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Rise of Flight: Channel Battles Editon - on Steam soon


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Seems like it will be available on Steam in ~30h from now!




From the looks of it it will include the same aircraft as the "Iron Cross" Edition and on top of that the Felixstowe F.2a as well as the channel map.


I'm kind of surprised that this has not been officially announced yet, it has been know for month that there would be a Steam version at some point but no definite release date or anything.

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and im even more surprise that it isnt announced anywhere on steam. 

The game only pops if you search for it.


apparently they did a very discret announcement on the latest patch notes at the ROF forum

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Really? I fired up Steam to see if it was there and once I clicked News it came up at the top of the list. I have Cliffs of Dover in my library (virtually untouched) so perhaps that triggered it in my case.

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Aha, lets see how they will mix RoF license codes and BoS license codes for the same mail adresses - St.Murphy, pray for us sinners


Separate databases. They cannot be mixed.



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