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  1. Very nice congratulations ! -=TY= anaconda * Tore * 15Span * 1pa1 *- SCG_Fenris_Wolf- =TY= anaconda-samkis-WT
  2. Thank you for your hard work as always Lefuneste! You are the wind beneath my wings.
  3. Question for Admins @Alonzo And @Talon_ Is it possible to unlock the Heavies ( SC1000kg and SC1800kg ) now for the German Bombers/Attackers since the P-38 attacker can carry 4000 lbs load out ? It seems to me from what i see, the Allies are destroying German targets pretty fast possibly because of the P-38s and that we don't have those load outs available for the axis side to counter this. I don't believe this would upset the overall balance swinging maps won lopsided back to the Axis side for map wins. I believe it will make the map more balanced. Also since HE111,Ju87, Ju88 and BF110G2 are still and inferior aircraft now compared to what the Allies aircraft available on your later maps. The Fw190A-8 with a decent bomb load out is now looking like the best for survival and attacking and trying to survive to get back to base. I think if you can get to the target with these bombs you should be able to open a portal to the center of the earth with them. Thanks for this consideration.
  4. I also noticed in Flying Circus that the exposed engine cam rockers are staying still or moving extremely slow.
  5. I had a absolutely terrible missions last night I couldn't see Sh!t with out this Mod . All I got was my 6 chewed up. I completely understand this is not easy for Lefuneste to recreate that a lot of his own personal time making it work. I donate and its well worth it. And Thank you very much Lefuneste and Fenris .
  6. I hope there is corn fields to ditch in.
  7. Thank you for your responses. I have dropped at at 6k before and haven't had much of an issue of draw distance, though i do find since i fly in VR to use VR Zoom is a big help with that in the bomb site. But i was never to sure about the wind and direction changes above 5K. The reason why I'am asking is because not the flak but i want to be higher then defense enemy fighters around targets that maybe expecting me .
  8. Hi Guys I've been wondering about how the if winds and direction change above +5k, lets say at 6k or 7k ? Do you guesstimate based on the bomb site chart values ? Thanks
  9. Your title says you are having issues taxiing the 110?? but your actual question you are asking about tutorial about taxiing a 109? 109s have a tail wheel lock and the 110 does not. if you are trying to make a tight corner you have to release the tail wheel lock and once you have finished your tight turn and want to taxi straight you should re lock your tail wheel other wise you will spin uncontrollably. Turning a 109 with the tail wheel locked will make it hard to turn tight and using the independent left and right brakes will also help. 110s dont have this tail wheel lock but have the left and right brakes. and are easier to maneuvering on the ground taxiing.
  10. Bravo Bravo Bravo . This truly is an amazing Sim and keeps getting better and better. Thanks for all your hard work developers! Money well spent
  11. I agree with alot of the guys that say the GPS should be off it makes you learn the terrain/ rivers/ cities then with GPS , but i believe it might keep some/alot away from the server. The Saturday GPS off is an interesting concept. More Pilots need to fly on this server and more on VVS .BTW I really like your server .
  12. Hi Guys I have a Rift and I have been loving every minute of it for the past year. What and awesome experience everything i dreamed VR could be. I was wondering has anyone tried the Samsung Odyssey HMD?? Is it better then the Rift? I'm looking to upgrade and it looks like the Odyssey has better specs then the Rift. Anyone have any experience with it?
  13. Hi Guys, Just a thought I've been thinking about alot lately, while I had time in the process of trying to take down a PE-2/IL2. What do you guys think, How hard will it be to take down the A20?? Will it be another flying tank for the Russians?
  14. No, unfortunately I was not recording but i really wish i was. I believed it was bad luck on my part after the first two deaths but after my third on my third flight I'm not too sure. I agree with you. The pilots we're absolutely skilled and i have no problem with them getting on my 6 and taking me out. Its the no warning that Im getting hit and instant pilot death three times in a row I cant with out a better explanation on how . I can live with a instant death here or there.
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