabs.
22. Default trimming for all airplanes is set to standard atmosphere, 3000 m altitude, horizontal flight at maximum unlimited engine mode.
23. Trimming reset command now resets rudder and aileron trimmers to neutral position (instead of cruise flight position as it was before).
24. Altimeters now indicate negative altitude if a plane altitude is lower than airfield altitude and altimeter is set to airfield altitude.
25. Air speed indicator delay reduced.
26. MC.202 engine could be damaged by exceeding 2450 RPM and keeping boost in continuous mode.
27. MC.202 targeting reticle adjusted.
28. Bomb air fuse is now animated, it rotates and disappears after a correct amount of rotations, arming a bomb.
29. Bomb fuses reworked, air fuses and electromagnetic fuses implemented.
30. Graphical interface optimized to reduce memory footprint and fragmentation (this should improve overall application stability).
31. Plane marker in F2 camera mode should no longer blink at a certain distance.
32. Your last position in Scenarios menu subfolders is correctly stored.
33. Additional logging added to find a source of incorrect colors in multiplayer chat and ladder. If you see an incorrect color (enemy instead of friendly for example) please make a screenshot, close the game and send \data\_gui.log file to us (via forum or support).
34. User interface should no longer hang in case of lost connection with a master server.
35. FPS should no longer severely drop during opening a topographic map using O button.
36. If an object is inside an area of forward observer, its marker will no longer turn grey at larger distances.
37. Time should be displayed correctly during track replay.
38. It's now possible to tune a color of lines and zones on the mission map for custom missions (10,0,0 - enemy color, 0,0,10 - friendly color).
39. Issued commands will no longer 'stuck' during track replay.
40. Now you can use the mouse to look around an object (without the need to turn the interface off using H button) in track replay mode.
41. Camera no longer switches to external view after a failed bail out attempt (because of too low of an altitude).
42. Engine sound of destroyed ground vehicles is removed correctly now.
43. Destroyed rail wagons can't 'teleport' to a nearby railway any longer (a rare issue).
44. DShK fire effect now works correctly.
45. Effects work correctly in MP game (previously an intact vehicle could emanate smoke like a damaged one).
46. Multiple instances of bomb impact effects.
47. Flight leader now correctly addresses a forward observer when entering its area.
48. Check Zone and Proximity triggers now work in multiplayer.
49. Waypoints in campaign are placed further away from enemy airfields.
50. Tactics overlay (frontline) in campaign is shown not only during mission selection, but in mission briefing and on flight map as well.




You can discuss the version in this thread

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  • 1CGS


Dear friends!


Today we reach a major milestone in IL-2 Sturmovik project and we sincerely hope you'll enjoy the new stuff.


First of all, we added the long awaited summer and autumn seasons along with the new campaign that covers early stages of Stalingrad battle from last days of flaming August to the middle of November when first snowflakes started to fall on the ruins of the city. In the new campaign we've tried to implement some of your requests and it contains static scenarios in addition to regular dynamically generated ones. Each one of them is a short story of a Russian or German pilot, a small episode of the world war.


Second, a new plane appeared in the 'already released' list of Battle of Moscow aircraft - Bf 109 E-7. Now all customers of Battle of Moscow can fly it while those who have only Battle of Stalingrad can choose it as an enemy, as well as all other BoM planes.


Third, today is a happy day for those who pre-purchased standard edition of Battle of Moscow - now they can jump into pilot seats of I-16 type 24 and Bf 109 E-7 (only the owners of Premium version of Battle of Moscow could fly them earlier). MC.202 and P-40 E-1 planes are still exclusive to Battle of Moscow Premium version, they will be available for separate purchase later.


Just in case you haven't noticed, there is an active sale underway. Now you can add La-5 and Fw 190 A-3 to your account if you own standard version of Battle of Stalingrad at half the price. Standard and Premium (which already includes these two planes) editions of Battle of Stalingrad are also 50% off, so if your friend (or maybe even you) doesn't have BoS yet it would be a good opportunity to fix this. Please note that additional planes should be added on Steam for Steam version and in our store for non-Steam version.


See you in the sky, pilots! For a safe take-off don't forget that engine power is significantly lower at higher summer temperatures than during winter.


1.104 change list

1. Bf 109 E-7 fighter is now available to customers who pre-purchased standard version of Battle of Moscow. Anyone who own Battle of Stalingrad can set it as an enemy.

2. New maps added: Summer Stalingrad, Autumn Stalingrad, Summer Lapino and Autumn Lapino.

3. New campaign added: Battle of Stalingrad: part 1

4. New tactical overlay shows frontline and units locations on in-game campaign map

5. Interaction between an aircraft and ground has been improved to the next level of detail, you'll notice a distinct difference between concrete and dirt runways, fields, ice and other terrain types. In addition, they become more slippery during rain.

6. Additional optimization of the game and dedicated server added.

7. Maximal amount of players on one server increased to 84.

8. Problems found with AI taking off have been fixed.

9. AI plane control improved, this should decrease the probability of AI getting into uncontrollable spin (was especially profound on Fw 190).

10. AI ground attack routines improved, it now maintains a higher speed, resulting in higher survival rate.

11. AI landing routines improved, which should reduce risk of colliding with other planes or objects.

12. Setting bomb fuses to off will now properly stop them from exploding after drop.

14. Elevator controls now being damaged correctly, so it's impossible to have only half of elevator damaged.

15. Control rods can be damaged only by hitting parts of a plane where they are located.

16. Stabilizer damage resistance corrected for LaGG-3, La-5 and Bf 109 planes.

17. Playing back the record including P-40E-1 with 500 kg bomb will no longer cause an error (for tracks recorded in this version).

18. Minor improvements for mission creators (lines type 3..8 will render at different thickness).


Please discuss the update in this thread.



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  • 1CGS


Hello everyone!


The end of November is here and, as we promised, the work on the next update is finished. It is a big step forward in the development of the project once again and it brings two huge chunks of new functionality and content: aircraft mouse controls and player controlled tanks. Of course, it adds a new playable plane for Battle of Moscow owners as usual: twin engine heavy fighter Bf 110 E-2 (players who have only Battle of Stalingrad can set it as AI controlled plane or encounter it in multiplayer).


Previously in our developer diary we told about the new additions in detail, you can read them here:


Here's a brief overview:



1. "T-34-76 made by Stalingrad Tractor Factory, model of 1942" and "PzKpfw III Ausf. L" tanks are available to all owners of the game.

2. You can operate them using the following controls:

"E" - Start engine

"Cursor Keys" - Movement (the game automatically translates these simple direction commands to pushing pedals, switching friction clutches and changing gears).

"RAlt-C" - Close/open hatch (riding with open hatches is obviously more dangerous).

"LCtrl-C" - Switch to gunner and back to driver seat.

"RAlt-G" - Switch ammunition: Armour Piercing / High Explosive / Machine Gun.

"Ralt ;" "Ralt ." - Adjust gunsight verticaly (range)

"Ralt ," "Ralt /" - Adjust gunsight horizontaly vertical (only on T-34)

"Mouse Wheel" or "LShift - Mouse Wheel" - Zoom in or out

"T" - Set turret to stowed position / Take control over the turret

"RShift-L" - Turn headlights on and off

3. At the release, there are two multiplayer missions where you can try them (or provide air support):

3а. First mission is a territory capture that can be played on tanks and planes simultaneously. Tanks need to capture enemy tank spawn points designated by flags, getting closer to the enemy airfield. Players who prefer air power can take off from the airfield either on ground attack planes to support their own ground forces or on fighters to counter enemy air. To capture a flag, ground forces must preserve numerical superiority in its vicinity for a short time. After capturing a couple of enemy flags, tanks can move further to the enemy airfield and wipe it out for good, winning the mission.

3б. Second mission is simpler, but can be more hectic. Players on tanks can participate in the endless AI tank battle (roughly 2 vs 2 tank companies with artillery support) to turn the tide in their favor. Here you immediately jump into the heat of battle. If many players participate in this mission, it can grow up to battalion vs battalion size. Supporting your side from the air is also possible.


Aircraft mouse controls:

1. A mouse controlled plane has the same flight model, damage model and weapons systems as joystick controlled plane, there are no simplifications in the simulation.

2. Mouse controls only pitch, yaw and roll, the rest of the systems (engine, weapons, landing gear, flaps, brakes, etc.) are controlled in the same way as with joystick controls.

3. Server owners can allow both control types on a server or restrict it to be joystick-only.

4. Default mouse controls are mapped to:

"Mouse movement" - Aiming the 'advanced helper' pointer

"Mouse wheel" - All engines throttle

"Left mouse button" - All guns fire

"Right mouse button" - Hold it to look around without changing the direction of the flight

"F1" - Default view from cockpit

"F4" - External view with mouse controls (available only at Normal difficulty since external views are disabled on Expert)

"LShift + mouse wheel" - Zoom view or sight


The full 1.105 change list follows:

Main features:


1. German two-seater Bf 110 E-2 is available for all customers who pre-purchased Battle of Moscow. All other players can set is as AI plane in skirmish or scenario.

2. Player controlled tanks Pz III Ausf L and T-34-76 STZ (Autumn 1942 series) can be added to multiplayer missions. They can be controlled by one or two (driver and gunner) players.

3. Mouse control scheme added (experimental). Flight model is the same as with joystick control scheme (player points the mouse cursor in a direction he or she wants to fly and a special helper adjusts control surfaces to fly in that direction). Server owner can restrict control scheme to joystick if desired.

4. New flag object added that can be used in multiplayer missions for capturing objects and territories.

5. Planes made for Battle of Moscow are added to Battle of Stalingrad campaign as AI controlled planes based on their real life participation in the battle (they appear in certain time periods): La-5 ser.8, MC.202 ser.8, Bf 109 E-7, Bf 110 E-2, I-16 type 24 and P-40E-1. This makes the campaign more interesting and its chapters more diverse.

6. Head movement in cockpit limitation system changed:

0 - 30 km/h: you can stand up and lean your body outside (50 cm to the sides and 20 cm up, as it was before). This may be useful for taxiing.

30 - 50 km/h: you get back into cockpit, it's like you tighten your seat belts.

50 - 200 km/h: you can peek your eye a bit to look what's going on.

200 - 350 km/h: gradually you lose the ability to lean out completely.

350 km/h and above: you have the same head limits like in a closed cockpit.


Improvements if physics and systems modeling:


7. ATA limiter removed from P-40E-1 since there was none on this model. You can increase pressure above 45.5 for a limited time. If in-game engine helper is switched off (Expert mode), it won't return to normal values automatically after spending time limit, potentially breaking the engine.

8. Bf 109 F-4 and G-2 thermal balance corrected using 'African' reference: larger and larger radiator opening yields less and less cooling increase, which leads to necessity of opening radiator more at higher temperatures and during climb.

9. Bf 109 G-2 engine reacts to throttle axis in a more convenient way.

10. La-5 can no longer can be destroyed by engine shake.

11. La-5 can be landed without landing gear.

12. I-16 can be landed without landing gear.

13. Fw-190 can be landed without landing gear.

14. Pilot won't always die after nose-over.

15. Yak-1 pneumatic flaps extension speed increased (~80° per second while stationary, less at high speeds) based on learning video for Yak-15 with the same flaps system.

16. IL-2 pneumatic flaps extension speed increased (~33° per second at 200...220 km/h speeds) based on restored IL-2 flight video.

17. Bf 109 tail reinforced to make it more resistant to taxiing over rough ground.

18. Bf 109 G-2 ATA gauge shows correct information after starting a mission in air.

19. Bf 109 G-2 auto level works correctly at 2 km altitude and 500 km/h speed.

20. Damage system has been reworked (more accurate armor penetration calculations).

21. Tracers are randomized while shooting several MGs at once (this was an issue on P-40).

22. Ammo mass is reduced correctly while shooting several MGs or cannons of the same type.

23. Aircraft ground impact at high speeds now correctly causes a detonation (in previous version it could survive a shallow impact at 500+ km/h speeds).

24. Message in technochat about extending or retracting flaps is not displayed when they are fully extended or retracted.

25. Technochat symbol showing that engine assist is on is restored for Bf 109, Fw 190 and MC.202.

26. Bf 109 F-4 and Bf 109 G-2: technochat symbol restored showing that game radiator control helper is on. On-plane automatic radiator control symbol changed in technochat.

27. Gunner turrets rotate more smoothly.

28. Turret rotation smoothness tuned for large zoom values.

29. Mechanical aiming sight corrected on MC.202 ser.8.

30. Contrail appearance altitude now depends on season (temperature). Contrails are intermittent at the altitude of their appearance.


Artifical Intelligence improvements:


31. Ju-52, He-111 and Pe-2 take off better (course oscillating reduced at take off start).

32. AI controlled fighter carrying bombs or rockets now behaves like ground attack plane and doesn't enter combat on its own. If attacked, it will drop the bombs and engage.

33. The simulation will no longer crash while attempting to delete an AI controlled Ju-87 during its bombing run with siren switched on  :)


Other changes:


34. Fixed issue when impact angle wasn't calculated properly for ground vehicles.

35. AI controlled tanks armor structure made more detailed, they have correct armor angles and they can't be destroyed by hitting secondary parts if the main armor body is intact.

36. Target destruction messages ('player destroyed something') are visible only for the player coalition in multiplayer (so they won't reveal the player position to the enemy).

37. After capturing an airfield in multiplayer mission its symbol is updated properly.

38. DServer stability improved, it shouldn't crash after prolonged periods of time.

39. Wrong chat colors in multiplayer fixed.

30. Trees along the roads added to summer and autumn maps.

41. New feature: ability to automatically login and load a certain mission or replay. Use config file \data\autoplay.cfg.

42. Game log in time reduced.

43. Object textures in mission editor update after changing the map preset to another season.





Please discuss the update in this thread.

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  • 1CGS

Dear simmers!


We're glad to tell you that the work on new update 1.106 is finished and it is already available. This new version contains numerous additions and improvements, new plane, design changes and so on - you can read the full change log below.

The main addition is the Soviet fighter MiG-3 series 24, which is available to all players as AI controlled plane in QMB and early Stalingrad campaign (in the time frame when it was actually there) while customers who pre-purchased Battle of Moscow can fly it already.


Another significant addition to the game is the new languages support: Spanish and French. The long awaited feature of propeller wash affecting grass is also made it in. Later we also plan to make planes bend the grass by their fuselage and wings like player controlled tanks do. In addition, a significant amount of work has been done on physics and plane 3D model improvements, tank armor made more detailed, multiplayer changes including victory points allocation.

We hope you'll enjoy the new version we prepared for you, friends.


Main changes:

1. Fighter-interceptor MiG-3 series 24 is available to players who pre-purchased Battle of Moscow. Those who only have Battle of Stalingrad can set it as an AI plane in single player or encounter it in multiplayer.

2. Spanish translation added.

3. French translation added.

4. In MP, dots showing enemy and own objects near airfields and tank bases have been removed. Airfields and tank bases now use different symbols 'under air attack' or 'under ground attack' instead. If server hoster wants to keep previous 'radar' functionality, it's possible to add a spotter unit to the airfield.

5. Airfield symbols in multiplayer were redesigned to make their selection easier when positioned near each other.

6. New multiplayer scenario 'River clash' added. In this scenario tank and aircraft players must work together to cross the rivers and eventually reach the enemy airfield.

7. Player controlled tanks now bend down the grass.

8. Propeller wash now affects grass.

9. New system preserves your multiple joysticks mappings in case of their ID was changed by DirectX after disconnecting and reconnecting or PC reset (it identifies various control devices by GUIDs and names).

10. Early war (1941) tanks added: KV-1 mod. 1941, Т-34 STZ mod. 1941, Pz III Ausf.H and Pz IV Ausf.F1. You can use them in custom missions or encounter in QMB. They will appear in Battle of Moscow campaign in the future.

Changes in flight modeling and AI:

11. Pilot head limits in closed cockpit were corrected for all planes.

12. Default pilot head positions were corrected for all planes.

13. In case of fuel tank penetration, LaGG-3, La-5, Pe-2, P-40 amd Bf 109 E-7 engines will no longer stop before spending all the remaining fuel.

14. Propeller governor works correctly after starting a mission in P-40 with cold engine.

15. Head shake reduced on IL-2 at high engine RPM.

16. IL-2 engine now automatically enters boosted mode by enriching mixture when engine helper is active (at Normal difficulty mode).

17. Automatic He-111 bombsight mode no longer resets after exiting bombsight view.

18. Muzzle velocity was corrected for He 111 Mg-FF guns.

19. Bomb release sounds added for all planes.

20. AI turret gunners now engage attacking fighters at 3 times longer distance if they have plenty of ammo left.

21. Field of view (looking down) corrected for AI LaGG-3, Lа5, IL-2, Bf 109 F4, Bf 109 G2, Fw 190 A3 (reduced in general).

22. Inversion trails are now related to air movement.

3D aircraft model changes:

23. Fixed issue with invisible fuel leak on I-16, MC-202, Bf 110, Ju 87.

24. Slits between cockpit and fuselage removed on several planes.

25. 'Dancing reflections' bug in Bf 110 E-2 cockpit fixed.

26. Yak-1 mixture control lever movement corrected (inverted).

27. Bf 110 E-2 engine gauges disappear correctly after losing an engine.

28. Venturi tube added to I-16.

29. Animation of flight and oxygen controls corrected in Bf-110 cockpit.

3D tank model changes:

30. Tank suspension made more detailed. Now it's easier to hit hull sides between the wheels, but it's harder to hit a track itself.

31. Unbuttoned gunner/commander can be hit by bullets and fragments, making this view dangerous (there is no visible human model yet).

32. Unbuttoning/closing hatch is now animated and T-34 hatch provides some cover.

33. Т-34 gun mantlet armor corrected (was 2x more before).

34. Missing armor plate added to Pz. III turret (left side).

35. A small hole in T-34 armor between its hull and turret was patched up.

36. Spare track links attached to Pz. III front hull provide additional armor.

37. Tracks on player controlled tanks are now more resistant to bullets and smaller caliber rounds.

38. LOD models added for player controlled tanks, this should improve performance in large tank battles in multiplayer.

39. Tank destruction corrected (a random bug could cause tank turret to remain intact).

40. Tank shot smoke effect was corrected - now it's a bit more transporent

Multiplayer changes:

41. Victory in MP is granted to the side which has more points left after time runs out or to the side which reduced enemy points to zero.

42. Coalition victory points in MP can be reduced by 50 by achieving special goals set by mission designer.

43. Victory can be achieved by completing a Mission Primary Objective specified by mission designer.

44. At the end of the mission victorious players, who fought at least for 15 minutes and did not change sides, receive +50 additional points on Normal and +100 on Expert difficulty.

45. Tank players always receive 100% points even if their tank was damaged or destroyed, since they can't return home like planes (with the exception of friendly fire, that yields 0% points given).

46. Credit for tank kills should be awarded correctly in all cases.

47. Mission designers can block airfield or tank base by assigning it an empty object pool via CMD_behaviour command.

48. Balancer functionality that adjusts the number of players between coalitions now works for tanks as well.

49. Balancer now allows up to 2 Pz. III players per 1 T-34 player, depending on total player amount.

50. Microstutters in large MP battles should be gone now.

51. Remaining coalition victory points are displayed on mission end screen.

52. Statistics on a custom difficulty server are displayed without redundant 'custom 0% points' label.

Other changes:

53. Scenario mission corrected in the 2nd chapter of the early Stalingrad campaign.

54. Outro video should correctly play at the end of late Stalingrad campaign.

55. Fw 190 escort missions corrected in the campaign (starting altitude was too low when escorting ground attack planes).

56. HUD transparency setting now affects mouse cursors in flight.

57. Pontoon bridge entrances are now visible from longer distances.


Please discuss the update in this thread.



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  • 1CGS

Dear IL-2 Sturmovik players!


Our team is proud to present you the new update 1.107. Preparing it was not an easy task, since it brings three new planes at once: Bf 109 F-2, IL-2 mod.1941 and Pe-2 series 35. In addition, there are many fixes and a number of improvements. Thankfully, we were able to finish it in time, thus delivering three new planes to Battle of Moscow owners in the end of January, as it was promised. You can learn about main features of these planes in our developer diary #117.


The work on the remaining Battle of Moscow content continues according to plan and the next update will bring you the final, 10th, aircraft of BoM project: German bomber Ju 88 A-4. Moscow map is closer and closer to its final look and the work on the campaign continues as well. Therefore, we plan to finish the entire project in time and release it to you this spring.


Here is the change list for today patch:


Main changes:

1. Bf 109 F-2, IL-2 mod. 1941 and Pe-2 series 35 are available to players who pre-purchased Battle of Moscow. Those who only have Battle of Stalingrad can set them as AI controlled planes in single player or encounter them in multiplayer.

2. Smoke, tracers and exhausts are now affected bywind.

3. Roadside grass added.

4. Random "Can't load object" error that could pop up in multiplayer when attacking ships fixed.

5. Multiplayer server hangup with "void SysOrientedTrail::drawNormal" error fixed (it was caused by large number of vehicles nearby).

6. Plane gunners won't die anymore when its pilot bails out (bug introduced in 1.106).

7. Joystick ID preservation system improved, should work for 3+ controllers.

8. Critical speed (when rudder and ailerons start to shake) decreased for all Bf-109 modifications (based on German test report and several pilot memoirs).


Aircraft changes:

9. IL-2 gun sight moved closer to pilot.

10. I-16 PAK-1 gun sight corrected (outer ring changed to 0.140 of distance).

11. MC.202 gun sight corrected (dots position).

12. Backup sight on MC.202 corrected (so it will look round from pilot seat).

13. MC.202 gun sight damage corrected.

14. AN-4 compass on Pe-2 bombers is now illuminated.

15. Rocket launch button added to both Pe-2 planes.

16. Breathing systems corrected on all Soviet aircraft (altitude indicator).

17. All non blow back action turret weapons can be reloaded even if there is no misfire and magazine isn't empty.

18. Missing left wheel brake sound added to Pe-2 and He-111 planes.


GUI changes:

19. Server list won't blink in some cases.

20. Entry fields in QMB setup window now aligned vertically.

21. Information panel now works correctly for player manning a turret of another player tank in multiplayer.

22. Minimap now restores correctly after closing fullscreen map by pressing Esc.

23. Standard map lines colors corrected: 10,0,0 - enemy color; 0,0,10 - ally color (for mission designers).

24. It is now impossible to select incompatible unlocks in plane setup, resulting in an empty loadout selection list.


AI changes:

25. AI gunners engage targets at large distance, but conserve ammo when there are less than 150 rounds left.

26. AI tanks and artillery choose correct ammo when engaging player tank.

27. AI planes can aim rockets during stronger side wind.


Bomb changes:

28. German bomb detonators now function correctly when dropped from extremely low (5-10 m) altitudes.

29. Bombs roll correctly after being dropped.

30. Pe-2 bombs located in engine gondolas now disappear correctly in an event of a wing loss.

31. Now you can watch a rocket during its flight just like a bomb - by pressing F6.

32. Large German bombs can be seen correctly through Ju 87 floor hatch.


Map changes:

33. Forest tiling made less apparent.

34. Roadside trees near Trudolubyje airfield removed.

35. Bumpy terrain flattened on several Stalingrad map airfields (where reported by players).


Other changes:

36. Yak-1 landing gear cover no longer floats in the air after wing loss.

37. Hit effects corrected, they appear closer to a fast moving plane.

38. MiG-3 3D model corrected.

39. It's no longer possible to load both types of ammo into player tank gun simultaneously.

40. Multiplayer difficulty presets correctly affect points awarded to players.

41. Bf 109 F-4 and G-2 wheels color corrected.

42. Damaged MiG-3 is now correctly visible from large distance.

43. Bomb racks positions corrected for all Bf-109 and Fw-190.

44. Added additional logging information to find a cause for random game crash with error message about memory address. If you encounter such problem, please make a screenshot, close the error window and the game and send us the \data\_gui.log file (don't run the game again before you send it since it is wiped on each game launch).


Please discuss the update in this thread.



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  • 1CGS



Dear players!


Since Ju-88 A-4 won't be released until early March and we have some issues in the current version we'd like to correct as soon as possible, we decided to publish this intermediate update 1.107b. It brings the following changes and improvements:



1. Crash dump files saving added. There is a special forum thread #1 for submitting such a file if you encounter a game crash, helping us to find and fix it;

2. Workaround for 'invisible planes' bug added (it doesn't fix the cause of their appearance since it is still unknown but eliminates its consequence);

3. Logging for 'invisible planes' bug added (we'll create a special forum thread #2 about it to collect logs submitted by players);

4. Logging for 'incorrectly attached bombs/rockets/turrets' bug added (we'll create a special forum thread #3 about it to collect logs submitted by players);

5. Performance in the first Soviet scenario mission (first, summer, chapter of Stalingrad campaign) improved;

6. Crash that could happen while playing back large recorded tracks has been fixed. Unfortunately, tracks recorded in previous versions of the game won't work;

7. Compatibility with third party overlay software improved (for example, Steam and Teamspeak overlays);



8. It will be possible to tell which side controls an airfield before choosing your own allegiance in multiplayer;

9. Multiplayer mission author will be able to specify a range of allowed unlocks, not just individual ones;

10. IL-2 sight can be moved back and forth using LAlt-F command;

11. Light reflection and relief detail improved on thin metal parts of IL-2 model 1941, IL-2 model 1942, I-16 type 24, MiG-3 series 24, Pe-2 series 35, Pe-2 series 87, LaGG-3 series 29, La-5 series 8, P-40E-1, Ju 87 D-3, Bf 110 E-2 and MC.202 series VIII;

12. MC.202 cockpit canopy textures improved;


Physics changes:

13. Fineness ratios of all planes were re-checked with their flaps extended. Fineness ratio was decreased for LaGG-3 series 29, La-5 series 8, Yak-1 series 69, IL-2 (both) and P-40E-1. Other planes fineness ratios were found to be correct.

14. Twin turret machine guns are now reloaded one after another (not simultaneously);

15. Bf 109 F-2 radiator functioning in manual mode was corrected: it opens fully, but slower. There are contradicting sources available - text one and hydraulic schematic. Text one says "die kuhlerklappen durch den luftdruck geoffnet" which means that radiator was opened by approach flow. However early Bf 109 F-2 hydraulic schematic shows that radiator was manually opened by fixing the valve in 'open' position. After discussion we decided to follow the schematic.

16. MiG-3 cooling system has been corrected: now it requires opening its radiator to degrees similar to other Soviet aircraft, but at higher altitudes (since its power output maxes out at higher altitudes);

17. MiG-3 elevator trimmer won't work if the right side of the elevator is lost (where trim tab is located).

18. Engine thermal model and thermostat corrected for all Bf 109 planes. Engine temperature maintained by thermostat and radiator effectiveness in relation to a degree of its opening and air conditions correspond to reference data better.

19. Coolant indicator 3D model corrected for all Bf 109 planes.

21. He-111 bomb sight has gyroscopic stabilization effective at small roll angles as it should.


Other changes and fixes:

22. Selected modifications won't reset after re-entering the modifications screen;

23. Spotters correctly spot enemy aircraft closer than specified distance (with the exception of ground vehicles - they can be detected only closer than 3 km);

24. Track playback progress bar corrected;

25. AI gunners will fire at any enemy planes, not only fighters;

26. Various graphical bugs caused by crossroads fixed (missing road parts, etc.);

27. Airfields and taxi ways pavement corrected for autumn Lapino map;

28. Roads look correctly in overcast light conditions;

29. La-5 canopy texture mapping fixed as requested by skin authors (it is no longer symmetric);

30. Fixed texture shimmering in Pe-2 series 35 gunner cockpit;

31. Fixed rare 'grass lines' on rivers;

32. Mission editor won't crash after repeated loading of missions containing many objects.

33. Short bombing missions in the campaign start two times farther from a target to give players more time to aim;

34. A random issue with spontaneous tank gun reloading fixed;

35. An issue with T-34 headlight when viewing it from the cockpit was fixed.


Community help request in the rare bug squashing process


IL-2 project now is at the stage where the only serious errors remaining are those which are very hard, if not impossible, to reproduce in the office or with the help of small beta-tester team. To find the causes of this issues, we'll need community help: collect log files from users who experience these issues and for this we'll need your help. If you have a bit of time and are willing to help, please follow these instructions below - one per elusive bug.


Finding the cause of a random crash issue


1. To enable Windows Error Reporting, run (double-click) this log file:


2. In a case of the game crash open the folder where crash dumps are stored, you can do this by running this batch file:


3. Sort the dump files by date to find a newest one

4. Zip the newest dump file "Il-2.exe.****.dmp" (**** is a random number)

5. Post about the crash in a special thread #1, attach the archive you just made and provide some details:

  • When you encountered the crash;

  • In what game mode (MP/QMB/campaign/scenario);

  • In what mission;

  • What did you do before the crash;

  • What happened in the mission before the crash;

  • Additional info you think is relevant to the crash.


Finding the cause of 'invisibility plane' issue


1. Edit the file 


find after the string

[KEY = system]

this string and change 0 to 1:

MP_test_message = 1

2. In case when you encountered the message "INVISIBLE NET AIRPLANE DETECTED!" or spot an invisible plane, make a screenshot and record a short track

3. Leave server, after that exit the game or Alt-TAB from it, then open the folder:


4. Zip this file inside it: "!_SendMe_invisible.log"

5. Zip the track you just recorded along with its folder  \data\tracks\

6. Make a post in a special thread #2 and attach the screenshot, zipped log, zipped track and provide some details:

  • When you encountered the problem;

  • In what mission;

  • Additional info you think is relevant.

MP_test_message = 1 parameter simply adds the popup message about invisible plane detection, so even if you didn't add it to startup.cfg, log file will be updated if invisible plane is detected. So if you encountered an invisible plane, please do as described in list item 2 to 6 anyway.


Finding the cause of bombs, rockets or turrets sometimes appearing in a wrong place (next to their aircraft for example)


1. In a case when you encounter this issue please make a screenshot of it

2. Leave server and open this folder:


3. Zip this file: "!_SendMe_attach.log"

4. Make a post in a special thread #3 and attach the screenshot, zipped log and provide some details:

  • When you encountered this issue;

  • In what game mode (MP/QMB/campaign/scenario);

  • In what mission;

  • Additional info you think is relevant.




Please continue to discuss the update in this thread.

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  • 1CGS


Dear players!


Today is a big day for IL-2 Sturmovik project - version 1.201 release. It brings several very important additions.


First, we launch the open beta of the Battle of Moscow campaign and Moscow maps. This is another step forward in mapping technologies - it contains several innovations and will bring you many interesting features not available before, for example: grass airfields without a dedicated landing strip, historically reconstructed city of Moscow, towns of the Moscow region that also have historically correct layouts and architecture, new 'late Autumn' season, water reservoirs, canals, canal locks, many new railway and road bridges, forestation different to Stalingrad region one and other things.


We'd like to point out that now, at the open beta stage, the map will still be improved: pine trees will be added to the forests and the overall distribution of various forest types on the map will be more detailed. Of course we'll keep track of your impressions and improve the map where possible to make it as best as possible to the official Battle of Moscow release date. The campaign is also in open beta: it contains regular, generated missions, while scenario, static ones are being finished. Video intros between campaign chapters and chapter map tactical overlays are also WIP at the moment.





Second, players who pre-purchased Battle of Moscow will also get their hands on German twin engine dive bomber Ju 88 A-4 today. We must admit that it is the most complex aircraft in the entire project, but in the same time it is also a most interesting one in many ways. Rich instruments array, many system and flight model peculiarities, unusual gunner stations - it was an interesting experience to research and recreate and we think it will be interesting to the players to fly it.




Third, all 10 Battle of Moscow planes now have 10 official skins per plane that can be unlocked by progressing in the campaign. In addition, all 20 controllable planes in the game and each and every modification for them now have a technical specification you can view in player profile, during a mission briefing and even in the flight.


Fourth, the sim now has 64-bit architecture. This increases the engine potential and allows more detailed objects and textures to be created. Moreover, we used the dumps you submitted to fix several bugs that could crash the game. All this development should make the game much more stable in heavy, complex missions.


One of the crash fixes involved the track recording system, so the tracks format has been updated unfortunately - old track records won't work in the new version.


Finally, the new version 1.201 contains many additional fixes and improvements (as always) which should increase the quality of your play experience and add more realistic features.


Main changes:


1. Moscow region maps (Autumn and Winter seasons) are now available to Battle of Moscow owners in all game modes;

2. German bomber Ju 88 A-4 is now available to Battle of Moscow owners;

3. Open Beta of the Moscow campaign is now available to Battle of Moscow owners;

4. The sim is 64-bit application now, which increases its stability at heavy loads and improves physical engine performance by 10-20%;

5. 10 official skins added for each of 10 Battle of Moscow planes. They can be unlocked by progressing in the campaign;

6. Aircraft specifications added containing flight characteristics and other useful information for every playable plane in the game (you can view them of full-screen map during flight, in the briefing and in player profile);

7. Modification characteristics added to their tooltips (how much mass and velocity you lose or gain by adding them to your aircraft);

8. Morning and evening fog added to all maps (in half of the weather sets, the ones that have non-even numbers);


Physcis, damage, systems and AI changes:


9. A rare problem that caused the plane to be invisible in multiplayer fixed;

10. A rare problem that caused the bombs or turrets to float next to their aircraft fixed;

11. You can turn the bomb sight left and right in View mode;

12. Bomb sight mode won't reset after leaving and re-enabling it anymore;

13. Back view angle increased for Pe-2 bomb sight in View mode;

14. Bomb sight view won't 'wave' while passing the zero mark;

15. Tracer rounds removed from ShVAK autocannons for Battle of Moscow timeframe planes because they were produced later in 1942;

16. Fw 190 A-3 aerodynamic characteristics corrected to meet the now available data (in short, its fineness ratio was reduced a little while its climb rate at high altitudes increased somewhat);

17. RPM limiter (helper) on MiG-3 won't wrongly set the throttle to low values at low air temperature anymore;

18. Bf 109 E-7, He 111 H-6, Пе-2 ser.35 and ser.87 damage models corrected (wrong parts were flying off when damaged);

19. Additional armor plates and armored windshield mass is correctly added to Bf 109 E-7;

20. MG FF mass is correctly added to He 111 H-6;

21. Air drag caused by MC.202 bombs corrected (decreased);

22. Air drag caused by Bf 110 E-2 bomb holder corrected (increased);

23. MC.202 series VIII flaps are now forced back by air stream at high speeds, which should prevent their damage;

24. Flaps release kinematic link calculations corrected on Yak-1, both IL-2 variants and MiG-3 (they are more stable when fully retracted);

25. He 111 H-6 elevator trimmer handle now stops at the same time when techno chat shows 100%;

26. He 111 H-6 elevator trimmer handle animation corrected (it was inverted);

27. A turret won't be left in the air after aircraft explosion in multiplayer (a rare issue);

28. Turret machine gun won't 'wobble' in extreme positions;

29. Turret gunners correctly spend the remaining 150 rounds;

30. Wingmen correclty drop bombs after wing leader in 'do like me' mode;

31. AI now is able to takeoff during strong crosswind on LaGG-3 and Yak-1;


Other changes:


32. Thanks to submitted crash dumps, several issues were found and fixed. The work on stability improvements continues;

33. Modification locks in multiplayer work correctly in a case of wrong lock configuration;

34. When only a certain skin is allowed in multiplayer, default one will be available as well;

35. Modifications correctly lock and unlock while changing selected mission type in the campaign;

36. Fast clicking on modification buttons won't hang the GUI anymore;

37. GUI recalculates modifications and weapon sets faster (for example for IL-2 which have lots of them);

38. Anomalous slowdown when flying a plane with bomb sight and increasing time scale fixed;

39. A tank turret won't magically 'heal' damage when a guest gunner takes control;

40. Pz III main gun rate of fire increased;

41. Earned modifications and skins can be correctly selected in Offline mode of the game;

42. Visual damage improved for MiG-3;

43. Special objects were added for scenario creators, including airfield taxi and landing signs;

44. Mission designers can remove object markers from any objects by giving them NOICON name.


Please discuss the update in this thread.

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  • 1CGS


Dear pilots,


We're proud to announce that the work on Battle of Moscow project is done and we're ready to show you this version. Customers who pre-purchased Battle of Moscow and don't have Battle of Stalingrad can access the game today (previously only the players who own both theaters of war could play the Battle of Moscow). The campaign is ready, now it includes scenario missions (two per chapter) and video cutscenes. Many improvements for the campaign are already in and more will follow, we'll continue to improve it. This version also contains many flight model, plane systems and other sim modules improvements. We hope that this version will be a milestone and will bring you many new and interesting features to try.


User interface changes:


1. Game logos updated;

2. Piloting tips added (they can be switched off in user interface settings);

3. Stalingrad navigation map updated to match the new Moscow map features (visible airfield layouts for instance);

4. Unavailable maps won't be visible in quick missions map list;

5. New marker color option added: USSR is red;

6. Subtitles and object markers are now visible in bomb sight (if they are enabled);

7.  Interface correctly shows the remaining amount of ammo if there are several guns of the same caliber, but different rounds per each;

8. Mini-map correctly updates after closing the full screen map;

9. Mini-map translucency value updates correctly during night;


Campaign changes:


10. Video cutscenes added to Battle of Moscow campaign;

11. Scenario missions added to Battle of Moscow campaign;

12. More combinations of weapon modifications are allowed for MiG-3 and P-40;

13. Landing approach direction added to campaign missions;

14. In artillery bombing mission your default altitude is limited to 2.5 km;

15. In airfield attack missions all aircraft destroyed on the ground count toward the mission goal;

16. Enemy fighters in ground attack role don't have additional fighter cover;

17. Enemy bombers and ground attack planes in intercept missions don't have fighter cover during bad weather;

18. Landing dialog with own airfield happen earlier, giving more time to plan your approach;

19. Artillery object markers appear earlier in artillery bombing missions;

20. Enemy bombers fly away at the same altitude after dropping their bombs;

21. Waypoint won't be generated outside fly area (a random bug);

22. Forward spotters give target data only for the mission target(s) in intercept missions, not other enemy planes;

23. Enemy artillery target in bombing missions have a correct GUI attack symbol;

24. Enemy train is located closer to action waypoint in train attack missions;

25. Landing lights positions corrected in Moscow campaign;

26. Evening flights start no later than at least 15 minutes before sunset in Moscow campaign;

27. Runways cleared of various objects in Moscow campaign;


Flight model, systems, armament and AI changes:


28. Drifting on rough ground is likely to break the landing gear;

29. Cockpit canopy moves according to physics laws (it can close during dive on IL-2 or La-5 and LaGG-3, it may be impossible to open it at high speeds, etc.);

30. Engine start procedure updated - control axes remain in correct position after it;

31. Yak-1 tail wheel rotation limited to +- 90 degrees when unlocked;

32. AI gunners man the turrets when enemy is close, even if it is outside their field of fire;

33. Chance of ammo detonation after ammo racks hit increased for all aircraft;

34. Impact sound can be heard during emergency landing;

35. Engines with glow plugs stop faster when turned off;

36. Rudder/pedals reset command added (key D by default);

37. Turret weapons cooling rate during flight corrected;

38. Turret gun on Pe-2 no longer 'sticks' at lowest position;

39. Armor penetration of German 7,92 rounds corrected (slightly reduced at closer distances);

40. Chance of ricochet of aircraft HE rounds removed;

41. Inversion trails restored for AI planes;

42. You won't hear the wheels rolling sound during emergency landing on water or ground anymore;

43. AI pilots will be more careful not to break their engines;

44. RPM limiter assist corrected, it reduces RPM if engine can be damaged by a high temperature;

45. Flaps can be jammed at high speeds on Fw 190;

46. La-5 engine damage time at high temperature corrected;

47. Pe-2 brakes effectiveness corrected (reduced), this should make landings easier;

48. Overheat warning message appearance corrected for all aircraft;49. Pe-2 engine throttle levers won't shake when engine assist is engaged;


Other changes:


50. Sun glare effect added to buildings;

51. Tank gunners can use signal flares in unbuttoned position;

52. Maximum time acceleration multiplier increased;

53. Multiplayer ban duration increased to one week;

54. Barrage balloons are visible above the Moscow city;

55. Stone churches added to Moscow map (their locations correspond to Mozhaisk Defence Line HQ maps);

56. Railway lines and runways are now more visible during winter (Moscow map);

57. Mission designers now can hide an object so it won't have an icon and F5 camera won't show it. Just give it the name NOICON;

58. Mission designers can increase the visibility distance of ground object markers by giving them name FARICON;

59. It is no longer possible to use bombsight while manning a turret (it caused many problems);

60. Player view won't be shifted after using bomb sight anymore;

61. It is easier to drag a group of objects in mission editor;

62. Joystick IDs won't be erased during each game update.




Please discuss the update in this thread.

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Dear pilots,


We continue to improve the sim. Today we release the update to version 2.002, which brings many additions and improvements along with a couple of surprises. First, we added preliminary support for HTC Vive, second - military ranks were introduced to campaign mode. They are separate for each campaign and side and influence the mission difficulty. 


Main features:


1. Player ranks added to campaigns. You'll have a separate rank for each side in each campaign you have. Mission difficulty depends on this rank.

2. Basic support for Steam VR added (HTC Vive). To try it, install Steam VR to install Vive drivers, but close it before running the game, since it accesses the Vive directly. Edit the line or_enable in data\startup.cfg so it reads or_enable = 1 and run the game. If you feel that interface is too close you may also set parameter or_fov_gui = 0.5;

3. German tank Pz.Kpfw.38(t) added to the game (big thanks to pilot FF*VaSoK*22 for the 3d model he kindly gave us!);

4. German SPG Marder III Ausf. H added to the game (big thanks to pilot FF*VaSoK*22 for the 3d model he kindly gave us!);

5. Soviet AT gun 53-К added to the game;

6. German AT gun 3,7 cm Pak 35/36 added to the game;

7. Soviet AAA 72-К added to the game;

8. Soviet AAA 72-К installed on ZiS-5 added to the game;

9. German AAA 3,7 cm FlaK 36 added to the game;


Other changes:


10. Multiplayer servers running a map inavailable to you will be greyed out in the server list;

11. You can see an exact mission type in campaign while choosing loadout to be able to fine-tune your aircraft to the task at hand;

12. Game won't crash anymore while loading an overcast mission on Windows 10;

13. You should be able to select a ground attack mission in a campaign if you have at least one required plane modification;

14. Ground attack planes and bombers in campaign mode fly at reduced speed if escorted by slow fighters (for example, I-16);

15. New subtitle added in campaign mode (escorted planes reached their airfield);

16. Ground attack missions on Pe-2 start below clouds during overcast weather in campaign mode;

17. Number of bad weather missions reduced in the 4th chapter of Battle of Moscow campaign;

18. Ground attack and bombing missions won't happen during strong turbulence;

19. Escort missions became harder, because enemy fighters may intercept you before or after the target area, not neccessary above it;

20. During intercept missions you can encounter enemy planes above friendly territory;

21. Enemy fighters will be less willing to atack the bombers you escort if they are outnumbered;

22. You may catch the enemy fighters on ground during airfield attack missions instead of encountering them in the air;

23. Artillery positions in the campaign mode became more varied;

24. In bombing missions enemy fighters will attempt to intercept you from a more random direction;

25. AI group logic improved (AI pilots won't switch targets too frequently);

26. AI logic improved in multiplayer (previously they opened fire later than in singleplayer);

27. AI pilots of twin engine aircraft learned to taxi from parking more effectively;

28. Fuel tank rear armor increased by 1,5 mm for both IL-2;

29. AB-1 armor toughness increased by 33% relative to a standard homogenous armor;

30. Armor protection on Fw-190 is removed correctly after ditching the canopy;

31. It is impossible to fire guns when powered off on aircraft equipped with electric triggers;

32. You don't need to issue manual radiator mode command twice for automatic radiators (radiator assist turns off simultaneously with turning manual radiators mode on);

33. A lost canopy won't erroneously block the ability to bail out;

34. Broken instruments in a cockpit show the last value instead of 0;

35. Instrument light can be damaged;

36. Mission editor properties window appearance corrected in Windows 10;

37. Smoke and fuel trails won't 'shimmer' in a turbulent air.







Please discuss the update in this thread.

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Dear players,


We just released a minor fix improving a number of things which is based on your feedback for update 2.002. Most of the improvements are for HTC Vive: realistic cockpit size, better motion blur (it can be turned on and off by 'Cinematic camera' parameter in the game settings), open and close sights for aircraft and tank turrets (aim with right eye), improved head tracking, especially in a tank.






1. Several missing awards are visible again in player profile;

2. HTC Vive improvements listed above. Please note that joystick is recommended for VR mode since mouse controls interfere with head tracking on aircraft; 

3. Sky appearance improved at Ultra graphics setting (no more color banding);

4. Oil barrels removed from taxi ways on Tacinskaya airfield;

5. An issue of asynchronous power during engine start fixed for twin engine aircraft.


Please discuss the update in this thread.


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  • 1CGS
Dear Pilots!
Jason coming to you live from the Moscow 1CGS offices! We are very happy to announce that we have just released Battle of Moscow and our two latest Collector Planes (P-40E-1 and MC.202) on Steam. Battle of Moscow can be purchased as a standalone product from our website, but on Steam it is available as DLC for Battle of Stalingrad. 
This completes our latest development goal and Battle of Moscow is fully released and available to all! Of course, small updates, bug fixes and other improvements will continue to come as we move into our next development cycle.
In addition to the BOM Steam release, we have made changes to content availability in the game and on our website. We have also made some changes to the official Sturmovik store such as adding a shopping cart. More positive changes to our website will be coming in the weeks and months ahead. Please note the changes we have made below.
1. You can buy any Collector Plane while having any edition of the game. For example, you can buy the P-40E-1 and fly it over the Battle of Stalingrad.
2. Collector Planes come with all their modifications and skins available from the start, regardless of how they were purchased, separately or in a Premium Edition.
3. Collector Planes’ modifications and skins will be automatically unlocked for existing owners as well (this process is underway and will finish in several hours).
4. If you own both Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Moscow, you can use all the planes in any campaign where they were available historically.
5. BOS players who don't own BOM yet can login to multiplayer servers hosting the Moscow map and vice versa for the Stalingrad map and BOM only owners. However, you must own the planes offered in the mission to fly them.
6. If you bought Battle of Moscow on our website earlier and wish to convert it to the Steam version, you will be able to do so on next Monday, August 15. Please note that since Battle of Moscow on Steam is a DLC and not an independent game you'll need to have Battle of Stalingrad activated on your Steam account to play it. You'll receive a Steam key for Battle of Moscow DLC.
7. Standard Edition owners now can unlock all weapon modifications through our website without playing the campaign (previously this ability was available in Premium Edition only).
8. In the future, when you choose to Activate Unlocks through our website we will include the skins as well as the modifications for either edition of the game. The earning of unlocks as a concept will be completely optional at that point.
And as you know, we are also considering our future steps with the IL-2 Sturmovik franchise. Much discussion within the team is taking place this week, the result of which we think will be welcomed by all of you. More information will be released in the coming weeks along with the opening of pre-orders for the flyable Ju-52 and Yak-1b. Two very cool planes that will further expand our plane-set on the Eastern Front.
And finally, the game has been updated to version 2.003. The full list of changes follows:
1. BoM planes added to BOS campaign (those which saw action there historically):
- I-16 type 24
- MiG-3 series 24
- P-40E-1
- Bf-109 E-7
- Bf-110 E-2
- MC.202 series VIII
- Ju-88 A-4
2. BoM planes added to BOS campaign part 2 (those which saw action there historically):
- P-40E-1
- Bf-109 E-7
- Bf-110 E-2
- MC.202 series VIII
- Ju-88 A-4
3. BOS planes added to BoM campaign (those which saw action there historically):
- Bf-109 F-4
- He-111 H-6
4. Players who don't own BOM yet can login to multiplayer servers hosting the Moscow region map and vice versa.
5. Smoke generators can be attached to every plane.
6. New gunfire sounds added.
7. Added ability to switch to enemy radio frequency (LAlt+C).
8. FFB effects improved on all planes.
9. Plane selection dialog in QMB changed.
10. Ground support missions made more diverse (possible targets are big artillery battery and tanks, small battery and tanks, tanks only, battery only).
11. Targets in bridge and warehouse bombing missions are easier to identify from other bridges and warehouses).
12. Alarm sirens added to airfields in QMB and campaign.
13. AT gun positions added to front line in campaign.
14. HE damage calculations made more accurate for aircraft and tank crews.
15. IL-2 armored cockpit now protects from explosion fragments even when opened.
16. Pneumatic or electric gun re-loaders are used on aircraft equipped with them (backup mechanical reload used when there is no power).
17. Grass area border made less visible.
18. 'Distant grass' option added that triples its drawing distance (it may come with a severe performance hit).
19. 122 mm Soviet howitzer М-30 added.
Other changes:
20. An error in automatic bombsight mode that caused He 111 and Ju-88 to drop bombs a bit later that needed has been fixed.
21. 'Inverted' canopy opening sound corrected on LaGG-3, La-5 and IL-2.
22. Radiator control buttons corrected on Ju-87, both Pe-2 and MC.202.
23. Cabin camera shake effect corrected, it is influenced by engine RPM.
24. Ju-87 engine RPM won't 'stutter' at maximum throttle.
25. A glitch that caused Pe-2 to move with retracted landing gear removed.
26. FFB effects corrected for MiG-3.
27. Armored pilot seats now protect from explosion fragments in addition to projectiles.
28. P-40 engine assistant fixed (it won't break the engine at high altitudes).
29. P-40 engine assistant changed, now it allows to reach the maximum allowed power.
30. Turret guns won't glitch in certain positions and angles.
31. F4 camera won't stutter when using joystick.
32. AI planes in multiplayer will attack human pilots more aggressively.
33. Different flight speed won't affect FFB gunfire effects power on P-40.
34. Airfield Izocha on Velikie Luki map flattened for easier taxiing.
35. Forest cut around airfields Ilyinskoye, Zenino and Borki on Moscow map.
36. A bug that could cause the game to hang while loading a mission and Alt-Tabbing from it has been fixed.
37. Interface optimized to minimize performance hit when switching mini-map scale.
38. Interface map optimized to display many object symbols without affecting performance.
39. Stutters from loading landscape textures removed.
40. Significant power difference during the twin engine start which could cause an aircraft to turn removed.
41. AI wingmen correctly retract flaps after takeoff.
42. Fw-190 and He-111 pilot head position now is visible in external view.

We hope you enjoy Battle of Moscow and these latest changes and improvements.



Jason and the entire IL-2 Sturmovik Team



Please discuss the update in this thread.
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  • 1CGS
Dear pilots!
We're glad to announce that the sim has been updated to version 2.004. It includes many changes we were working on for Battle of Kuban and of course all of them will be in Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Moscow. While developing Battle of Kuban we're working on all three our projects at once, bringing the improvements to all our users.
This time almost all parts of the game were improved, the most important ones being the first results of physics optimizations for AI aircraft, landing gear physics modeling corrections for all planes, addition of the spotting ability to aircraft in multiplayer and the ability to set clouds height and thickness. All parts of the game were polished to some extent.
Physical Model and Systems Fine Tuning
1. First optimization task completed: AI controlled aircraft on the ground can be doubled, while resources used by aircraft in the air decreased by 20%;
2. 'Jumpy landing gear' issue fixed thanks to improved shock strut model;
3. Lift force loss and drag increase of a remaining wing after fragmentation of a wing corrected;
4. Bumpiness of concrete runways and taxiways reduced;
5. A slipping friction modeling situation when a stationary or slowly rotating wheel of a landing aircraft touches the ground at a high speed has been improved, resulting in more accurate modeling of two-point landing. Tail-high landing can be performed if you touch the runway accurately;
6. An additional lateral friction is applied to a drifting wheel, making an aircraft more stable while taxiing, take off and landing, but also making it prone to roll-over during a strong skid;
7. He-111 won't rotate after an emergency landing;
8. Bf 109 E-7 mass correctly decreases with ammo spending;
9. Wrongly added excess weight removed from IL-2 and LaGG-3 with VYa-23 and Sh-37 guns;
10. Engine heat model corrected for Ju-87;
11. Yak-1 series 69 engine characteristics corrected, now it follows the reference better (maximum speed at ground level and its turn time decreased a bit);
12. Engine damage logic corrected: now an engine with a depleted time reserve at combat or other modes won't be damaged while working at normal mode afterwards;
13. Physical behaviour of a detached wheel of an airplane is improved in case of fall on ground;
Aircraft Damage Modeling
14. AB-1 armor made more resistant to shell fragments, protecting internal aircraft equipment better;
15. Aircraft tails made more resistant to gunfire;
16. Bf 110 E-2 damage resistance corrected (slightly increased). Now it is a bit less durable than Pe-2;
Aircraft Systems
17. Altitudes of engaging and disengaging breathing devices were corrected for German aircraft (by German flight manuals);
18. Oxygen deprivation model corrected (its effects are felt at higher altitudes than before);
19. Powered temperature gauges won't work when engine is off;
20. Pe-2 trimmer neutral position indicators work now;
21. REVI-12 gunsight reticle corrected (increased by 12%);
22. La-5 engine assistant won't erroneously reduce RPM after canceled landing and going around;
3D Models
23. MiG-3 3D model corrected thanks to research performed by community member BorysVorobyov;
24. P-40 cabin plexiglass quality increased;
25. Pe-2 fuel gauge is backlit now;
26. La-5 cylinder head temperature gauge is backlit as well;
27. I-16 mechanical sight corrected;
28. Bf 110 E-2 gunsight ;
29. Bf 109 canopy color corrected for some color schemes;
Aircraft AI
30. Fw 190 AI won't crush into ground after receiving Attack Area order;
31. Fixed AI crashing into ground after dropping bombs at low altitude;
32. Fixed AI wingmen dangerous maneuvering while given Cover command that could cause them to crash into each other;
33. AI Fw 190 should enter uncontrollable spin less frequently (their angle of attack limit has been corrected);
34. AI P-40 should enter uncontrollable spin less frequently (their sideslip angle limit has been corrected);
35. Fixed AI crashing into ground after achieving maximum dive speed;
36. AI gunners won't always have a max skill level (their skill is now tied to AI pilot skill);
37. AI gunners open fire at a closer distance when given an 'fire at close distance' command;
38. Fixed Ju 88 gunners not firing if the pilot window was opened;
Mission Logic
39. It is now possible to give the spotter ability to an aircraft, making it recon plane;
40. It is now possible to give the spotter ability to a spawned object;
41. Cloud height and thickness can be set in a mission;
42. More than 32 buildings can be destroyed in a city block (restriction removed);
Graphical User Interface
43. Selected engines now displayed in HUD on multi-engine aircraft;
44. Symbols and lines on the map are now scaled with it;
45. New GUI options 'show player messages' and 'show kill messages';
46. New technochat message added telling pilot that an engine is deselected;
47. Additional technochat message added to MiG-3 and P-40 telling about tail wheel locking and unlocking caused by pedals position;
48. Detailed wind info added to campaign bombing missions;
49. Cloud level height (and thickness in case of thick clouds) info added to briefing;
50. Wind turbulence info added to QMB and campaign briefings;
Other changes and additions
51. Significant performance increase for ships (their impact on the game performance is reduced 5 times);
52. Destroying an AA gun on a ship won't destroy a ship itself;
53. Wingmen callsigns corrected in the campaign (previously several wingmen could have a same callsign number);
54. Callsigns corrected in the campaign (previously two flights could have a same callsign);
55. Ground attack planes targets corrected in the campaign (previously they could fail to appear in certain circumstances);
56. Several language translations were corrected;
57. A rare issue - black screen on mission start - has been fixed.
1. Cloud level height (distance between the ground and clouds bottom) can be set to any reasonable value. Cloud thickness is limited for different weather presets:



Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :400..800
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :300..500
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :300..700
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :300..500
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :300..600
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :400..800
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :300..600
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :300..700
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :400..800
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :400..800
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :500..1000
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :500..1000
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :500..1000
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :300..700
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :500..1000
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :500..1000
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :400..850
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :500..1000
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :400..900
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :600..1200
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :600..1200
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :600..1300
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :600..1200
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :600..1200
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :600..1200
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :600..1200
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :700..1400
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :600..1200
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :600..1200
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :700..1500
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :150..300
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :200..500
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :200..500
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :200..600
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :200..600
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :200..500
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :300..600
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :200..600
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :200..500
Allowed Cloud Thickness (Height) :200..600



2. In this new version (2.004) missions format was changed, so binary missions which were created in previous versions will not work properly. To restore your mission delete .msnbin file and keep only .Mission file, open in in Mission Editor and re-save it with new .msnbin binary mission.

3. Due to mission format change flight records which were recorded in previous versions will not replay.


Please discuss the update in this thread.
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Dear Pilots!
The work on version 2.005 is finished and we present it to you. It doesn't bring as many changes as the last version did, but it does bring a new, long awaited Collector Plane – the Soviet Yak-1b fighter. My personal feelings about this plane is that it is a pleasure to fly and it completes a maneuver strictly and precisely, be it a barrel roll or a loop. It is highly maneuverable, handles predictably during all flight phases and doesn't make a pilot life more miserable than it has to be. Its powerful weaponry gives it a kick while the pilot will enjoy the excellent field of view in spite of Soviet plexiglass quality being inferior to German or American materials. A Yak-1b pilot is significantly more protected from small caliber bullets and shell fragments when compared to earlier fighters. And the most important thing is that it is beautiful! :)
We further refined FFB effects creating a wider range of vibrations for different situations such as firing guns, takeoff and landings and collisions or crashes. We also eliminated some delays in FFB when time is accelerated. And finally, we smoothed out the FFB effects for control surfaces. Working on it wasn't easy since these joysticks have significant individual peculiarities, but we do like the result, especially how the FFB effects work on the Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 and the Logitech G940.
We continue working together with community member I./ZG1_Panzerbar and in version 2.005 we include some corrected official historical skins of the Bf-109 E-7 and Bf-109 G-2. Be sure to check them out - they turned out to be great. Aircraft skin makers in Russia work in some brutal conditions! :)
Changes and additions in the new version:
1. Yak-1b series 127 added. All players who purchased it can fly it while any player could select it as an AI ally or foe. It will be added to Battle of Kuban campaign when it is released;
2. Additional improvements for better support of adding, partial removing, replacing, ID changing of various controllers;
3. Bf 109 E-7 skins corrected by the community member I./ZG1_Panzerbar (thank you!);
4. Bf 109 G-2 skins corrected by the community member I./ZG1_Panzerbar (thank you again!);
5. After additional research and charts and photographs comparison, MiG-3 kinematics were corrected (turn angle increased, shock strut in released position is closer to vertical), resulting in somewhat tighter turn radius during taxiing;
6. Thanks to the new document submitted by Italian community (grazie!) MC.202 gun sight was corrected;
7. Critical AoA reduced for LaGG-3 with extended flaps according to reference;
8. Air drag of underwing MGs on MiG3 corrected (reduced);
9. Ju-88 rear gear retraction in case of canceled gear extending was fixed;
10. Force Feedback shaking on taxi and takeoff improved;
11. Force Feedback effects should no longer 'stuck' after mission end, pilot death, bailing out, etc.;
12. Constant FFB vibration during flight on Yak-1 series 69 and Bf 110 E-2 fixed;
13. Flare fire sound in a closed cockpit restored;
14. A way to cheat without using memory hacking software by making an aircraft invulnerable has been removed;
15. A way to cheat without using memory hacking software by making an aircraft cockpit invisible for improved view without using memory hacking software has been removed;
16. Start points in QMB on Moscow map were moved closer to airfields;
17. Concrete taxiways texture improved;
18. Trees removed from winter Gumrak airfield parking areas;
19. Ground near taxiways flattened. In addition, grass was removed from aircraft spawn points on Moscow map airfields.
By community request, here is a short instruction on how to preserve key and axis bindings (for example, in a case of a complete reinstall):
1. You need to back up these files:
2. In case of installing from scratch, restore these files from your backup, replacing the existing ones.
3. This would work if you have the same controllers connected.
IMPORTANT: because of these changes, device mappings may mix up after updating to 2.005. In this case, exit the game and re-start it again. If this doesnt help, you can change device IDs in this file:
Only exchange between the devices the parameter highlighted in red:
While working on Battle of Kuban, we plan to continue to improve the control system, namely making key and axis mapping more convenient and increase its capabilities.
With this update, we take another step in our development plan and we have many more updates to come in the near future and all next year. We appreciate your continued support and assistance!


Please discuss the update in this thread.
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Dear Pilots,


A day of hard work and buying videocards in stores brought some results.


First off, we managed to reproduce the 'rainbow particles' problem and find out its cause. It turns out that newer Radeon cards or its drivers have problems handling indirect addressing in shader code, while older Radeon cards and all GeForce ones don't have such problem. We used a different, a bit slower addressing method and the problem should be gone now. The 'ghost stripe in the hangar on the left' issue remains and also seems to be isolated to a wider range of Radeon cards. This isn't a game breaking bug so we decided to slow down a bit and find out its cause after the holidays.


Second, we haven't succeeded in buying a working GeForce 780 (the used one we hastily bought turned out to be broken) but we contacted several owners of such cards who encountered the driver crash problem after several minutes of playing and found a possible workaround. It looks like this is a videocard problem, most likely caused by videocard power subsystem (not neccessary PC power supply unit itself) of 780 series card not being stable enough for GPU frequency when close to the limit, resulting in some instructions being processed incorrectly. This issue appeared as a direct result of DirectX 11 implementation and optimizations - your graphics card is working with much more efficiency (it is not about GPU load and temperature). There is no apparent solution on the game side short of removing the optimizations and returning to 2.005 version performance since the problem is caused by incorrect work of a certain graphics card model.


You may say that the card works fine in other games, but this is not really relevant since most modern games don't use such vary renderers capable of drawing giant landscapes or use popular licensed engines which have optimizations in graphics drivers and hardware made specially for them. Sims similar to ours have similar problems, sometimes with the same card models (NVidia 780)and a similar advice is given on their forums as we do:

Variant A: Try to lower the maximum GPU clock of your card by 100-150 MHz.

Variant B: Uninstall completely all NVidia software and drivers (using Control Panel, Programs and Features), install NVidia driver version 368.81:

Windows 10 64-bit:

Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit:


So, this update fixes the following:


1. 'Rainbow colored particles' issue fixed on some Radeon models;

2. AI now handles more than one take-off and landing in a mission correctly (previously it could perform taxiing in a wrong way).




Please discuss the update in this thread.

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  • 1CGS


Dear Pilots,


we're happy to announce that update 2.009 is ready. The most important addition in it is the VR support. In addition to VR itself, graphics as a whole were heavily updated during the VR development, so everyone will benefit from this update. In addition, it contains many improvements and corrections in other subsystems of the sim.


Main Features:

1. VR support added via Open VR (HTC Vive and Oculus Rift cv1);

2. Optional post-processing Sharpen filter added;

3. Hiding the in-game HUD (H key) now stops most GUI routines, which can double your FPS in some situations. You can use this to get a performance boost while playing on a slower PC. After hiding the HUD, you can still turn object markers on by pressing I key (they won't lower performance since they were recreated for VR in a separate module that doesn't use ScaleForm like the rest of the GUI);

4. New option 'Show HUD by default' added which can be turned off so HUD won't turn on at the beginning of a mission;

5. New graphics option 'Dynamic resolution factor' added. It adjusts the render resolution and the number of particles in certain effects on the fly to maintain the FPS level chosen in 'Target FPS' field (or screen refresh rate if the V-Sync option is checked). In VR, the target FPS is always 90;

6. Clouds detail increased for Ultra graphics preset;

7. The number of smoke particles decreased for all graphics presets except Ultra. This improves FPS while you're chasing a damaged and smoking enemy aircraft;

8. Trees rendering technology improved, almost eliminating a tree rotation effect when you fly near them;

9. Trees LOD levels were reworked to minimize their 'pop-up' effect;

10. A rare crash has been found and fixed. The sim could crash in missions with more than 120 ground objects (random issue). This issue was fixed, but when there are too many ground vehicles some of them may lack effects of lights. A tip for mission designers: if you don't need a certain group of vehicles anymore, use Delete trigger instead of Deactivate to free their effects and properties cache;


3D Model Changes:

11. He 111 H-16 bump texture corrected, reflections improved;

12. Yak-1 series 127 rear canopy transparency corrected;

13. Three new skins made by community member Stab/JG52_DiO for Bf 109 F-2, Bf 109 F-4 and Bf 109 G-2 added to the game;

14. Missing glass that covers instruments in Bf 110 G-2 engine nacelles added;

15. Fw 190 A-5 is now correctly visible at large distances;


Physics Changes:

16. Flight stick shaking at high speeds will correctly stop after rudder and elevator loss;

17. Ju-87 D-3 flutter can still happen after rudder loss;

18. Aircraft weapons damage from HE shell hits became rarer;

19. Ammo explosion simulation improved - now it happens at ammo box location instead of aircraft center and the explosion power varies depending on ammo type and its amount left;

20. Sh-37 gun ammo weight corrected for IL-2 mod.1942 and LaGG-3 series 29;


AI and other changes:

21. Single ground target attack from high altitude maneuver corrected (an AI will reduce its altitude first and then begin the attack);

22. AI controlled Ju-87 won't crash during dive recovery if they failed to drop the bomb;

23. A rare issue in campaign when player flight could disassemble and wingmen could crash into each other was fixed;

24. Vehicle columns that were attacked on a bridge act more reasonably;

25. 61K train or ship mounted AA gun kill will be counted correctly;

26. Trees on the Ryabinki airfield runway removed.


VR Tips and Tricks


Here are some tips & tricks you may already know that will help set up your VR for IL-2 (but it may be useful for other games).


IL-2 Sturmovik uses Open VR interface, meaning you need to have Steam VR application installed on your PC. If you have HTC Vive, it is already installed (or you won't be able to use it in other games). However, if you have Oculus Rift, you may or may not have it installed. So, the first step would be installing Steam, logging into your Steam account and installing Steam VR from Steam store.


Run Steam VR to set up your Oculus Rift there: run Room Setup. Make sure it works fine for you in Steam VR tutorial. HTC Vive users have this set up already.


Run IL-2 Sturmovik. If Oculus Home and Steam VR applications are not active, it should launch them by itself. When the game loads, your HMD should be working already and you should see the VR image from one of the eye screens on your regular monitor. Oculus Home and Steam VR windows may obscure the IL-2 window on your regular monitor so minimize them and click on IL-2 Sturmovik window to return focus to it (that's how Windows works)


If you launch IL-2 and VR mode doesn't kick in, make sure that Steam VR (and Oculus Home if you have Oculus Rift) are installed and configured properly, and/or launch them manually before starting the game. If VR still won't kick in, go to graphics settings of the game and check that 'Use VR HMD' option is on. While you're at it, note the new graphics options there: Sharpen and Dynamic resolution factor.


Sharpen is a post process visual filter that makes everything, well, sharper. This is especially useful to increase clarity in VR so you could read your 'real' cockpit instruments better, but it gives good results if you want a crisper picture while playing on a regular monitor as well. It has little impact on the performance, so try it and see if you like the new look.


Dynamic resolution factor is a new method for keeping your frames per second (FPS) steady. Its value can be set from 0.5 (half the original resolution) to 1.0 (full resolution). If you set it to 1.0, you'll be turning it off and everything will work as before. If you set it to a lower value, you're telling the game it's Ok to degrade the rendering quality to this value to keep the FPS close to the value you set in Target FPS drop-down list here. So if you set Target FPS to 144 and Dynamic resolution factor to 0.5, the game will lower the rendering quality up to 0.5 of the original resolution trying to keep that high frame rate you specified. You can experiment with these values to find out what FPS you can achieve on your PC without degrading the visual quality too much. On a regular monitor, quality degradation is more apparent than in VR HMD, so this feature is especially useful for VR.


Please note, that Target FPS value is ignored in VR - it is set to HMD refresh rate (90 FPS or 45 FPS when it is lower than 90 and HMD driver automatically engages ASW if you're using Oculus and Reprojection for Vive). You can Google what these technologies do - basically, they generate new frames depending on previous ones to show you if PC performance level is insufficient to output 90 FPS. Target FPS parameter is also ignored if you use a regular monitor and check V-Sync option here - in this case it ties to your monitor refresh rate.


Another settings screen, Camera settings, include another new option - Limit VR view. When it is on, your virtual head won't be able outside cockpit or inside the instruments panel. While it makes perfect sense, it may be uncomfortable in VR - when your real head continues to move (there is nothing to stop it at your home unless you go too far and hit a wall or your PC), but your virtual head in the cockpit stops because it just hit a canopy, you may have a dizzy feeling. It should be noted that other sims don't have the limited VR view at all, but in IL-2 you can turn this on or off. This option will be ignored (the view will be limited) if Allow spectators option is turned off in difficulty settings (for example, on Expert difficulty multiplayer servers) to prevent cheating.


Now, there are special commands in Camera controls that you'll be using a lot in VR. First one is Default VR view - you can use it to set up a default view. If you're off to the side in the cockpit, look straight in front of view and press this button (Numpad 5 by default) - you'll be positioned in the center behind the gunsight.


Another command is VR camera zoom (hold). This is a special zoom button for VR, press and hold this button and you'll get 2X magnification to spot distant objects. It may cause nausea if you keep the button pressed and turn your head, beware.


Another tip we can give you to improve the performance is turning the in-game HUD off (H key). VR provides unique ability to read 'real' cockpit instruments at a glance, so try to use it! It can give you a huge performance boost, especially in complex missions with many objects. With HUD turned off, you can still see object markers (press I key to turn them on).


Setting the resolution in game settings to a low setting like 1024x768 or even less may significantly improve your performance in VR (VR resolution is fixed and won't change, but the game will spend less time drawing its window on the monitor).


When you look down in the cockpit, you'll see a blue ring. This is Steam VR safety feature called chaperone boundaries so we can't turn it off in the game. You can turn it by editing a certain file on your PC (maybe it will be made easier in the future), Google 'turn off chaperone boundaries'.


Some of our beta testers complained that they see some objects (for example, gunsight reticle) in double vision. There can be several reasons for it, so here are what you can do if you experience this:


1) First of all, make sure your inter-pupil distance is set up correctly. Its control is located on the right of your HMD. Adjust it so the on-screen tip shows your inter-pupil distance correctly (you know its value if you use glasses).

2) Second, understand that playing in VR is completely different to playing on a regular flat screen, even if you're accustomed to Track IR or Freetrack. Objects have different depths, you can focus either on close objects or on distant ones, like in real life. If you focus on the cockpit elements or gunsight body, its reticle will be in double vision as well as a target you're trying to hit (collimator reticle is a virtual distant object). When you're aiming at an enemy aircraft or ground vehicle, focus your eyes on it, then the reticle should be in focus as well (but your canopy and gunsight body will be in a double vision like they will be in such situation in the real life).

3) Third, position your head correctly - your dominant eye should be behind the reticle. You can do this naturally just by moving your head in VR.

3) Fourth, this is a highly subjective issue. Some of the users (and us developers) don't have any problems while using an aiming sight, some resolved them when they accustomed to playing a sim in VR and for some nothing we could adjust helped. This is a highly specialized problem for VR genre - in a usual VR game the developers keep the user from this issue by avoiding situations when you have very close and distant objects at once, but this is impossible in a combat flight sim where a pilot constantly needs to switch focus from close instruments to distant targets. If you have this problem no matter what, it may be best to close one eye and aim with your dominant eye only. You'll lose stereo perception so it isn't ideal, but many people aim their guns this way and do fine.


We spent much time to implement the VR support. We hope you'll like the result and the new immersion level it gives to virtual pilots! See you in the sky!




Please discuss the update in this thread.

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Dear Pilots,


We're happy to announce that we just released the update 2.011. The main addition of this version is, of course, the Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VB Collector Plane. They were sent to USSR via the lend-lease program and took part in the Battle of Kuban. The aircraft is quite interesting and unusual, our engineer who worked on its flight model wrote a detailed article about it earlier: Dev Blog 162. We can also add that this plane highlights the pros of our flight model. Spitfire is neutrally stable along the pitch axis. Piloting this plane is quite different to piloting classic, statically stable aircraft. This is especially noticeable during intensive maneuvering when instead of moving the flight stick backward and keeping it this way during the maneuver the quick double movement backward and then forward is required so the aircraft will begin the maneuver and stay in it. This effect is especially noticeable during a landing when the landing flaps are extended. It should be noted that these peculiarities don't cause a discomfort, they just make the piloting more interesting and give you the feel of control when you understand what is happening. To summarize, this aircraft should have a significant advantage in a low altitude and slower dogfight thanks to its very low wing loading and high power reserve at low speeds.


The second main addition of this update is the new historical campaign Blazing Steppe, consisting of 15 scenarios and telling about the tour of duty of the 11th IAP during the battle of Stalingrad, which you can purchase on our website.


And of course the update brings many enhancements to the sim core:


Version 2.011 changes:

1. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VB Collector Plane is added to the project and all Battle of Kuban owners can fly it now;

2. The new historical campaign Blazing Steppe is added to the game (you need to also own Yak-1 series 69 from Battle of Stalingrad to play it);

3. 3D Vision support is added thanks to the earlier Open VR API implementation;

4. Cockpit instruments were made more contrast on all planes for easier readability both in VR and on regular screens;

5. Forest drawing distance is increased by 1.5 times on Ultra graphics preset. The performance hit this causes is negligible on high-end video cards this preset is intended for;

6. The new graphical effect is shown when an aircraft impacts a water body and explodes;

7. The new graphics setting 'Grass quality' has been added with three possible choices: Normal, Distant and Ultra;

8. Forests drawing is optimized even more, improving performance at medium altitudes significantly;

9. LOD levels for many static objects were corrected, this should eliminate or reduce 'popping' issues;

10. The vertical line on AMD cards in the main menu is gone (it was caused by the undocumented AMD/Nvidia shader incompatibility);

11. Battle of Moscow airfields were reworked to reduce their performance hit, make judging the distance to the ground easier and improve their overall visual image. Please note that on middle-end video cards performance may degrade over any airfield if you increase the grass option setting;

12. New hotkeys were added for quick switching between the aircraft stations (RShift+0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 where 0 means the pilot and other numbers mean different gunner positions);

13. Aircraft ammo detonation probability was reduced;

14. LaGG-3 rudder oversensitivity is reduced;

15. IL-2 mod. 1943 startup procedure messages are shown correctly;

16. There is new option TacviewRecord=true/false in .sds DServer config files that can be used to prevent possible cheating on a server;

17. New parameter tacviewrecord = 0/1 is added to startup.cfg that turns TacView export on and off (off by default).




Please discuss the update in this thread.

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Dear Friends,


We are proud and excited to announce that the Battle of Kuban development cycle is completed and Battle of Kuban is officially released! As Producer of the Sturmovik product series it is always a pleasure to announce major milestones to the community and this one is very special. Battle of Kuban was a technical challenge from start to finish, but the team has once again proven why they are the best. When I took over as Producer I promised you a new and improved Sturmovik experience. A Sturmovik with a more hardcore feel with more classic flight-sim features for both single-player and multiplayer modes along with other touches that remind you of past Sturmovik titles while embracing new genre-leading technology. In the past 18 months we’ve done just that and transformed this generation of Sturmovik into a real leader.


As you will see below, the amount of work that has gone into just version 3.001 is huge, not to mention ALL of the enhancements, improvements, fixes and content that was developed for Battle of Kuban and the engine as a whole during this cycle. Every department has worked hard to make this release special. This was months and months of hard work by an extremely talented and dedicated team who spent very long hours trying to make the vision I announced in fall 2016 a reality. If you are a fan of Sturmovik, either old or new, they deserve your continued support. Please tell your flight-sim friends about how much Sturmovik has improved with the Kuban release. Together, the Sturmovik line-up will continue to grow and thrive as our big announcement about Bodenplatte, Flying Circus and Tank Crews this past November shows. We have big plans, but we need your support to make them happen. We have no magic safety net. Your support allows us to expand our team and spend time clearing development bottlenecks or solving long stubborn issues.


As with any major release, many compromises in scheduling and work-flow had to occur. Some features not in our original plan were added (new distant terrain rendering, new shadows, improved flight-models) and some were delayed (Air Marshall, Object Viewer) and some work took much longer than planned (Pilot Career, P-39). As a result, a few new features planned for the Kuban cycle have been pushed to this Spring and Summer and will be part of the Battle of Bodenplatte development cycle. Since our core engine powers all products it really is just one large development cycle. All we need is enough time, patience and support from you and all can become a reality.


Let this release be an example of our unending desire to make a better product and do the best job we can with our small team and limited resources. The team has worked a miracle here once again and made me very proud of them as I know my constant demands make their lives more difficult. Please think of them when you fly and enjoy Battle of Kuban.

P.S. I hope to see some of you at the 2018 Flight-Sim Expo in Las Vegas, NV USA taking place June 9-10of this year. https://www.flightsimexpo.com/



And without further delay, here is Daniel aka “Han” with the goodies you have been waiting for…


From Daniel – Development Manager


Hello Everybody,


So, the day has come. Half a year has passed since the last update 2.012 which was, as you remember, quite large on its own and added many new features to the sim. But today the new 3.001 update, sets a new record for our project. We have never released so many additions of different types at once. Sure, it comes from the fact that much time has passed since the previous update. You may ask why it has taken so long - because two fundamental game parts were re-made almost completely.


First of all, the old dynamic campaign is now replaced by the new Career. In this mode we have tried to create the best single-player experience we could. We’ve taken some elements from our Rise of Flight Career mode you may be familiar with and some from the Battle of Stalingrad campaign system and we added tons of new features and abilities along the way. This mode takes a WWII combat pilot experience to the next level and works in any theatre of war you own - Battle of Stalingrad, Battle of Moscow and Battle of Kuban. If you have all three, you can play through all of them with the same character, starting in the cold winter of 1941 and finishing in 1943 on the warm shores of the Black Sea. The AI has been significantly improved to function in this mode as well. It is important to note that we plan to develop it further improving it and adding new mission types and interesting gameplay features in the very near future.


The second hugely improved part of the game is its core. The evolutionary development we started back in 2017 brings fruit right now in the 3.001 update. The biggest change is the increased rendering distance of course. But this fundamental change led to many other additions and corrections, you can read the change list below. Many of these changes were anticipated by the community while some will be a pleasant surprise. The cumulative result of these changes makes our graphics engine one of the best in the genre.


Another important addition is the new Cooperative multiplayer mode. Together with the updated statistics system and other new features, it will give our customers who prefer multiplayer new exciting opportunities.


And of course, the biggest chunk of the 3.001 update is the new content. Five new aircraft including two new Collector Planes and the new historical static campaign 'Sea Dragons'. Also included are many new aircraft skins, the ability to host a game server from within the game client without using the dedicated server executable, 'Mods On' mode and many others. It is difficult not to forget something in this short overview, so here goes the update 3.001 change list:


New Content:

1.  A-20B bomber is added to the project and all Battle of Kuban owners can fly it now;
2.  Yak-7b series 36 fighter is added to the project and all Battle of Kuban owners can fly it now;
3.  P-39L-1 fighter is added to the project and all Battle of Kuban owners can fly it now;
4.  New Collectors Plane: Bf 109 G-6 fighter;
5.  New Collectors Plane: La-5FN series 2;
6.  New Career single-player mode replaces the old dynamic campaign;
7.  The new Cooperative multiplayer mode is available along with the classic Dogfight;
8.  New historical static campaign 'Sea Dragons' designed by Alexander -BlackSix- Timoshkov telling the story of an IL-2 mod. 1943 pilot is added to the project and all Battle of Kuban owners can play it now;
9.  Now you can host a multiplayer server from within the game client and play on it yourself;
10.  New 'Mods On' mode allows modifying the game files. Multiplayer server owners can allow or disallow players with the modified game files to connect;
11.  Bf-109 G-6 Collector Plane comes with painstakingly researched paint schemes created by community enthusiasts III/JG2_Gustav05 and I./ZG1_Panzerbar;
12.  La-5FN series 2 Collector Plane comes with painstakingly researched paint schemes created by the community enthusiast I./ZG1_Panzerbar;
13.  IL-2 mod. 1943 now comes with all of its textures made in 4K quality (default and all official paint schemes, bump, specular and damage textures) created by the community enthusiast =BlackHellHound1=;


14.  Terrain visibility distance has been increased from 40 to 150 kilometers with Settings option;
15.  New raindrops effect on the cockpit and pilot glasses;
16.  Clouds visibility distance has been increased from 40 to 150 kilometers;
17.  Heavy cumulus clouds were made more complex, some of the weather variations now have two level clouds;
18.  Because of the increased rendering distance, cumulus cloud patterns were reworked for all weather types;
19.  Fixed the issue where clouds could drop shadows on the mountains above them;
20.  Cloud 'moving' effect when you fly very close to it has been minimized;
21.  Large white horizon band has been removed thanks to the new rendering distance;
22.  Skydome lighting has been made bluer;
23.  Cirrus clouds rendering has been improved;
24.  Winter lighting has been tuned for more contrast shadows with a slight blue hue;
25.  Completely redone texturing of summer and autumn Stalingrad maps: overall steppe look was made more authentic, fields tiling has been removed;
26.  Landscape texture flickering on the big and steep mountains has been eliminated;
27.  Tree crowns drop more detailed shadows;
28.  Landscape detail change with distance has been made less apparent on Ultra graphics preset;
29.  There is a new graphics option that enables or disables 4K textures (when set to On, the game will use 4K textures if available);
30.  Player controlled tanks use the new visual tech that simulates prismatic optical instruments;
31.  Player controlled tank Panzer III now has a movable prismatic visor and armor hatches that can cover the view slits;
32.  Main menu and aircraft settings hangar scene now has a different lighting; welding blinks and sounds were removed;
33.  Player controlled tank T-34 now uses the new tech that allows very detailed tank tracks (it will be used for the Tank Crew vehicles);


AI Aircraft and Game World:
34.  Damage to large objects from small explosions now calculated more accurately;
35.  Some trees (on tree-line, along with the roads, individual ones) can be toppled with a powerful impact;
36.  AI pilots evade mountains and hills better;
37.  Shallow dive ground attack procedure has been improved for cases with high initial aircraft altitude;
38.  AI pilots evade ground objects during shallow dive ground attack procedure better;
39.  AI pilots will follow the flight leader even if the wingman player decides to fly elsewhere;
40.  AI Hs-129 B-2 takes off correctly;
41.  Heavy loaded AI planes take off correctly;
42.  All AI planes in the group attack targets if there are enough of them;
43.  All AI planes in the group choose targets correctly and won't attack the same target if there are enough of them;
44.  AI priorities during the ground attack were updated. Primary targets are AAA, then locomotives, then tanks, then artillery, then everything else. Targets closer to the center of the ground attack area have more priority;
45.  Ships damage modeling has been improved, they are harder to destroy;
46.  Large ships except tankers have simulated damage control;
47.  AI groups taxi to a flight strip faster;
48.  Parachutes are correctly modeled in multiplayer;


Physics, Aircraft Systems and Models:
49.  Yak-1 machinegun synchronizer C2K-19 has been replaced with C2K-26 that fires three rounds per one propeller revolution instead of one;
50.  UB machineguns and ShVAK dispersion on Yak-1 fighters has been corrected using the newly found test data;
51.  IL-2 canopies can be fixed in the open position;
52.  Ultimate load factor calculations were updated for all aircraft;
53.  'Unbreakable' difficulty option now works correctly - an aircraft won't explode from a powerful impact when it is on;
54.  The issue with He-111 engines having different initial throttle control positions after starting a mission in the air has been fixed;
55.  IL-2 mod. 1943 instruments illumination works correctly now;
56.  Compass locator on all aircraft now works only when powered and won't show strange readings when power is turned on or off or whenever a beacon signal is found or lost;
57.  'Unbreakable' difficulty option now works correctly for Bf-110, He-111, Ju-88, Ju-52, IL-2 and Pe-2;
58.  'Unbreakable' difficulty option now correctly turns flopped over MiG-3 and Hs-129 B2 back to normal position;
59.  'Unbreakable' difficulty option now turns flopped over planes back to normal position without excessive overload and won't cause shaking of aircraft laying on the ground with retracted landing gear;
60.  An aircraft or its parts won't kick up a dust or snow hitting a runway or other hard surface;
61.  An aircraft losing a small part won't display a debris cloud effect;
62.  Damage model issue has been fixed (a fractured part won't break off when completely stationary);
63.  Aircraft canopies now break off at correct places;
64.  Jettisoned Bf-109 Е7 canopy now correctly adds drag, broken off parts have corrected aerodynamic characteristics;
65.  Oil viscosity changes with temperature, causing an engine to be damaged faster when the maximum oil temperature is exceeded;
66.  The control wheel of the R-7 constant speed governor rotates much slower according to reference data resulting in much slower propeller RPM switching (IL-2, MiG-3, Pe-2 series 87, Yak-1 series 69 and Yak-7b series 36 are affected);
67.  Because of the slower propeller RPM switching on IL-2, MiG-3, Pe-2 series 87, Yak-1 series 69 and Yak-7b series 36, 'Engine auto control' difficulty option automatically lowers the propeller pitch if the landing gear is released and IAS is dropping (to make go-around during landing possible);
68.  Ammo counters on Fw-190 A-3, Fw-190 A-5, Bf-110 G-2 and MC.202 ser. 8 were corrected;
69.  Metal surfaces on P-40E-1, P-39L-1, A-20B and MC.202 series 8 now rendered differently for polished metal visual effect (others to come in the future);
70.  IL-2 mod. 1943 visual damage effects were corrected so fractured parts won't appear hanging in the air;
71.  Rear armored glass joints on Yak-1b series 127 now look better;
72.  MG 15 reload handle position on Ju 52 has been corrected;


Statistics System:
73.  Remnants of the aircraft unlocking system in statistics are completely gone;
74.  Statistics data in all game modes made more detailed with subcategories;
75.  Statistics screen shows secondary objective status in all game modes;
76.  Completed and failed objectives can be displayed on the flight map in all game modes if enabled by a mission designer;
77.  Victory points are now calculated differently and don't depend on difficulty level;
78.  All game modes now share the same flight status system. Point modifiers are changed in Dogfight mode;
79.  Pilot capture by the enemy now works in all game modes (if a mission designer has set up the friendly and enemy territories using Influence Area instrument). Tank crews can't be captured;


80.  Multiplayer server options now don't depend on the difficulty level;
81.  Player ban time can be specified in server options;
82.  Players can view Dogfight statistics and vote for a ban in the lobby or during flight;
83.  Dogfight servers now recognize Trigger Mission Objective conditions (completing Primary Objective grants a win to one of the teams while completing Secondary Objectives reduces the 'life points' of a team;


User interface:
84.  Mission route on the map made clearer;
85.  Single mission lists made more convenient and compact;
86.  Campaign designers can now block aircraft loadouts and modifications separately (previously it was possible to block them only simultaneously);
87.  Many user interface elements made more compact;
88.  New option added: user interface scaling (useful for monitors with high DPI);
89.  Credits added to the main menu;
90.  The game client won't hang anymore on the very first run during input devices initialization;


'Blazing Steppe' campaign:
91.  The campaign has been updated to the current mission design standard;
92.  Map tactical overlays are updated to be more detailed;
93.  Waypoint following logic has been improved;
94.  Take-off is counted when 30 meters altitude is reached instead of 200, making the take-off of large joint groups faster and reducing the possibility of skipping the first waypoint;
95.  Text translations are updated.


'10 Days of Autumn' campaign:
96.  The campaign has been completely reworked;
97.  Map tactical overlays are redone;
98.  Waypoint following logic has been improved;
99.  Take-off is counted when 30 meters altitude is reached instead of 200, making the take-off of large joint groups faster and reducing the possibility of skipping the first waypoint;
100.  Skipping intermediate waypoints won't interfere with the mission progress and landing on the home airfield anymore;
101.  Now there are more aircraft in the air at the same time in some missions, somewhat increasing the difficulty level;
102.  Text translations are updated.



Because of the server database updating, access to the new historical campaign 'Sea Dragons' and some unique aircraft skins is slightly delayed.

Please discuss the update in this thread.
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Update 3.004


Hello everybody,


Today's update is focused on Steam support, it brings required functionality to support Steam requirements for the distribution of a new content. In addition to purely technical stuff 'under the hood', this will make running the game through Steam more streamlined, without entering login and password.


Linking the Two Systems

In the past, the two systems could not talk to each other very much and we had to devise a way for Steam users and Website users to both use our system. We managed to do that and this worked fine until Valve changed the rules which prevented us from listing our newer products on Steam. This forced us to do a new closer integration and we had to fit it into our already tight schedule.


For those of you who like to play through Steam you will be happy about this change, but please understand that to be able to also purchase products on our site and fly using your unique IL-2 User Account nickname you will need to perform the linkage which is a one-time event. Once they are linked they are linked forever. Currently ALL Steam customers have separate Steam and IL-2 User accounts, but new Steam users will not automatically have an IL-2 User Account and must create one to link them. The process is short, but it involves a few steps and there are different paths you can follow.


Benefits and Limitations

This new integration allows our database to recognize your Steam account as an IL-2 user and negate the need for a separate login when you want to play which is what we require currently. During the linkage process and afterwards our system only sees a numeric code and we DO NOT see any critical Steam account data. This linkage process cannot be abused and your Steam account info is safe. If you choose to not link your accounts you will be assigned a generic computer-generated name. For those that don’t care about their name in the game or making purchases from our webstore you can ignore linking the accounts, but if you do want to have your current handle in the game and not have a generic name you’ll need to link them. There is a no way around this limitation. 


If you are an existing Steam user and have already purchased content from our website you will not be able to use that content with your Steam version unless you link the accounts. Again, it's a one time thing and takes just a few seconds.


If you are a new Steam user and wish to purchase content on our website you will need to link the accounts before you will be able to use that content with your IL-2 Steam install. 


It's Live

Now, when you launch the game in Steam, you'll see a prompt asking you if you want to link your IL-2 and Steam accounts (if you have launched the game from this install before) or ask you if you're a new user (if there is no local login data found). It's highly recommended to link your accounts especially if you have bought content both on Steam and our webstore, but if choose not to do it now, you can click 'Steam login only' (in this case, you'll see only the content you have bought on Steam in the game).


Please see the chart below and identify which scenario best suits you as a player and customer.


The linking process isn't complex, but here's step-by-step guide just in case.


From now on, Steam users can launch the game without entering login and password each time and we'll be able to release the content on Steam which wasn't available there previously.


Also some minor fixes were done in the game:

1. Phosphorous instruments and ventilation intake position corrected on Bf 109 G-14

2. Minor 3D model corrections for Bf 109s

3. Remaining issues with MP locks were addressed

4. Skip dialog for mission or campaign creators should be fixed now (but existing missions need to be edited to point to the new location of this tool: swf\extensions\skip)

Please discuss the update in this thread.
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