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Few questions about campaign and multiplayer

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I'm new in this kind of games and i really like il2 bos.
Now i'm already at the third part of the campaign and something looks strange to me, every mission like "intercept" is always the same "damage 2 bombers or destroy 1".
This is far from what i was expecting... :dry: 

I found it not realistic and also really boring to do the same mission over and over again.. (also the landscape is always and only a white floor and don't give you any emotion)
What about Career mode? Statistics?
Something that give you motivation..
Same for multiplayer mode, what does the points gives you?
I'm not complaining about the game, just wanted to know if in future something will change in this way..

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Don't worry, more variety will be added to the missions before release, according to Zak. 
About everything being white: well, Russia in winter. I don't think we can expect anything else.

Points in multiplayer is indeed a good point (no pun intended); I hope they will add to the XP system, so that singleplayer isn't the only way to unlock things.

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