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  1. Hi, the site you linked to is for Il-2 released in 2001 this is Il2- Battle of... "Great Battles" and instead of UDP 21000 you should use the following Ports: 28000 TCP 28000 UDP 28100 TCP as long as your ISP gives you a public IPv4 (no DualStack-lite) this works. https://portforward.com/il-2-sturmovik-battle-of-stalingrad/ If you really meant Il2-Sturmovik 2001 I'm sorry, then I have no clue.
  2. Well, i don't know them, this was just an example and of course you can also pick one of these links. https://www.google.de/search?client=opera&q=are+this+plastic+coffins+georgia&sourceid=opera&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8
  3. Without telling what anybody should believe: Some say that this are coffins some other say this: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/false-coffin-corner/ (just a link of a few available about this topic), again I'm not telling you what you should believe.
  4. The problem is, like Eisenfaustus already said right, if only the vulnerable demographic group is quarantined, the health and other relevant systems are in danger, imagine what happens if 50% 30% of nurses and doctors are ill at the same time and are unable to work because they, just for example, lay down with fever. And even if none of them will die and they will be back to work after one or two weeks, in the meantime (also just an example) people with injuries won't get help and stay with unnecessary suffer or die. Again: We need to protect the health care system and that's what makes it to a crisis. For this, the goal is to slow the infection rate down an let people get the virus, controlled, one after one , because this virus is "new" (mutated) an we (humanity) are not resistant against it, for now. Existing vaccines and people that are resistant is the reason why we don't need such drastic actions for the "normal" Influenza every year. What I said that wont happen for sure is that people in Germany will starve because of this crisis. Everything else I mentioned, is possible and plans to handle it do already exist. I just doubt that some of this drastic actions will happen here because of this crises - that's just my opinion and of course I do know that time can prove me wrong in one or the other thing. Big thumb up for this! This is the spirit people should show and in my opinion it's the opposite of hoarding supplies for yourself. I.e.: Hoarding disinfectant and masks like it happened here in the beginning lead to that people who needed it (nurses and doctors or hospitals in general) weren't able to get it (this problem is already solved in Germany by applying various measures).
  5. .... It's long ago that Italy and Germany (in this case and for today, only Bavaria) had the same law ....
  6. Such as not sharing your opinion. Oh wait, that wasn't your point, this should be just a funny insult, ...damn to late. It's a sensless "discussion". Time will tell who's right. Until then I keep It with Simons and Nicks Plan
  7. Not here, repair shops are still open and working, DHL, amazon a.s.o still delivering like normal. repair parts are also in stock and stored (like private people do with food and other supplies) at least a few weeks/month even if we are not able to get new repair parts we have smart technicans that are abe to use used parts (take one truck out to keep 2-3 running) . Sorry but I am far away from getting panic.
  8. I'm not from China and things that do happen there will not happen here. (Old Europe Germany) Jesus, what I say is that there is no need to be afraid of starving in your home (in germany) and I simply described the worst case scenario! I strongly doubt that it will come to this in this crisis! In germany no one needs to starve because we are forced to stay at home! If people would not have food anymore, do you really think they will stay at home? I'm not ignorant! Just because I let other people the opportunity to buy supplies they need! In fact I could be one of the guys who will deliver food to other people (again in the worst case!) because I'm working for the city administrative. (here also fire dep. , ambulances a.s.o. are part of the City administrative , not just office people) And at the moment everyone, even the office guys will be ordered to help "at the front" if necessary. We had a lot of crisis meetings the last week to organize what might come the next week(s). A lot of what is already planed will not be needed in the end. Plus the logistics for this is not as hard as you describe (at least not in germany). So, if we are needed to do so, we will be used for tasks like this and I still don't think that it will come that hard. Again, everything is still available for everybody (there is no food and no "TP" under-supply) just not in one shop, because of such "wise people" who store stuff for months they will not need now! So everyone who needs something must look into 3-4 shops to get something they need. That simply leads to, that people are forced to have more contact to others than necessary. Thanks to the "wise and social" people that bought stuff they will touch the first time in 4-6 weeks. The "lock down" - here in North Rhine Westphalia - will be like it is in Bavaria Bavaria is the first german federal state that got the "lock down" and of course the people are allowed to go to the: -grocery store, -doctor, -pharmacy, -work if necessary, -if they have animals they are allowed to go outside to take care of them -and they are still allowed to do sports outside (as long as they do it alone). You see, no one is really locked up in their rooms! So no groups of people are allowed and to go outside should be reduced to a necesssary minimum. All what the people should do is reduce contact. What our goverment said about storage of food is: "you should have supplies that you are able to stay 10-14 days at home". - Most (or at least, a lot of) people do have this even in normal times. This works perfectly, if not some dumbasses buy supplies like there is no tomorrow. Anyway. Stay Healthy!
  9. Exactly, just google how Taiwan handled this crisis. There simply was no panik buying. The "funny" thing is of course you still get everything you need for survival a normal living, just not anymore in one shop, you need to look in three or four shops, and this is "great" in times when you sholud keep contact to other people as low as possible. Here in germany "Lock down" means you are still allowed to go to the grocery store to buy your (and your pets) food and you are still "allowed" to go to work if homeoffice isn't an option. In my hometown this kind of "Lock down" might come next week and I am still not in panic that my family or I will starve, because even if we will be forced not to leave the house for anything, the Red Cross and/or the Army and other organisations will bring "care packages" to our doors. We are not at war and we don't have crop failures just a high amount of selfish idiots. Stay Healthy!
  10. Thank you very much, impressive work and it's a lot of fun to fly this mission(s)! For the pilots weapons please try "Reload all guns" (LAlt + R on default) after rearming at the Hangar. The guns and machineguns should be usable again. "Only" gunners stations will not be rearmed, atm because of RRR limitations. Let's hope that this will be changed with the next update.
  11. Hi Stebas, sadly I don't have much experience with artillery or ground fighting units. The artillery I used so far is more for ambient atmosphere, I am satisfied when they do fire into a region that I want to get attacked (like close to the airfield) therefor I uncheck "limit ammo" for them, keep an eye on the fire distance and let them Attack via a medium "Attack area" MCU with Attack "ground checked". If you want to get an Idea of how ground fighting units behave while perfoming an attack, it might help to take a look into some Tank Crew missions via the mission editor (you don't need to own Tank Crew ) there are many of good missions HERE . Or, If you ask them, I bet one of the TC-misionbuilders, like TIGRE88 or Thad a.s.o., can help you out with your problem or at least point you in the right direction . Stay healthy!
  12. I wonder if it's possible that TV shows from the early nineties have a negative impact on today's society?
  13. Hi, I was able to repruduce it by clicking num6 or 4 or num-something (pilots head switches instantly to a view position) and centered the view with the mouse/"headviewbutton" (the recticle was gone) after going back to the saved default view(num5) the reticle apeared again. If "num5" will not help, than you might have changed and (accidentally) saved (F10) your default view. Or the A8 view is broken somehow diferent. Try to change your view with position keys page up/down, del and end, the recticle should come back to your sight. (insert/pos1 to zoom) (F10 to save) You also can try copy the default view ".../data/Luascripts/snapview/defaults/fw190a8.svc" to/over the current snapview in the "data/Luascripts/snapview" folder.
  14. please see the last two posts of your original topic (no need to open a new topic every time)
  15. Why can't steam start BOS, any error message from steam? Does the Desktop shortcut start the steam editon or do you have the launcher editon for BOK also installed? Please check the shurtcut where it leads to. I ask this because on my desktop steams shortcut is called: "IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad" and the Il2- launchers shortcut is called:"IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles" The Launcher version will not include newer stuff you bought on Steam. Please check the steam installation (verify data) and make sure that you start it from Steam.
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