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ok flying campaign, IL2 Sturmovik full load out, ground support ground attack, I got mission success.  


as I was running for the action point, I started taking fire from the left got hit and sound from the left. I then got a screen freeze with the engine sound still going.


I could not get the game to stop or end process for a few minutes as it was stuck. I had no IL2 running but the sound was stuck running.


I placed the mission and trk in the data.


down load from media files as it was too big to put on yours.



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I am having similar problems. Game freeze after playing for a while...losing credit for the mission, etc. In addition, I get the blue screen of death, today the message was "IRQL-not less-or equal"...what the heck does that mean?

Random crashes...It may be my computer (I am about ready to trash it)...I have NVIDEA 760...16G RAM...Falcon Computer...


Suggestion, thoughts...help...thanks.

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I had similar problem in campaign Uranus yesterday. Game frozen during ground attack, but sound continue. 



Asus Maximus VII Ranger, I7 4790K, HD7970 Vapor X 3GB, Ram 16GB

I was doing the same type of mission, I'm beginning to wounder if it is their online servers side mission builder.

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