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  1. Well. I guess I will not be using the tank crew map then. I mostly have been making missions on the stalingrad map. I wonder why they would do the outer scenery in this map differently than what they did in the other maps. I mean in the other maps, you just phase through some things like fences. Either way I like making tank missions and have a fair amount of presets that I tend to use and adjust for the map which allows me to make a mission a day if I really work at it. But I haven't been working on this project yet since I have been still working on my map wide stalingrad mission seein
  2. Reason I was thinking of dice rolls is because this is for tank crew and rendering the entire line would involve hundreds and hundreds of units and be unplayable due to the lag. Not to mention creating a dynamic line that changes in the mission is much more difficult than fighting 1 battle. I will say that I do not think this requires in game code at all. For the most part this simply works a lot like PWCG where the game is outside of IL2 and the logic of that program determins which mission you fight in. The missions are all pre generated and its about selecting the right mi
  3. The career pilot Recognizable traits: This pilot is rarely seen in the online arena. Often times found in coop or single player games. This pilot is easily identified by their profile saying "playing il2 sturmovik" yet not findable in any server in the dogfights section of the game. Typically flies: All aircraft. The crewman Recognizable traits: This pilot is always asking you to join them as gunner. They are often the single individual on any given server that is fighting tanks on the ground and will often complain about dive bombers crashing their
  4. Yea a narrow scope does make things a lot simpler. What I want to do is very ambitious. Perhaps too abitious. I am starting the missions at certain points on the map so that something can be playable quicker. I mean most of the work is going to be creating the missions. So if I have the missions then I can start going over the 3rd party code to act as the turn based strategy side of things. Although the turn based strategy is a bit of a dream and I probably can get by with simply putting missions in order to create more of a career feeling mode. But once I got the list of mis
  5. Well received. I do not think these things are easy at all what so ever. In fact the mission making alone would be horrifically time consuming. I am currently working on the mission making side by myself. Merely putting it out there to see if anyone else would be interested in helping out. If so then I will probably create a dedicated forum with the missions and files that are available to people and anyone who wishes to help can contribute to it. This obviously is a hobby. I will say that Main reason I believe it doable for a programmer is because I have designed something that would w
  6. none. The issue was patched to my knowledge
  7. This community has been wanting some form of dynamic campaign for a fairly long time now. Many of us remember back to the days of falcon 4.0 and have reveled at the Idea of flying something like that again. 22 years have passed and so far we have yet to have anything like it to come our since then. However, I do believe that we as the community may be able to come out with something like this for Il2. We have a variety of people in this community who have created all sorts of 3rd party tools ranging from PWCG to even server-side resource management server plugins that we have se
  8. Every time I see a new post I see the rig get more switches. It seems like Soon you will just be selling a full 1 to 1 copy of a p-47 cockpit.
  9. It looks solid. I cannot wait to buy that throttle. We have long needed more WWII flight sim gear.
  10. That is absolutely what needs to be done. Unfortunately with how the Culling works, in areas where you have a mouse like in tank crew, the view is bound to the mouse. What I suspect is that in all areas that the mouse isn't being used, the mouse is slaved to the vr headset, however once something activates the mouse like tank crew, the view then decouples from the VR headset as the visibility has and always is bound to the mouse. (map and menu being the exception). Either way while you can fix it by setting it so your mouse is slaved to your headset view, I really would prefer
  11. I honestly would love to buy 2 of the P-51 throttle quadrants. I know you aren't selling yet, but When you are send me a message because I cannot wait to try out your product.
  12. Yea the T solution works which solidified my suspicion that the view cone is bound to the mouse and not your vr headset. Using T makes it so the mouse is bound to your headset and thus so is the view cone. Anyway, I really look forward to a fix for this in tank crew as this issue has plagued it since launch and I really do not wish to have to keep hitting the T key to simply be able to view other tanks.
  13. Really the big thing that helps is refreshrate and higher resolution. 60 fps is smooth in vr, but 45 fps isn't . So 60 fps reprojected up to 120 looks fantastic so a 120 hz headset helps a lot. Although anything that is current generation right now has a good enough pixel density. The big thing however is the computer so those rtx 3080s and potentially the new amd cards will help a lot with that. But I would say the headsets themselves are there currently. They weren't with the generation you tried.
  14. It took me 2 weeks to get mine. Just be patient. It will go through. Just takes time.
  15. It took me 3 months to not be motion sick. My first headset was a hp wmr headset. not the reverb, the really terrible 200 dollar one. And my god that was the absolute worst. I put it on and tried, but it gave me a horrific headache. I then sent it back and tried the lenovo explorer. It was a little bit better. I no longer got headaches from it which seems to have been caused by the super narrow sweet spot in that hp headset (again not the reverb, the 200 dollar crap one). But I still got motion sick. especially in IL2. Things like steamVR the lab demo was a little bit better, but I
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