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  1. I want to say you need to adjust the temp threshold for different altitudes because of the way the liquid acts in the reduced pressure environment, though in this case I'm likely totally wrong (Given that the system is pressurized lol). I poked around in the manual for the *other* game and it noted that the setup was supposed to be tuned for about 100 degrees celsius and wasn't supposed to be changed.
  2. The thing about spotting is that in real life you can absolutely see another plane silhouetted against the sky or clouds for considerable distance. Against the ground that is a very different story. Doesn't matter on markings unless they're sky grey. These days I find myself starting most engagements defensive because I simply can't see someone more than 3km from me and based on experience there's not a chance this is realistic.
  3. Coincidentally, I was flying a Tempest, ID’d a 109 and moved to engage, while a heavy twin was approaching me from his direct front aspect. I thought it was a P-38 from that Aspect “cause no one is going to take a Bf-110 into a 1945 fight”. It turns out it WAS a Bf-110 and he killed me in his first pass. Lesson learned; if it’s moving to engage, get out of its way and figure out what it is.
  4. It’s an absolute monster too, has ridiculous climb performance. Not the fastest but it’s definitely competitive.
  5. How does one know when your turbos are overspeeding?
  6. I've gotten more kills flying the P-38 than I have ever got in any other aircraft in BoX. It really came as a surprise to me how good of a fighter it is. I have yet to fly the mustang into a fight and come out alive, but that's absolutely down to personal tactics.
  7. I’m running to Pensacola tonight, thanks for your concern!
  8. I think that the effect of the laminar flow wing is both under and overstated. While the factory finish might not have been great, it’s well documented that ground crews typically took very good care of their aircraft sometimes going above and beyond when it came to polishing surfaces and cleaning canopies. Further, a few bugs or chunks of mud against the leading edge of the wing will have an effect on the laminar flow of the wing, but localised to where and behind where the debris is stuck. Not the entirety of the wing. Because of this, I feel that while the wing didn’t do as well as is often stated, I do believe that it was delivering some benefit.
  9. “At the moment we plan to make all four planes available in one huge update at the end of September”.
  10. Based on Jason’s reply to the update discussion it looks like they’re trying to get the remaining planes out at once. He said that “cockpits are 95%” and the at the “FMs are a few weeks out, under development” which suggests more than one aircraft is nearing completion. I won’t lie, I’m slightly disappointed that we didn’t get anything this update, but if we get a couple of planes in a group I can wait a few weeks.
  11. If you use carb heat in a mustang above 12,000 you run the risk of a lean cut out apparently.
  12. I believe it happens just before the carb in a mustang (Spitfire too). A 5 PSI spray if I read correctly.
  13. So bringing the subject back around to the P-51, how does the Mustang handle it? you can’t use carb heat above 12,000 and you’re supposed to use the ram intake at all times unless in a really dusty environment. At a typical combat altitude of 25,000 feet you could get carb intake temps of -30 or less. Does the rarified atmosphere help vaporise the fuel despite the temperature?
  14. i Honestly wish we could but of course Republic destroyed all of that data for some absurd reason.
  15. I’m not in a position to do any mathematics myself but take into account the fact that the P-47 has an elliptical wing, which has low lift induced drag to begin with. Doesn’t negate it completely, but it has a significant effect apparently.
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