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  1. I have very similar setup but with a i7 9700K runing at 4.7GHZ. The update improved my visuals. My FPS increased by at least 10 being conservative.
  2. Read through this topic from the start. There are links and photo's. Just make sure you set-up WMR for all experiences, and then if you don't want WMR boundary you can toggle off the boundary after SteamVR/OpenVR has been started.
  3. Download open VR advanced settings and install. Go here and fallow instructions. Make sure you have your VR set to a whole experience and not standing or setting.
  4. All, Finally found a solution to make this work. I had VR set up for a seated position. This solve the issue. Issue: Snap back when using motion controls with WMR headset Cause: WMR boundary off, or set up for standing only. Solution: Please set-up WMR for all experiences, and then if you don't want WMR boundary you can toggle off the boundary after SteamVR/OpenVR has been started.
  5. All, moosya, Thanks for the reply. It turns out it was a ribbon cable connecting my GPU to motherboard. EVGA tech support help me figure it out, they were great. Got rid of Ribbon cable and connected it straight into pcie slot and have the best performance ever. Word to the wise do not use ribbon cables!!!
  6. My system, i7 9700k 32g 3200mhz ram, z390 aurous motherboard EVGA 2080ti, Reverb head set. This is a new GPU and head set with a 6 mo old system. After the GPU install the graphics were terrific for two weeks or so. I decided to re-configure my office and shut down the computer and move two monitors to different places. At about the same time windows and Nvidia both updated, not sure if any of this is related but yesterday I noticed my frame rates have plummeted. I've been trying to rectify this for the last 12 hours to no avail. I'm getting 25 FPS in Steam VR home. The game is unplayable with terrible stutters. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Well, The problem is with the GPU. Tried friends 1080 ti and had no problem. Just so others know, my Odyssey Plus worked just fine but it uses HDMI, so it must be the extra band width required for the Reverb through the display port. Tried all three display ports on the original 1080 ti with the Reverb no luck. The odd thing is is that my monitors work in all three display Ports. Purchasing a new 2080 ti. You can get one cheaper than a 1080 ti now which is weird. They are all overpriced again. Thanks for your replies.
  8. Thanks all, I've done everything including a clean install of windows and it still behaves the same way. I''ll be trying a friends 1080ti on my machine and see if my 1080ti is failing. As i said my samsung odyssey plus works well so I did'nt suspect the GPU but it uses a HDMI where the Reverb uses Display port. The Revereb worked on his machine.
  9. Purchased a HP reverb but can't get it to work. I have a Odyessey plus now and it works flawlessly but I wanted better resolution. Hooked up the Reverb and almost got through the set up in WMR when the screen flickers, then switch from one to another, then go completely dark. HP has sent me a new cable and then a new headset but it made no difference. HP is now sending me another cable but I doubt that will help. I have an i7 9700k and 32gb 3400 ram with a 1080ti. Any thought or suggestions? Thanks
  10. Dear Patrick, Thanks for your great work. Downloaded and installed 6.2. The tempest , p51 and p38 do not show up in planes owned. The p51 label appears but not a picture of the aircraft and it cannot be selected. Again thanks, any help appreciated. Never mind Pat. It's all there just the planes pic's are absent. Thanks,
  11. It's not the CPU I also have the 17 9700k and it works great without overclocking. TWC_Piranha Hope you solve this fast because i just bought the 2080 super for a friends build.
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