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  1. melkarth


    Dear Wings of Liberty admins: Dankeschön für considering this option...
  2. melkarth

    Bf-109 F2 Skins

    They knocked the door of my Gumrak dacha. There he was, the very Professor Willy Messerschmitt. -Herr Doktor! -I snapped my heels to attention. -Guten Tag. Are you Oberfeldwebel Melkarth? -Jawohl! To what do I owe the honor of your visit? -I have kommen to deliver a gift voucher to you. No other Luftwaffe pilot spends, -or wastes- so many 109 fighters as you. -Yikes! That's right, I shoot down more russkies in a Stuka than in a 109... well, your plane cannot turn like a Yak... -Nein! You are clumsy. Ungeschickt! Anyway, here is your gift. An old Friedrich is waiting for you at Tempelhof Aero Club. We've plugged the holes and scraped off the paint. You can use her for sightseeing. Reisen. I thanked him very much the beautiful gift but after the war the Allies wouldn't let me to keep it. So Herr Messerschmitt sent me a voucher for another of his creations. Gorgeous template by BlackHellHound1. Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/view/gy129o8e219c2h3/Bf-109F-2_D-IGNY.dds/file
  3. melkarth

    General Kultur Question

    Not, as far as I know.
  4. melkarth

    General Kultur Question

    Thank you; it seems to me the phrase is longer at the beginning, though the ending looks accurate.
  5. melkarth

    General Kultur Question

    Heh heh, thank you for the tip, but for the sake of immersion I prefer my Mannschaft not to have a Received Pronunciation accent 😄
  6. melkarth

    General Kultur Question

    Ok, 1Sascha, how do you transcribe the dreaded line "1st, he's engaging" that my Stuka neodadaist gunner uses to give me the creeps? Thank you.
  7. melkarth

    General Kultur Question

    General Kultur question. As I am now a Luftwaffe Oberfeldwebel I feel that I should learn a little German. I'd like to understand what my virtual crew members are saying to me, like "1st, he's engaging", etc. without reading the captions, in the language of Goethe and Nina Hagen. Where can I find a list of the messages transcribed to text? Thank you in advance.
  8. melkarth

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Yesterday, at a server game, a new player asked why he couldn't get up the landing gear of a Stuka. Amid the general hilarity caused, I felt tenderness for the guy, so I'm dedicating this screenshot to the lovely newbie.
  9. melkarth

    Armament and equipment

    Brief description: SC250 on the Stuka's left wing are unaligned to the bomb rack. I'm sorry, friends, I just noticed the 250 Kg bomb on the left wing is a little off-center as well.
  10. melkarth

    Ju-87 D3 skins

    Just saw this image in the last movie by Lars von Trier. Yes, I'm kind of a weirdo and I like this guy's flicks. His tribute to the Stuka sirens is tender, almost naive. The movie, about a serial killer, lacks the punch of his older films but is a lot funnier. If you help me, I can put an alphanumeric code on this plane, but I can only see an "LH" after the balkenkreuz. LW Experten needed. In the virtual universe the wheels are still shadowed by the ghost fairings! 😱 All credit goes to the wonderful template by 6./ZG26_5tuka. Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/view/re2uydsbe24y8e1/Ju-87D-3_4k_ShortPants.dds/file
  11. melkarth

    Armament and equipment

    Brief description: Both SD70 on the Stuka's left wing are unaligned to the bomb rack.
  12. melkarth

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Just playing with the Stuka template.