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Another (?) thread about campaigns.

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Hardcore SP simmer here. I thought i'd gather my own thoughs on what kind of campaign i'd like to see here.


But before i start with that, devs, i'm a professional English teacher; i correct writing for a living. Please let me have a look at the text for this game. You have successfully took off hurts me to the bottom of my teachers soul. Let me correct it, i beg you!


Now, on to the campaign.


First of all, there is a guy here: http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/11420-flying-bos-dream-campaign-sp-inspiration-singleplayers-only/ who has an awful lot of good ideas. Some of what i write here will no doubt have been inspired by his thread.


Before the mission:

Let me choose a nationality. German, or USSR, or, perhaps a third option to keep it like it is.


Let me choose a squadron.


Add a screen with the names of my squadron mates. Perhaps an historical ace or two.


The briefing needs fleshing out. I apreciate the blurb on what i need to do, but it could be dressed up in more immersive language. The following link has a superb format for the German side briefings. http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/11576-example-briefing-luftwaffe/


Dress the unlock function up in some more historical terms. New guys fly the oldest planes, or the boss won't let you play around with your plane until you've got a few missions under your belt, etc.


News, like in RoF. A screen with the days headlines, what's on in the cinema back home, perhaps the football scores, in addition to war news.


Dates. A date and time for each mission. The battle must have been a busy time. Perhaps 3 or even 4 missions per day, with progressively later start times, of course.


The mission:


Waypoint layout. It makes little sense, when flying an IL2, for example,  to have the whole route back to base be through enemy territory, when friendly territory is so near by!


After the mission:


Consequences; did i survive? Did i die of my wounds? Did i escape from behind enemy lines?


Speaking of which, make the front mean something. If i crash-land on the wrong side...well, see above!


I reserve the right to come back and edit in more things i'd like to see, as and when i think of them.


Please let me know what you think!

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It seems i can't edit my post, so i'll just have to spam away here.


Units etc id like to see:


These may already exist, i've only had the game a day or two.


Panje wagons.

Marching troops.


Cooking fires with pots and troops standing around.

Field kitchens.

Log bunkers.


Fox holes for soldiers to live in With parafernalia scattered in the vicinity.

Trams in cities away from the front.



Boxes, barrels, etc cluttering airfields.

Snowmen. (Why not :lol: )

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"i'm a professional English teacher; i correct writing for a living."


We are doomed!


Physician, heal thyself.

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"i'm a professional English teacher; i correct writing for a living."We are doomed!Physician, heal thyself.

We certainly are doomed, I got to 13 instances of i, i'd or i'm before I stopped counting.

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Samba good ideas.


I'm also a SP simmer. I have done multiplayer but lost intrest. What I would like to see is more of a career mode.  Record keeping for you and the pilots in the sqaudron. Lose a week or more due to injury. Medals awarded when possible.  The option to have death turned off.


Don't know about you guys. I fly differntly when I know if I die, my career is over.

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Perhaps an historical ace or two.



Perhaps a historical ace or two. FTFY, considering you fixed "You have took off" for 777.


Some decent ideas here, I'd like to see a dynamic MP COOP campaign that keeps the stats of you and your friends as you defend Stalingrad. The fronts would move like like they do in DCG for IL2 and medals are earned for heroic acts of valor.






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