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  1. Hi, this should not happen, but I was not able to reproduce it (tested in quick mission). Some more information would be helpful to solve this problem for you. In what circumstances happened it? - Does it happen in every setting (missions, quick mission, multiplayer) ? Do you use mods? (If so please deactivate them and try again) What happens if you use default keybinding (in case you kept it in the first row of the keybinding settings)? Does it still happen after restarting the game ? (if so please try to check games integrity)
  2. Hi, just reactivated this topic to thank the Devs especially for: 4.008: 9. The option to leave a destroyed object in the game now works for aircraft (uncheck the “Delete after death” checkbox in mission editor); If it's done, as said above, in the mission Editor, it works great also for the planes where the pilot got killed. Now they don't disappear any longer. It works in Single player and Coop Missions for Ai and player planes, in Deathmatch it works for Ai planes (player planes spawned by an airfield get deleted and of cause this makes perfect sense). So, dear Devs: Thank you for adding (make functional) this option to make it possible to keep the immersion even a bit more.
  3. Because it was taken out of the game very fast, I like to show a few moved pictures of the Horch in action and say goodbye to it in an appropriate manner. (was also posted in the original bug report topic) For non German native speaker: German: Horch was kommt von draußen rein English: Listen to what's coming in from outside
  4. Finally on the subject, i decided to show the first and also maybe last moving pictures on this: For non German native speaker: German: Horch was kommt von draußen rein English: Listen to what's coming in from outside
  5. Hi, can confirm this. (tested with Albatros DV) workaround: If the engine will be started and turn of again, while the message stuck, it will check the engine and oil system again and maybe repair some left unrepaired parts, then it says "repairs complete".
  6. Hi, If the pilot was killed ~15 sec. before the plane disappeared, then this is (sadly) normal. Planes of dead pilots will be deleted after a (to) short time, also in midair. No matter if in single- or multiplayer and AI or player planes. I still think that this kills the immersion, and should be an adjustable option for the player or server host. Otherwise it might be the "invisible plane bug", you will find a lot of reports about it in this forum and the devs will appreciate every hind to solve it.
  7. Hi. well, if we like it or not, it has been fixed (very fast, btw.) I have to admit, beside of a possible tribute to the "flying circus" (clowns cars in combination with guys fired of a cannon) that I thought of, it somehow reminds me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Now we know it was just a debugging test.
  8. Hi, sorry if this has already been reported. (I haven't found anything about it) It's quite some time (since 4.004?) that i thought, while I was playing one of my missions where artillery fire goes down near the starting airfield: "Great they made the artillery shells visible". Well I now realized they didn't. I've tested around a bit and it seems to be only the "M1gun" that fires cars (Horch830) sometimes. They don't fire cars all the time but quite often. The "Horch" is flying like an artillery shell would do and also "explodes" when it hit the ground. See Pics below. To reproduce just watch some M1guns fire 3-4 times then nearly every ~3rd shot is a manned "Kamikaze-Horch" or you can use the attached mission (used plane Bf109G2) and watch the guns (STRG+F5) fire a couple times. Edit: I'm not using any Mods and it's on both versions (Steam and "Launcher") Missions.zip
  9. I would also like to thank the Dev team for the great work! I really like the 4.006e Zoom, now it make sense for me to use it in VR (no more "sitting in a Fishbowl" - HTC Vive) Have a nice weekend everyone!
  10. Hi, I'm using Kaspersky too and had none of such a false positive with il-2 exe. I call Kaspersky "My little paranoid Russian" because it's known that it produces false positives from time to time but in my opinion it is better to get a false positive than the opposite. Afaik "Bit Defender" and "Norton", are mostly also as Kaspersky in the "Top 5 " of the most different AVP-Tests out there. That a payed AV stopped working (=getting insecure) after the paid period (like RedKestrel described) is quite normal. But as long as Kaspersky is up to date (latest virus detection database as well as the latest Program version) such things should not happen. A thing that I know for sure: To discuss which is the "best" AV-Program is like to discuss which religion is the best and you will properly will end up with a LinuxOS running a VM for Windows (what is not recommended for gamers ). It always depends on what you want and what you priories (Virus detection, system resources, no false positives aso.) and of course there is no 100% security. Btw. did you managed to re-download Il2 without getting it deleted?
  11. This, or if "num5" will not help, you can try to change your view with position keys page up/down, del and end. (insert/pos1 to zoom) The recticle should come back to your sight. (F10 to save)
  12. I can confirm this too. For easy reproducing try to align the aiming help and the bombing view crosshair in VR.
  13. Nearly all units are now counting and give a kill confirmation in 4.005, including the 4 new added ambulance and fuel trucks. Just for the sake of completeness/perfection: the last 6 not counting and not kill confirming units are: artillery: dshk-aa, searchlightusgen ships: penichea, penichegb, penicheb, penicheger for easy reproducing: counter-test.zip
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