Brief description: Stuka dive bomb issues.
Detailed description, conditions:  Stukas don't drop bombs due to steep dive angle.  If bombs are dropped during dive they dramatically miss the target. Sometimes bombs are dropped as high as 2000m. (should be below 1000m) Wingman accelerate fast past flight leader once the attack mcu is triggered.
Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Issue reproduced in this test mission: Stuka Test.rar (It should be noted that I or anyone can produce a simple Stuka dive bomb test and odds are it will work just fine. However, in my Stuka missions both old and new, they DO NOT work. It took hours of attempting to reproduce this issue in a simple Lapino test setting.)   Edit: Reproduced a Stuka dropping a bomb too early/at high altitude during dive attack: Stuka Drops too high.rar