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  1. Oh no, I’m in agreement. If it saw operational service and there’s data to be found on it then it is nice to have in game.
  2. If this were Facebook, I'd advocate you for a "top fan" badge.
  3. Hah, I can certainly believe that. Hell, even the Dora takes a while to run them down that high.
  4. You know, looking at that chart, it's not nearly as fast as I thought it was. about 410mp/h?
  5. I wish the AS was a modification for the existing G-14 for this reason; catching the recon spitfires in single player is nearly impossible because they fly so damn fast at 7000m where the DB605AM is wheezing.
  6. Sorry if this sounds facetious, but only a single G-6/AS was built?
  7. That specific version of the 109 will be slower by about 5km/h than the collector G-6 we already have. All the weight of the G-14 and none of the MW50.
  8. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Cobra reminder that strategic bombers often saw themselves used in the tactical role before and during Normandy.
  9. A thought I’ve had is whether or not we will see 150 octane P-51B/C Mustang IIIs for combatting V-1s?
  10. Oh yeah, that’s a good point. Has anyone thought that there’s going to be Mustang IIIs bombing around at 425mph at 80” only 4,000 feet msl?
  11. I, for one, have my reservations about the Ju 88; I’m not going to fly that around when 1. There are Mustangs, Typhoons, Spitfires and a whole mess of other bad juju around and 2. It doesn’t really bring any capability that I didn’t already have with the 110G-2 but there lies the point: some people who play this game for the first time are not going to have BoK and so not have the 110, and they’ll need a German heavy fighter. The presence of the Ju 88C in theatre gives the devs a convenient way around this. the same issue presents itself with the 109; people who are just buying Battle of Normandy as their first BoX series title are going to need one, as you can’t have a WWII ETO flight sim without one. My issue here comes from the ambiguity of what exactly we’re getting. I’ll be more than happy with a late model G-6 that could be modded to have MW50 or a G-6/AS. If it’s just the early G-6 but with associated drag increases and a ton of modifications than that’s ok too, though I’ll probably stick to either the early G-6 or G-14 as the situations allows. Right now “late” is really ambiguous and I think that’s what’s causing all the consternation. ultimately, I have no say on the matter, I can only hope, and talk about what I’d like to see. I’m not a dev and I’m certainly very happy that the RAF and USAAF is being fleshed out.
  12. A “Late” G-6 that’s just a G-14 without MW50 is a straight downgrade anyway; it’s slower than the early G-6.
  13. Right now “late” is just very vague. I’m of the thought that perhaps they’re going to give us a G-6 with a big tail and Erla Haube, while also giving us a ridiculous amount of modifications, as there was not much in the way of standardisation on these birds.
  14. Apparently there's two maps with the Falaise pocket coming. I'd appreciate heavy bombers if and when they fix the technical issues with the engine. IL2 Battle over Germany has a nice ring to it, and those titanic battles between the Luftwaffe and the 8th Air Force fascinate me. As it currently stands, I'm more than happy to engage in the tactical air war aspect of the conflict while I wait.
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