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  1. I send you a mp because I still haven't received the confirmation message. Tk
  2. Hello, I cannot register on your statistics site. I carry out the registration procedure but I do not receive the confirmation email. What should be done ? My username is C6_Zorkaiev. My email is valide.
  3. Pour les règles de cette campagne : http://www.checksix-forums.com/viewtopic.php?p=1752081#p1752081 Pour ceux qui sont intéressés, rendez vous sur le TS Checksix jeudi 09/01 à 21 h
  4. The Checksix server is a dedicated server for Il2 Great battles. It is implemented by the French-speaking virtual squadron C6. Most often it is used for training and is not locked. (current name : "CheckSix-fr C6 Training Server with bodenplatten map for the moment" The training server allows you to fly on all available planes. Ground attack and level bombing objectives are present. Fights against AI or human pilots are also possible The server can be used for French-speaking campaigns. We are organizing a French-speaking campaign from January 9 on the basis of flying Circus. ( "check six ww1 campaign" / Campagne C6 Flying Circus Arras avril 1917 ) In this case the server is locked. Squadrons of French pilots may request to participate in this campaign (http://www.checksix-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=454&t=206787)
  5. The Checksix server is a dedicated server for Il2. It is implemented by the French-speaking virtual squadron C6. Most often it is used for training and is not locked. (current name : "CheckSix-fr C6 Training Server with bodenplatten map" it can be used for French-speaking campaigns. We are organizing a French-speaking campaign from January 6 on the basis of flying Circus. ( "check six ww1 campaign" ) In this case it is locked.
  6. Actually in the data folder it works. I did not understand that it was mandatory to use this folder for logs. Thank you.
  7. I can not get it back the "Mission report" of my coop campaign. I have this information in PWCGErrorLog.txt : "Set product to BoS" Mission reports are not recoverable. The name of the campaign is kuban. My startup .cfg : [KEY = system] bin_log_folder = "logs\" chatlog = 1 chatlog_folder = "logs\chat\" debug_info = 0 debug_render = 0 dlgbox_sky = 1 gamelog = 1 keep_binary_log = 0 mgenlog = 0 mission_text_log = 1 modes = 0 playoffline = 0 reset_configs = 0 show_net_skins = 1 skin_dir = "graphics\Skins\" text_log_folder = "logs\" The mission report files are well in C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\logs I launch my mission with Dserver and I can play it well. I turn the *.missions into *.msbin so that the mission loads much faster Any idea ? kuban.zip
  8. Idem for me : SSC and server campaign 1.38.7 is working. Thank you Carleo.
  9. I managed to compile the latest version (SSC and server campaign Some extensions were missing (Microsoft visual studio installer project) and Package conflict. I corrected and and it works. I moved the new version to my workstation. For this to work, I have to modify an entry in the file ConfigCampaign.yaml, otherwise it blocks the generation of missions (generate mission...) The generation window of mission 1 does not open and and the processSSC continues to turn.
  10. I can not compile from sources. I decompressed the sources in a classic tree (c: \ il12server \ SturmovikCampaign and 😄 \ server \SturmovikServerControl) For SturmovikServerControl I have a load failure : When I reload the project , i have this message : For SturmovikCampaign , i have a lot of error messages : I made compilations under linux a dozen years ago. Never on Windows...
  11. For the update 3.009 and the new U2 plane, here are its payload limitations : For the payload limitations of the P47, there is an error for all the limitations concerned the choice M250 (x6) machineguns + Additional ammo for machineguns + ground attack modification 134, -2 (I had put 134,-1,-3 which is an impossible choice) This is the payload 10, 16, 22, 28, 34,40 , 46,52,58,64,70,76 For this Payload the unlocks relations are 134,-2 no 134,-1,-3 There was also an error on the Payload 76 : Payload ID = 76 Unlocks Relation = 134,-2 Payload Name = ""0,1,2,3,4,5-M250-AP-2550" Here are all payload of the P47 with the correction :
  12. is the plane purchase still implemented ? I have the following settings in my file ConfigCampaign.yaml : SpawnRestrictions: true InitialCash: 5000 PlaneRentalAllowed: true Aircraft cost count no longer appears.
  13. it works. a big thank-you. I installed visualstudio 2017 but I'm not sure I have the skills to recompile the sources... I'm going to try...
  14. I installed the latest downloadable versions : SturmovikServerControl-13edf59b39cf683610f66335e0ae6e6a9ffd9040-34 SturmovikCampaign-1c9d33ce98484f44cba49537c7d3657e27b0c192-40 I have this message : "2018-12-15 00:23:10.2112|ERROR|<StartupCode$SturmovikServerControl>.$SturmovikServerControl.ServerState|Failed to load type 'Campaign.ServerControlPlugin.Plugin' from assembly 'C:\IL2SERVER\SturmovikCampaign\Campaign\bin\Release\Campaign.dll': 'Méthode introuvable : 'Microsoft.FSharp.Control.FSharpAsync`1<Microsoft.FSharp.Collections.FSharpMap`2<System.String,Single>> CampaignServerControl.Api.CampaignServerApi.GetPlayerCashReserve(System.String)'.'" Any Idea ?
  15. Sorry but the the binary of the new version is not available? (the last is SturmovikServerControl-13edf59b39cf683610f66335e0ae6e6a9ffd9040-34.zip , not the 36 ?)
  16. I added the new aircraft in the file Vehicles_update_10_12_18.Mission. fighter12RUS = spitfiremkixe fighter13RUS = p47d28 fighter10GER = bf109g14 fighter11GER = bf109k4 fighter12GER = fw190a8 Vehicles_update_10_12_18.zip
  17. I finished the last two airplanes of bodenplatten : Spitfire Mk IXe : The best for the end : P47D-28
  18. ok, Ok, I'll do a little bit everyday. the bf 109 k4 has 4 different payloading, the fw 190 a8 25, the Spitfire mk ixe 9 and the p14d-28 , 52.
  19. ok, I can try to start the work. For the 109 g14, this gives: certain payload numbers do not appear. this is I think, variant wgr21 with different shooting distances. there is no unlock relationship for radio equipment, mirror etc ... the English translation of unlock 1,23..., is it essential? this presentation is it exploitable for you?
  20. A question : How to use the planset of BodenPlatten? I configured the Planeset file with these values: Only aircraft older than Bodenplatten are available. Thank You.
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