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  1. Rift CV1 user here, crashes right at the start before the login screen. Might not be related, though, haven't tested for a while.
  2. Perhaps there could be some co-operation in mutually interesting areas such as AI and campaign engine development? The iCoD AI had some interesting ideas (although I'm not entirely sure about the actual execution of said ideas), mostly in the way they separated things like aggression, tactical awareness and flying skills from each other so that you could have more variety instead of just a few generic skill levels for AI pilots. At least that's something I'd love to see in Il-2 as well.
  3. Any way to control the turret with joystick (other than joytokey)? Well I guess I could map the axis to mouse in TARGET, but I'd preferably not go down that route quite yet...
  4. Well technically there still are print magazines that cover simulators, not necessarily in English, though. The trick is to utilize specialist freelancers or people who play simulators in addition to other games. There are so few simulator releases (even if you count beta modules for DCS) that writing about them is pretty much by necessity a hobby if you just focus on those. Also reviewing them is a lot of "work". The latest CoD (not referring to Cliffs of) is over in five+ hours, about the time it takes to get your setup sort of configured for a new sim. But anyway, there's still some gaming media out there interested in more niche and/or hardcore genres as well.
  5. There's much much more to making tanks driveable than the 3D models, though.
  6. Well there would be smoke, but I don't know really how much and if it should be as opaque as it is now. Looking at videos of WW2 tanks firing the smoke doesn't seem that much (in most cases), but it's difficult to say what it would look like through the sight. Sometimes the smoke/dust definitely was an issue, but I think it was usually referred to as a specific issue with certain very powerful guns in especially dusty conditions. Anyway if that's what it was like in reality that's the way I'd like to have it in the game too, but I don't really know if it was.
  7. I suppose I should've been more precise; I would like the kind of missions that work exactly as in '46 and RoF where it's just like a single player one except that you get to play with friends. Is that already possible or are we talking about dogfights modified for mission-style play? I guess those are kind of ok as well, but then again I would also like to launch the missions from the main game, not having to bother with the dedicated server thingy.
  8. I tried to hate 1C because of wasting resources in making the tanks driveable, but I can't help having fun driving them around. In case further development is going to happen, may I suggest 1) Separate controls for tanks. I want to use WASD or rudders for steering and throttle, simple easily reached keys for other controls and bind turret controls to joystick. Without screwing up my plane controls at the same time. 2) The mouse speed with and without zoom needs more room for adjustment. I can't make the turret traverse nice and smooth without also making external view panning waayy too slow. 3) I have a secondary monitor and the mouse cursor doesn't want to stay inside the main game view. Often when I click LMB to fire I'm looking at the desktop (since the cursor was on the second monitor) instead of an exploding enemy tank. The cursor really needs to stay on the main screen only. This also probably affects the aircraft gunners (I don't really use them very much so can't confirm but they work the same, so...). 4) The crew needs to be a bit more responsive, at least "loaded" and "tank spotted at X o'clock Y meters" would be welcome additions. In general it's hard to drive a somewhat realistic tank simulator very effectively by myself, so crew interaction needs quite a bit of work anyway if the tanks are intended to be more than a curiosity. Anyway, the tanks are surprisingly fun so I choose to not complain about their inclusion while vital features such as multiplayer coops, campaigns and dynamic campaigns still don't exist. So thanks for the tanks, I suppose.
  9. Some way to go still, but a good step forward nonetheless, especially with the graphics options.
  10. Probably not, but I would throw loads of money at a campaign that can be played with friends / enemies as well.
  11. I don't want to derail the discussion since this is really interesting stuff and you have good ideas for improving the campaign, but if you don't mind me asking I'd like to know why you're so adamant on making the hypothetical campaign purely single player? I hope you don't consider me a heretic for fantasizing about flying something like this with a few buddies of mine. On another note, I don't personally see problems with dynamic campaigns allowing you to change the course of war by yourself if you happen to be a Hans-Erich Rudelmann and capable of making a dent in the Red Army all by yourself. To me an ideal dynamic campaign would allow you to have exactly the kind of role you would've had in reality, which of course to most of us would be not that big, but that would be because of your capabilities, not because of limits in the campaign design. I also think it should be up to the campaign designer (not the campaign engine designer) to decide if he wants to mimic historical force compositions and such or create a more hypothetical scenario that could be balanced so that a significant contribution by a squadron or even a single pilot might have some effect. Of course the ideal campaign is not a realistic goal, but I think a dynamic campaign should in principle allow for about a human-sized contribution in the events with the actual size depending on the player. Perhaps more importantly, the campaign should probably put focus on about squadron-sized goals so that you might well win or lose battles whether or not that would have much effect on the entire war effort.
  12. Can you provide screenshots? There have been issues with planes rendered against cloud backgrounds causing them to look blurry or blocky before, I wonder if you are talking about the same or a similar thing.
  13. I think I had to use the external zoom keys to zoom the pilot's view during track replay, not the usual zoom I use while flying. Maybe you could try that?
  14. This is a bit late and off topic, but I only now actually realized there were two tracks in the recording and watched the more successful one as well. I actually appreciate you posting tracks so I thought I could at least provide some feedback, although my views might not be that useful. Anyway, the approach in the other one is much better. You're not coming in quite as low, you have pretty good view of the airfield all the time. You also manage to halt the descent very well just before touchdown, the only problem with the flare is that it happens several meters too high. You fall down and at touchdown you actually have quite a bit of vertical velocity, which causes the bounce. Of course it's never a bad landing when the plane is undamaged so you've got every right to consider that a success. Like I said I appreciate the fact that you posted tracks so I decided to do the same. I'm out of practice with the 109 so I ended up bouncing it, hopefully watching me do it makes anyone else having trouble with it feel better. I don't think there's problems with the physics, though, since the bounce in my landing looks completely reasonable. I'll check out if I can record comparison videos with reasonable effort so that it's perhaps easier to compare to the clips of real 109's. boingboing109.zip
  15. This might be a good time and place to advertize a wonder-tool for all Il-2 navigators: http://il2map.info/ I don't know how printable that is but just the heading / time calculations alone will get you to your target very reliably indeed even if you just use the on-screen map. It's not possible to recommend NobbyNobb's tool enough, here's the original thread: http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/13908-map-stalingrad-web-browser/
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