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  1. I actually don't have hanger rotation. everything is static for me. but i can confirm the steam vr issue. they seriously need to put an epilepsy warning for this.
  2. You know i think perhaps a compromise could be met. I have been toying with the above idea myself but I think it can be done in a different way. I think what would be nice would be a dynamic coop mission rather than a campaign. For an always online system as @PatrickAWlson mentioned is a major undertaking. How do you keep track of how has died and who is still alive and all of the other major issues with that system. A dynamic mission however would be something like coconut's server missions where there are objectives and completing said objectives affects the battlefield. Or war thunder's enduring conflict mission. Its a coop version of the dynamic multiplayer server missions for those people who just want to enjoy the sim without getting shot down every 2 minutes by people with hundreds of hours of experience. The mission would need to have multiple objectives with other objectives that trigger after the initial ones have been completed. The main difficulty with this is the AI. They need to have a lot of triggers active to not only keep the play-field clear of unnecessary AI, but also have them respond to their own objectives and change when the objective is completed. Its not horrible, but definitely a nightmare when it comes to keeping all of the triggers synchronized and would require a lot of testing to get just one mission right. If someone would be willing to work on this mission i would be willing to look into the hardware side of things. I personally have been trying to work with this mission editor, however I am not good enough with it to be able to tackle a mission of this scale nor do i have the time on hand to sit down and practice with this given my current situation.
  3. It is harder to spot enemies by far, however that really isn't the point of vr. I was worried about the same thing, however i am perfectly fine sacrificing spotting capabilities considering the immersion you gain. I don't really know how to describe it other than you move from playing a video game to actually being there. The mustang looks identical to the one i sat in 1 to 1 scale which is something you just can't explain. Trust me it is well worth it regardless of spotting. As much as i am at a disadvantage when compared to my monitor and trackir setup, i simply cannot go back and enjoy a flat screen anymore. You cannot look behind you easily like you are used to with trackir and you cannot see much at a distance and even spotting the existence of a plane can be a chore. None of this even comes close to the benefit of immersion you get. I would say go with which ever headset suites your needs the best as none of the headsets are really good for spotting including the super high resolution ones. Get something that is comfortable and suites your desires for VR as resolution is simply not there, yet you will be impressed in spite of the poor resolution in every vr headset (some are worse than others)
  4. Yea. I do see the behaviors affecting friendly ai, however the things we want out of friendly ai are different from enemy ai. Right now there is no teamwork to speak and any communication basically goes in one ear and out the other. As i mentioned in my detailed reply the combat behaviors have improved, however the teamwork aspect of working together haven't. i have seen enemy ai have 7 planes going after 1 plane when there are 8 other friendly planes in the area. they all locked onto that singular plane. rather than any teamwork like 2 of them taking point on that one and the others covering, they all went for it and even friendly fiered one of their own. The combat is great, but right now they need to work on communication between the ai so commands like cover me can actually do something though to be fair one guy can only do so much at a time, so i expect this will be worked on in the future especially since this aspect is crucial for things like carrier ops in the pacific theater that the devs have teased us with for so long. because of the teamwork needed, there is no way that the current ai would be able to be any fun in that area. Its why I expect that the communication aspect will be worked on in time. But what is the top priority before that happens is flight maneuvers since communication needs to take all of those maneuvers into account. From a coding standpoint i expect if they start getting the teamwork ai working then program new maneuvers, then the ai will simply stop working right and cause glitches.
  5. What has been improved: -energy fighting behavior actually exists now and is halfway decent -ai will take advantage of having more engine power and climb away from you and disengage and reengage when you give up -ai will no longer get stuck in a continuous turn -ai will actively maneuver to attempt to shake you from their tail -ai will attempt to force an overshoot by chopping the throttle and overall engine management is actually used by the ai -ai will now climb or dive to gain an advantage during combat what needs improvement: -ai wing-men still ignore orders -ai wing-men still have a hard time balancing flying the objective and defending themselves (they will either ignore enemy aircraft, or abandon the objective to peruse enemy aircraft) -ai do not work together to take out targets or cover each other -ai still crash into the ground (this has improved with the last patch, but still there) -ai still has a hard time hitting targets that are directly in front of them flying strait vs sniper accuracy with 90 degree deflection shots (huge disparity here) -ai aggravation parameters (they will chase you down to a ridiculous level and will not disengage even if you are out running them deep in friendly territory 15+ miles) Overall all of the needs improvement category issues have always been there and have yet to be fixed. all of the stuff that has improved for the most part is stuff that has never been seen in this game before. energy fighting, evasive maneuvers, vertical movement, and power management did not exist with the old ai and now all of that is stuff that the ai does. This is a MASSIVE improvement considering that they have only started to address ai for 6 months. AI is far from perfect, but what i measure is how far it has come in the last 6 months, and it has improved drastically. I used to fly this feeling like i was invincible due to the ai being basically targets to shoot that had no chance of even coming close to taking a shot at you. Now i get shot down from time to time and have to take them seriously if i wan't to get through a campaign. edit: one thing i notice looking at this is combat maneuvering behaviors has dramatically improved and seems to be the current focus for the current programmer. What needs to improve are non-maneuvering behaviors such as formation flying, when to disengage, working together with other planes (ai and player). Nice job with the ai. I look forward to see what improves in the next update
  6. I have. I did some stuff that allowed me to control the gun with gun using buttons on my joystick (it was really frustrating). This however might not be necessary so a few things you can do that are quight helpful are setting the tank to move forward or backwards indefinitely until you say stop. Change ammo is a good voice command along with reload. And i bound change position. I have yet to figure out a good way of going through the command menu (the devs really need to add tank commands and turret control to the bindings menu) as it was an absolute headache and it really didn't benefit me that much. anyway not sure that my profile will help you that much (due to my custom key-binds), but its pretty simple to setup. I literally just got it today and started playing around with it and was able to get it setup to the point where i liked it in a couple of hours of playing around with the program
  7. Thanks for the honesty about this. I don't mind paying a bit more especially seeing the changes the AI programmer is doing. Nice to hear that you are investing in your team.
  8. They are now coming out with Normandy. If they continue to struggle with the pacific theater, perhaps we will get Belgium or Africa as well
  9. I have a few nice things and a few criticisms paired with a suggestion pros 1. I like the location and i think this will pair well with BOBP 2 Getting new german planes at this point is almost unthinkable and things like the v1 will be very interesting indeed Now for some criticism 1. It would be a shame to use this location and not make a 4 engine bomber. 2. allies are lacking 2 engine bombers. Russia has the pe-2/a20, germany has the he-111 and ju-88. American technically has the a20 and currently britain has nothing. the b-25 would be a perfect one to make flyable. I mean they are actually a few of them around flying and i myself has been in one. I could try to take some pictures next time i see if if that would help. now for an oppertunity while its early in development 1. develop some 4 engine bombers (even ai ones) for america 2. model the b-25 as flyable for this mission. You currently have the ai version and i am sure if you add that to the flyable planes list people would start to lessen their complaints about lack of content. 3. Tank crew is very fun and you have many of the german tanks already done and the sherman is good. You could potentially add tank crew content in this update and all that you would need to add are a few allied tank varients. even if you make them ai only and still have the sherman being the only drivable tank for the americans. You don't even really need to advertise it as tank crew, but you could give people a reason to get both as a suggestion. 4. you can make up for the lack of "new" planes with really good maps. DCS has an absolutely terrible d-day map so if you get it right and accurate then you will likely get praise in the community. Attention to detail goes a long way and overall you guys seem to do a good job so if you keep that up and what you release doesn't seem like a cash grab and plays well, then you will get praise even if people are a little hostile right now since they want a different map. anyway looking forward to flying it. and i hope this allows you enough time to get the pacific campaign done right. As you know everyone is raving over this due to the lack of anything modern available for that theater. It does make since however as if its not ready, its not ready and you do need to sell games in order to be able to work as a business. take your time to get it done right as a delay in release has always been the way to go
  10. I personally would like to do more coop, however i have one issue. The mission editor. I love making missions in various games. I used to do a lot of mission making for arma 2 way back when i was small and just getting into pc gaming before dayz was a thing, then i found DCS world and made tons of missions in that game. Those editors are very easy to work with and very powerful so you can do a lot with them. The il2 mission editor however is very powerful and allows for a lot of stuff, but it is super complicated to get basic things done. DCS world you can make a mission by simply placing aircraft at an airfield and and use a drop down menu to assign a parking spot. Click in some enemies and give them a way-point with little to no effort and you have a basic mission. Il2 on the other hand has a ton of other stuff that i have tried to get into, but it just feels like a chore to do. Even making a simple mission where your plane starts on the runway and takes off is complicated and while it is powerful and you can do a ton with it, the issue is that the most basic things require several steps to get working. There are tutorial videos out there, however there aren't a big variety of them so when you get stuck you cannot just do a quick google search to get an answer like you can with very well known and heavily used ones such as the system used in arma or dcs. One of the big things about coop is making missions and having interesting things happen and creating and that is often times as fun as flying the mission when you have a userfriendly mission maker. This game does not which leaves you with only a few choices. Learn the mission editor over the corse of a week before you can even get the thing to work, use PWCG which is ok, but i find that i cannot customize the mission to my liking and the variety just isn't there compared to custom missions, or download other people's missions which there are only so many of. One thing i see that is needed for a healthy coop area to be is a good intuitive mission editor that allows people to get the basics down quickly, but leave enough tools so that they can do some truly advanced things with mastery. When you have that you have coop. I mean in DCS usually someone makes a mission that they think would be fun to fly, get their friends and fly the mission. They also can create squadrons that fly missions with each other on the weekends which usually includes someone with a talent for creating missions who creates a new one every week. If the mission maker is difficult to learn and only a handful of people can use it, you end up crippling peoples ability to do that so only a select few do that with the rest giving it a shot then getting frustrated when they cannot get it to work. When that happens you lower the amount of people who can create content for coop and when there is no content there are no servers. Anyway i think the ways COOP can be revitalized would be to either A add a mode where you and your buddy can fly in the career mode. B put time into creating more and better tutorials for the current mission editor while also making it visible via a button in the main menu so that people know that it exists similar to arma, dcs, and other games. or C. create an easier to use mission creation software which i do not think will happen or could be done considering the engine edit: one last comment to point out looking at those PVE servers in say dcs world rember eagle dynamics did not make that mission, the community did with the editor and they as a community created that server. there are arma pve content as well is mostly player made and i do not think this game would be any different. Remember coconuts server which included ai and some truely amaizing mission design? That was the power of a good mission and that is something that can be made in coop as well, but only if someone makes the mission.
  11. I have to say that this is an awesome game especially in vr. There is one issue i am having though which is the gunning. I cannot seem to be able to zoom in far enough to be able to properly see the gun-site when in the flat screen mode, and in the tank the gun-site is not zoomed or even accurate to where the cannon is aimed. Are there any tricks in the controls to allow for more zoom in vr and will there be any improvements to the in tank gun-site for vr?
  12. I mean i don't think the indicator is a bad idea just like the system that makes the planes bigger than they actually are at a distance to compensate for screen resolution. This would probably be a good feature to have as optional just like the other aspects of the hund such as the ammo count, altitude and speed along with the indicators telling us exactly what % our throttle and rpms are at. The more hardcore realistic servers would have that turned off while the more gamey servers would have it on. Would anyone be opposed to having it as an optional check box in the realism settings?
  13. We will be making a custom case. by hand so that it can best suit our needs to keep the computer from being damaged
  14. Yea. The wide fov would have been optimal, however inside out tracking is required for what we are doing as this is going to be traveling. It needs to be portable above all things due to the constant moving and setting up. This will be at places such as Oshkosh, the Reno, and other airshows along with events we do from time to time so this will be basically constantly transported in the trunk of a car to various events by different people so obviously ease of use is a big thing since we need to be able to set it up easily and the base stations is simply too much of a hassle because we need to set them up somewhere and what we will have is a tent and table and the tents with the wind do sometimes fly away until eventual caught so we really don't want to have to replace those base stations every time there is wind not to mention if we put them on poles we still run the risk of a bystander knocking those down. As far as time, it is just being put into motion so probably next year since we need to put funds aside to build it. Fun fact about motions simulators we were actually offered by a buy who built one at MIT when he was getting his degree. It was extremely expensive however and required a truck to pull it around and no one in our area owns a truck with enough HP to pull it considering we need to go over mountains to get to some of our events. Just not really worth it not to mention if something goes wrong it would be a nightmare to fix and costly. We can replace PC parts much easier along with our flight sim gear is easy to fix/replace compared to the full motion so its just not very doable considering how we operate. But thanks for the information regarding the pi max. It or the index will probably be my next personal headset since I'm still sitting with my Lenovo explorer. I like it, but i do want something a little better after having used it for a year an a half
  15. Thanks for the in depth post chili. A far as the wmr motion re-projection. I had enabled it, though the big issue i had was for whatever reason certain textures on the planes such as the ammo counter on the German aircraft would do these weird bendy warping things which was really jarring. Like they would randomly go from a strait line into a zigzag with as much of as as 4 90 degree bends that were constantly morphing into other weird shapes. Have yet to try the occulus so not sure if that still occurs there, but i heard their re-projection system is pretty darn good I most likely would go with the higher budget specs, however as far as a proposal goes i need to explore all of the options available. Anyway thank you chili you have been extremely helpful.
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