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Tell me what/why you like the campange

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Here's one thing I really do like about the campaign: It's got great performance!


There are quite often lots of ground units in play on the map both at the "action point" and elsewhere (I do miss AAA around airfields though) and I've seen as many as 15 AI aircraft in a furball without a hint of stuttering.


This tells me, that there's huge potential for expanding the scope of SP content, and regardless of what other criticisms I might have against the campaign mode, that really does give me high hopes for BoS.

This ^

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Also have not had any crashes or obvious graphics glitches so far, except for the usual weird pixilation of planes in front of clouds. (The only time BoS has crashed on me is once or twice on exit from MP server when mission is reset). So stability seems to be good.

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Yes, very smooth performance in campaign. Just had Ju-87 artillery bombing mission, 6xStuka + 6xBf-109 and dozen other russian+german AI planes doing air combat. Very fun mission, although AI didnt succeed to drop any bombs. They just flew around with 1000kg bombs under their bellies. And when I ordered them to patrol area for targets they started landing or something like that, all except one drove to the trees with landing lights on.

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What i like the most about the campaign, is that it shouldn't be too hard to improve things either by the devs or 3rd party.


The basics are all there and it's working for the most part. It just needs a good portion of changes and additions to make it really good.


For instance, it needs more of a carreer feel to it (sticking to a squadron, giving and receiving orders mid-flight, getting promoted, score board, info about squadron etc.), more surprises (not fly to point A and intercept 3 bombers each time, also way more random AI skill level), more activity, less cheesiness (like basically all the yellow text that shows up, the radar etc.). Also much better briefings and debriefings. Also the ingame map should have the frontline and more information on it.


The performance is indeed very good. I flew a Il-2 mission yesterday and there were like 30-40 grounds units in one spot and it was running perfectly fine. Also sometimes, there's really a good number of planes around. I also thing that the variance in weather conditions is pretty well done.


In short, for a system that's only recently been added to early access, it's working really well. It just needs more work. I think it has more potential than most other recent flightsim campaigns.

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 The campaign itself works well and has not crashed on me except 2 times, and both related to the Master Server being down. Easy to select your mission and if short or long mission type. There is "life" around your flight path, but not so much if you wander any farther than that. Mission goals are clear enough, but sometimes positioning of targets is a bit hmmm. Like artillery in the open without even an attempt to conceal itself etc. And biggest gripe the above mentioned impersonal feeling, no immersion or attachment to a squadron. No medals except random achievements. No promotions, just the pilot level thing which I find being a bit too much War Thunder or similar.


 With more immersion and details the campaing would be a LOT better. Briefings could be more accurate, recon intel was used to plan missions and data on enemy movements was received from ground based units thus giving a better idea where and how strong the enemy was(bomber formation spotted by AAA posts for example). Potential for a good SP experience is there, just needs more meat around the bones so to say.

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I agree that we have a great base to build from - sure it needs work, but look at where the original IL2 was at release.


The campaign needs more activity, bigger flights, and other things that have already been mentioned.

As a whole though, it's far from a waste of time, and I'll be continuing to divide what little stick time I have

between online and offline flying.

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Convoy attack, ordered my IL2 wingies to attack ground targets and...








They killed the truck or whatever with the heavy MG that was shooting at us!


:biggrin:  :biggrin:

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I've only just gotten into the campaign and had a pre-dawn IL2 locomotive attack mission as my first non-tutorial mission. My first impression was it was beautiful! The map, the lighting, all were gorgeous. As we flew towards the first waypoint, I watched a ground firefight off my right wing and later during the attack, a nearby enemy airfield was illuminating the scene as I flew around brassing up the loco. Lovely. Then the dawn - again, lovely. Very enjoyable.


The other noticeable thing was the smooth performance. When I reinstalled for the big update, it defaulted to High settings, where I had previously been using Balanced. I shrugged and thought I'd see how it goes and so far it goes fine. Smooth as silk.


Obviously I would prefer a more immersive campaign (the current campaign feels a bit like a series of dogfight missions with no immediate connection to overall battle strategy), but the campaign missions so far have a good balance of variety and friendly and enemy ground and air activity. I'm still gunshy about landing that Lagg-3 though - probably not the friendliest beginner aircraft for long missions that require a successful landing to score the points.

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What I like:

- it is more or less bug free

- the natueal envirenment is typical breath taking


What I dislike:

- not topic of this thread I guess


what I wish to be added

- multiple random flights on the map which have their own task

- scramble flights that take off when I pass their airfield below a certain height and hunt me

- trains rolling through the map, for being extra targets (like not mentioned secondary tasks)

- convoys travelling over the roads, which I could strafe (like not mentioned secondary tasks)

- more traffic around homebase when I return home, like starting or landing aircrafts

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Havent tried it that much since there is suppossed to be a wipe when its released.

However, did the tutorial and tried a little on german campaign, thumbs up from me.

Now lets see if i can hold my hands from it until release....

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I love that there is autopilot, that way I can watch the game play itself, while eating a sandwich.


Me thinx both autopilot and time compression should only work while no one in your flight (or in the escort) has combat aggro from anything.....

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Flying last night I had a couple of great flights The first had my flight of G2s attacking a train. Mission accomplished I flew around a bit and used up the last of my ammo on a staff car (I assume). A little time later I saw a second train. I haven't seen that yet in BoS. All I could do was watch it roll on down the tracks.


The second was another airfield attack. Lots of AAA, both light quad machine guns and heavy AA. A lot of ground targets. Planes, trucks and gun emplacements. I would like to see an enemy flight of A/C on the runway taking off. Adding to the immersion were the planes going down around me.


All in all, most enjoyable.

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So what if there's a wipe? Why should that stop you from enjoying now?

I can see if you didn't like it and just wanted the unlocks.


Never thought about it that way. :o:

But Im also learning to fly with complex engine management and thanks to Requiems video tutorial

Im a little closer on flying the JU-87 atleast. Just gotta figure out why my engine breaks after awhile.

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