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  1. That Spitfire looked for a second like a photo of the real thing, it's going to be a beast to fly against. So I'll have to get Dora out of the shed to see what happens. The AR234 and the ME410 are about the most interesting axis aircraft you could have picked, you can sell me the under belly cannon pack for the 234 later! If they had had that earlier it could have caused a lot of problems for the bomber formations, but could imagine heading into a formation of bombers with just a glass screen in front of you, nice view in your last moments! We are very fortunate to have this sim and the h
  2. I too must visit the mission objects again, As I wrote it I suddenly remembered the Russian barges, took me ages to find how to set up the mission with them but they are a lot of fun, thanks for shaking the old memory....mine
  3. Would be nice to have some European barges inland on the canals, excellent target practice.
  4. Yep I too saw Fairey Battle first, before the Defiant, it'd be the toughest Fairey Battle ever, we had some propaganda newspapers, "War Weekly" that I used to read and it made the Battle and the Blenhiem sound fantastic. The papers were printed during the phoney war mainly. Thanks Beebop for the skins, really interesting and through a gunsight, convincing enough for me, THANK YOU
  5. Eastern and Delta airlines links come up as not found, from uk
  6. Always glad to see another version of the FW-190, Stormbird site mentions this version was designed against heavy bombers, so the B-16 (AI) Marauder should be a good target....if you can catch it, we live in interesting times! Thanks guys
  7. To all you skinners.....THANK YOU,
  8. Happy New Year to all team members, another excellent year, despite all that has gone on. Wishing you all, and your loved ones, a peaceful, prosperous and healthy New Year. (I.E. - Get your jabs) Thank you for the present Best Wishes Flying Scotsman
  9. Brilliant Hurricane, thank you, I now see how ineffective lots of 303 bullets are against a Heinkel, wow that was hard work. For some reason I cannot see the C-47 in quick mission builder. Will reboot the Pc tomorrow and see if it appears. thanks for the hard work 😓
  10. Wonderful looking aircraft, hope the merlins sound great too.....no pressure
  11. Thank you for the Boston's skins in the RAF colours
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