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  1. melkarth

    Bf-109 F4 skins

    Good info on the modified F-2: https://modelingmadness.com/review/axis/cleaver/g/tmc109f.htm. I can't beef up the guns but I got a better engine, figure it's a F-6/U! Adolf Galland Looking Things: https://www.gettyimages.es/fotos/adolf-galland?mediatype=photography&phrase=adolf galland&sort=mostpopular Download link "with Swastika": https://www.mediafire.com/view/2llv6ydqcc44zq9/Bf-109F-4_4K_Galland-HK.dds/file Download link "No Swastika": https://www.mediafire.com/view/68ln86dd4x93tnt/Bf-109F-4_4K_Galland.dds/file
  2. melkarth

    Bf-109 F4 skins

    Mister Number One, the "unrivaled virtuoso". Fifteen bullets per kill, many kills per mission. He did in real life what no one can do in a videogame. A jazz and nightlife lover (like Saadaki Akamatsu), and also a handsome guy. Only a Gustav could finish him... Gorgeous 4K template by @BlackHellHound1 Some good info: https://modelingmadness.com/review/axis/cleaver/g/tc109f4.htm Download link "No Swastika": https://www.mediafire.com/view/h5z1gdemt479wfi/Bf-109F-4_4K_Marseille.dds/file Download link "with Swastika": https://www.mediafire.com/view/yglhfm23oalcm7y/Bf-109F-4_4K_Marseille-HK.dds/file
  3. melkarth

    La-5 (Series 8) skins

    While many of you, folks, have nowadays devoted yourselves to the decoration of large-sizes fighters and to the histrionics of pop-art, cartoon and, let it be said, to blatant eroticism, I myself keep compromised to the hyperrealistic depiction of decay, dilapidation and derelict. Please note the suave weathering gradation between the veteran, war-weary "24" and the rookie, enthusiastic "65". Units unknown. All in beautiful 4K resolution. Download link "White 24": http://www.mediafire.com/file/jrh13mxbriabjsr/La5s8_White24.dds/file Download link "White 65": http://www.mediafire.com/file/7l5q11d7v2xukhi/La5s8_White65.dds/file
  4. melkarth

    P-40 E Skins

    It IS darker, but much more in Black & White than in color. 😉
  5. melkarth

    szelljr skindeposit ® ™ ©

    That is truly an indianer ! 😵
  6. melkarth

    P-40 E Skins

    Greetings, my friends P-40K of 436th IAP, flown by Starshii Leitenant N. F. Kuznetsov. In the photo above, the pilot is chaired by his comrades after he has claimed his 27th victory, in December 1942 or January 1943. He was shot down and wounded on January 6, 1943, after two further victories (29, of which 12 shared, mostly obtained on the P-40). He marked only the individual victories. Plus a pic of Nikolai Fedorovich playing the Spanish balalaika. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8xrhjt4qjugrp5r/P40E1_Kuznetsov_white23.dds/file
  7. melkarth

    LaGG - 3 (Series 29) skins

    Hello, my friends I was feeling like painting a LaGG, and found this cute early series-4. I got only the left side profile, so I googled about the whole 3-view in vain. That rare camo scheme was being elusive to me. Hmm... Finally I got a small diagram at the indispensable redbanner.co.uk. As it seems, early in the LaGG production there was a recommendation about painting straight boundaries between the color fields, à la Luftwaffe: "The Soviet aviation factories regarded the angular, straight lines with utter contempt... it was the antithesis of all VVS camouflage practices heretofore." I completed the camo following those guidelines, but with utter contempt. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1b2fwiakqypepew/LaGG3s29_Red14.dds/file