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  1. These are really nice, thanks for the hard work
  2. Very impressed by the photo's of the 262, like the aircraft in the museum at RAF Cosford it has the 'beaten panel' look of the aircraft of that era. Well done
  3. Very interesting, and not to disagree, I notice Eric 'Winkle' Brown almost always commented in his articles that the brakes on German aircraft were poor. I cannot for the life of me think why that was 'generally' the case, all the excellent engineering and then your hard pressed to stop it. I could see that it could hold the brakes from start, but no idea why the either wore down quickly or the system was just not that strong from high speed. I'll have to have a try myself,thanks for posting
  4. DORA! FANTASTIC, First flight 100 % kills, landing......do we have to go over that! GREAT FUN thank you
  5. Tempest!! When? How muc....forget that, take my money!
  6. Excellent news as always, that unpainted 262 looks great. We're getting a Mossie! I'd forgotten, thanks. Heresy I know, but the tanks make me want to get a Helicopter just to follow them. You don't get much opportunity to sightsee when your trying to shoot them up. Looking forward to this year. Thanks to all for their hard work
  7. Happy New Year to all the team and thank you for your efforts, see you next year photos are excellent
  8. I must admit one of the reasons I bought the Moscow campaign, was so that I could fly round Moscow. Having been so impressed with the Stalingrad area I thought they might do the same. I understand the reasoning behind it and it would probably be a waste of resources, but it would have been very interesting. Still a brilliant sim regardless
  9. Glad to find this thread, I gave up crashing this ages back, will have a go again now, thanks to all
  10. So happy with these skins thanks to everyone. Never a need to apologise for a skin being late.....its a skill I just don't have. Quick request, I'm sure we all remember the REVELL P=47 with the black and white cowling....I'm going back to 1960's, The box art had the aircraft in front aspect as it lifted off...so it was just engine, checkerboards. My big brother built it, he was really good at that....I played with it and trashed it....but I was little, so I survived. Anyone know the skin? No worries if not. Respect to all skinners
  11. Hi Guys, Been away getting parts of my body fixed, Thanks for the comments, some great some not, I was just asking. By the way I am military vet, almost 30 years service, decorated 3 times, so no I've never done anything of note and don't expect instant rewards. (But I served alongside hero's) It was just a game question, no big deal , I love the one to close my eyes at the end, haha I'll do that thanks. Enjoy the game everyone & thanks again to the Dev's for a brilliant sim
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