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  1. Actually in the data folder it works. I did not understand that it was mandatory to use this folder for logs. Thank you.
  2. I can not get it back the "Mission report" of my coop campaign. I have this information in PWCGErrorLog.txt : "Set product to BoS" Mission reports are not recoverable. The name of the campaign is kuban. My startup .cfg : [KEY = system] bin_log_folder = "logs\" chatlog = 1 chatlog_folder = "logs\chat\" debug_info = 0 debug_render = 0 dlgbox_sky = 1 gamelog = 1 keep_binary_log = 0 mgenlog = 0 mission_text_log = 1 modes = 0 playoffline = 0 reset_configs = 0 show_net_skins = 1 skin_dir = "graphics\Skins\" text_log_folder = "logs\" The mission report files are well in C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\logs I launch my mission with Dserver and I can play it well. I turn the *.missions into *.msbin so that the mission loads much faster Any idea ? kuban.zip
  3. Idem for me : SSC and server campaign 1.38.7 is working. Thank you Carleo.
  4. I managed to compile the latest version (SSC and server campaign Some extensions were missing (Microsoft visual studio installer project) and Package conflict. I corrected and and it works. I moved the new version to my workstation. For this to work, I have to modify an entry in the file ConfigCampaign.yaml, otherwise it blocks the generation of missions (generate mission...) The generation window of mission 1 does not open and and the processSSC continues to turn.
  5. I can not compile from sources. I decompressed the sources in a classic tree (c: \ il12server \ SturmovikCampaign and 😄 \ server \SturmovikServerControl) For SturmovikServerControl I have a load failure : When I reload the project , i have this message : For SturmovikCampaign , i have a lot of error messages : I made compilations under linux a dozen years ago. Never on Windows...
  6. For the update 3.009 and the new U2 plane, here are its payload limitations : For the payload limitations of the P47, there is an error for all the limitations concerned the choice M250 (x6) machineguns + Additional ammo for machineguns + ground attack modification 134, -2 (I had put 134,-1,-3 which is an impossible choice) This is the payload 10, 16, 22, 28, 34,40 , 46,52,58,64,70,76 For this Payload the unlocks relations are 134,-2 no 134,-1,-3 There was also an error on the Payload 76 : Payload ID = 76 Unlocks Relation = 134,-2 Payload Name = ""0,1,2,3,4,5-M250-AP-2550" Here are all payload of the P47 with the correction :
  7. is the plane purchase still implemented ? I have the following settings in my file ConfigCampaign.yaml : SpawnRestrictions: true InitialCash: 5000 PlaneRentalAllowed: true Aircraft cost count no longer appears.
  8. it works. a big thank-you. I installed visualstudio 2017 but I'm not sure I have the skills to recompile the sources... I'm going to try...
  9. I installed the latest downloadable versions : SturmovikServerControl-13edf59b39cf683610f66335e0ae6e6a9ffd9040-34 SturmovikCampaign-1c9d33ce98484f44cba49537c7d3657e27b0c192-40 I have this message : "2018-12-15 00:23:10.2112|ERROR|<StartupCode$SturmovikServerControl>.$SturmovikServerControl.ServerState|Failed to load type 'Campaign.ServerControlPlugin.Plugin' from assembly 'C:\IL2SERVER\SturmovikCampaign\Campaign\bin\Release\Campaign.dll': 'Méthode introuvable : 'Microsoft.FSharp.Control.FSharpAsync`1<Microsoft.FSharp.Collections.FSharpMap`2<System.String,Single>> CampaignServerControl.Api.CampaignServerApi.GetPlayerCashReserve(System.String)'.'" Any Idea ?
  10. Sorry but the the binary of the new version is not available? (the last is SturmovikServerControl-13edf59b39cf683610f66335e0ae6e6a9ffd9040-34.zip , not the 36 ?)
  11. I added the new aircraft in the file Vehicles_update_10_12_18.Mission. fighter12RUS = spitfiremkixe fighter13RUS = p47d28 fighter10GER = bf109g14 fighter11GER = bf109k4 fighter12GER = fw190a8 Vehicles_update_10_12_18.zip
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