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  1. What difficulty are you flying? I mean the AI has gotten crazy good (combat wise) Though wingman behavior needs work still. But just set the AI to ace and fly a QMB to experince what I am talking about. You may just be unlucky with the missions and mission settings you are using, but don't use anything below medium difficulty wise or else they willl just turn on easy difficulty. Ai behavior is different at each difficulty level.
  2. I have played this game for years and Now that Normandy has been announced I am noticing that the German plane lineup is near complete as far as many of the fighters go. Now the problem that comes with that is that people will start to get upset if you just include the already modeled planes in even though you really don't have any other planes to add. My suggestion would be to include those already created German planes for people who don't already own some of the already produced games, and adding some high detailed tanks such as the ones produced for tank crew as a way to replace the 5 axis aircraft that may have already been modeled. This obviously will not be any issue that pops up for several years, but when that time comes just a suggestion that may help with the backlash of re-releasing already modeled planes since I am already hearing some complaining that Normandy is going to include the G-6 which is already in-game. Good luck
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    Theoretically you could make something that turns the enemy markers no color vs the current red. Though i don't have the skills for that, but i certainly would like this mod
  4. So who would I get them working In the deathmatch mode? Or alternatively how would i Get join as gunner mode and respawns to work in COOP
  5. I am trying to setup a tank COOP mission, and I am unable to get the Check Zone MCU to work. I have the zone checked for axis vehicles and I want it to spawn a tank ambush, but it doesn't seem to work. I tried playing around with it to see where the problem was and no matter what i do I cannot get the Check Zone MCU to active any i link the check zone to. Some thing to note are that I am setting the mission is set in dogfight mode so that features such as base respawns, and join as gunner options are available. I am new to the the IL2 mission editor so I may be doing something wrong so any help would be nice. Thanks
  6. Now that i think about it we nearly have the full german fighter plane lineup as far as DLC goes. Mabey for furture releases That could be bolstered by adding some tanks along with access to the already made Bf 109s and FW-190s (depending on the battle)
  7. Honestly I think holding off on the pacific theater is a respectable decision. I know some people are just really excited to fly that zone, but the question is at what quality. It would be kind of jarring to go from all very detailed and well modeled american planes to war thunder/1946 grade Japanese aircraft. Now some people say they really don't care about the detailed flight model and the like, but you have to remember that you may not be representative of the population. I personally do not care at all about graphics. I have played il2 1946 and its not the graphics that bother me, but the flight model and damage model. Honestly as long as the plane flies well, i could be flying greybox aircraft for all i care. But i don't necessary speak for everyone. The forums themselves are a vast minority of the overall il2 community so something that makes us happy or not happy doesn't necessary mean that that is true for everyone. Perhaps a survey that could be taken in-game could help shed some light on this, but even that has problems in of itself. I think they should keep doing what they are doing being the western front and then reconsider the pacific theater when they come to that. I am honestly not for the collector plane idea since the planes do not make sense for the current theaters of war. The Italian m.c.202 works because it actually saw battle in the eastern front and was a neat and fun addition, but a zero flying in those battles simply did not happen and would not make that much sense. Most of the player base is single player only and would have no way of using those outside of QMBs
  8. Its very difficult. I was able to find some stuff, though the issue is all of the stuff is mostly found via photo copied .pdf files of technical documents in Japanese. And this isn't just normal Japanese either; but rather mechanical specific stuff which is a very fringe knowledge base. The Japanese national archives are also not the easiest things to search through as a lot of stuff has over the years been misfiled, or mislabeled as what tends to happen, or simply hasn't been added to the online database yet. So its possible that a manual search of the national archives may be necessary for a lot of the documents that have the information needed to build a plane to the level of detail that 1C wants for its product. I posted a thread on it a while ago simply to gather interest so that some people could do some of this research on their own because its a monumental task. I mean like i said. We probably will eventually get a pacific theater game, but in the far future. The work necessary will most likely be after they have exhausted the European front and also take several years of funded information gathering and would be one of those projects I think could justify a higher cost if not double due to the amount of work. There is a ton of information for the European fronts that are easily accessible, but not much for the pacific. And what does exist is very hard to find. And that's just the planes. The Japanese ships and carriers are even harder to get information on due to the fact that a lot of information on those simply no longer exists. And the big thing about the Pacific theater is the carrier based naval battles. Jason made a fantastic post addressing these issues but I have to say that it is very easy to underestimate the task of creating the pacific theater at the fidelity that the current Flight sim market wants.
  9. The current suboptimum code has to do with the engines implementation of Multi-threading. At the moment all of the games processing runs in 2 threads being 0 and 1. ) taking the majority where thread 2 tends to be at around 75% full where the other threads tend to set at around 8/12% on my rig. That is an improvement since previously it used to be everything completely packed into 1 thread so an improvement there and the other threads were at around 5% so things have gotten better, but this is the current limiting factor in the performance in this game since the current Gen GPUs are limited by CPU processing. There are a ton of threads on this with in depth analysis with graphs and tests to Show this. I'm sure someone here could link that to ya (I don't feel like digging it up at the moment)
  10. FC was defiantly not a worthwhile venture, but I honestly do not think tank crew was a bad idea. Though its a bit early and rough right now with the proper marketing i think it could turn out big. I mean look at how popular WWII tank games have been historically. One of the problems I do see with Il2 is that no one knows about it outside of the flight sim community. I mean you do get some people in the war thunder forums comparing war thunder to IL2 trying to make war thunder into an il2 clone, but even then you would need to be in the forums to actually hear about it. I have setup an il2 sim for airshows booths and even there there are many people who though the last il2 released was il2 1946 which was very popular. Its a tought situation because PC games have a tenancy to not get much notoriety due to the console market, but even by pc standards I do not see much about this game. Even on youtube when you are looking for it its hard to find decent videos with this game that weren't from 2014 which most complained about Russian bias and performance issues. Which at the time was completely true at release. Tank crew is even worse as far as public knowledge since right now there is next to no SP content (campaigns were great but a career is in my opinion necessary). No one posts videos on in that has any sort of name. But when i show people it they love it. I mean its something that a lot of people have desired but not seen anything about. it obviously is a bit early for this to be advertised in any capacity due to the early access part of it, but when it comes out I think it could become popular. It just isn't doing it for the flight sim community.
  11. DCS actually for my pc runs a bit better in dcs in regards to VR though my flat screen performs better in IL2. The devs have mentioned the lighting system is being worked on next, but as PatrickAWlson stated the AI needs to be optimised and a bunch of other stuff as well. DCS does have its own set of problems. The damage model for one has steered me clear of it even though I love my formation of 150 bombers in combat box formation with heavy flak groups and still able to host it and get 40fps On my medium to high end PC. But it really brings me out of it when the ai do impossible things and the damage model falls way too flat. Much better in multiplayer though especially since the current netcode issues that are currently affecting it.
  12. The big issue i see regarding the issue of hardware is partly engine related, but its something that has and is being worked on. When it first came out the top of the line hardware had trouble getting anthing above 40 fps. It was a mess. Now with middle grade hardware i can get 150 fps on a 2d monitor in 1080p. However in vr i get about 75-80 fps. VR is a completely different beast and those of us who are having performance problem. One thing I do notices is that the game is much more CPU intensive than GPU intensive. For example upgrading from a 150 dollar cpu to a 300 dollar cpu can get you a much higher boost in fps than going from a 150 dollar gpu to a 400 dollar gpu. The reason a lot of people are saying buy a expensive cpu is the price per performance ration is much better in this game with the right cpu. But the devs have been working on this issue and it has gotten a bit better over the last 2 years. One of the big things That i have noticed when doing testing is that they recently got multi-threading to work a bit better. Its not perfect, but it now is running in more than just 1 thread, though single core performance is currently king which still means that the tests showing the middle of the pack 2014 cpus are still outperforming current generation top of the line hardware. But they have been doing some back end stuff which is helping with this. Problem is the engine was built when multi-threading was not widely used and it wasn't clear where hardware would go. edit: this is cpu only obviously having a modern GPU and ddr4 memory makes a big difference as well. I have also heard some things regarding vr saying that its not mainstream, but i find a flaw with that. The previous route that every flight sim gamer craved was a simpit and many people myself included invested in that kind of thing. i mean many of us spent upwards of 5 thousand dollars on our just the flight hardware with curved projectors and multiple televisions and all sorts of things to try to best replicate an aircraft. Many of us even bought the 3d televisions, but they still weren't really up to standard for flight sims. VR has been a major money saving device. You instead of needing to build a cockpit replicating one plane and spending thousands of dollars building it, you can simply buy a headset for 150 bucks and have a 1 to 1 scale pit that you can see rendering all of that hardware unnecessary. That makes it having that best experience not only attainable, but affordable for this community. I remember dreaming about having a setup like this: And that was as good as it got and was completely unattainable for most people due to the time money and know how it took to create something like this. But with VR even a beginner can have a better experience than that simpit would allow for. Its super relevant to flight simulators. just like everyone wanted a simpit back in the day now everyone wants a vr headset, but the difference is that one can afford a vr headset where only someone with a lot of disposable income could afford a simpit
  13. PWCG already splits the ground and air density. I would also really like to be able to adjust this. I love dense dogfights, but I honestly have no need for a not of ground units. Though I personally haven't notised a very big difference in the maps, however I do run a wmr headset and have low settings by default since i find that i cannot see the difference in cockpit other than the performance.
  14. I think this is where the argument really lies. its not really about what is realistic, but what is preferred. I like the lower tolerances because the reality is that most people were not ace pilots with hundreds to thousands of combat flight hours. And I personally want the game to reflect this. But there is the argument above which is equally as valid which is most people flying in multiplayer have a lot of combat flight experience and are at to WWII ace skill levels. The G tolerance should reflect that. Two lines of thinking all based off of opinion. I really like the idea of having it as a progression stat for SP content like career mode, but the balance could come in multiplayer where its just at max settings for all servers.
  15. Or do as they normally did and create area flak for the bombers to run into. Perhaps 1C could code that in as an option. would work well for those missions giving a more realistic feel. I have seen some good flak out there. There have been some good flak experiences, but currently they just aren't right. some good flak But right now it isn't nearly that dense or accurate. Don't know why. There was a time where the flak seemed to have sniper accuracy that would pick planes out of the sky with crazy precision. I cannot seem to find the video showing this, but I'm sure a lot of us remember it Hopefully they will fix this. edit: found it Also not sure how realistic this is, but i would like to hear the flak when it goes off around me. its just not as fun when the flak is a silent poof of smoke even when it blows up just a few yards from your head. It just seems a little quiet.
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