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  1. @skunk160 I'm trying to adjust the autorotation so it has less stages and rotates quicker. I'm not sure where you have 90 80 30 0 0 and in which order. What about de and rot. Sorry for being so dense.
  2. Thanks for your efforts on this app. I'm trying to set up the autorotation. When I try to set it like your example the act numbers I change in the input show in red and I only see a 10deg movement at the 60 deg turn in game. When I exit the game the VR Neck Safer app revert back to the default settings in the autorotation area. What am I doing wrong? Thanks again. Q.B Piranha
  3. Thanks, I purchased and have it working. It's not that loud.
  4. I have the same problem in DCS. Have tried to reset my seated position but it didn't help. When i check six i'm above the plane. Hopefully someone find a solution. Works great in IL2.
  5. Question, Can you dial this in to get just vibration or do you have to have loud noise? I'm concerned about others in the house sleeping. Thanks.
  6. Does anyone use this joystick https://realsimulator.com/fssb-r3-lighting/. Looking for a review. Thanks
  7. Blitzen I think it's only good for sightseeing. You get an immersive 3D effect but trying to find and hit targets is useless.
  8. I have and it kind of works. You can't be competitive using it. Targeting and tracking is next to impossible but it does give you an immersive 3d feel.
  9. SCG_Fenris_Wolf What do you mean by a Vertical supersampling? Where is this setting located? Thanks
  10. Is there a way to not ,use the zoom features and just use everything else?
  11. Good suggestion Firdimigdi, I tried that and no luck. Thanks for the reply
  12. Thanks for the replies, I can't seem to set up the axis for the mouse. It will not register in key mapping . I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if I don;t have a variable selected that needs to be selected? Everything else is correct and works properly. i just cat use the mouse aim the turret. However I can fire the guns with the mouse.
  13. I can't seem to get my mouse to control the turret gun in VR. I can't even set up the mouse axis in the key bindings, the game will not accept my axis inputs for the mouse. I'm using a reverb. Anyone else have this problem?
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