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  1. It's not the CPU I also have the 17 9700k and it works great without overclocking. TWC_Piranha Hope you solve this fast because i just bought the 2080 super for a friends build.
  2. Is that a i7 9700k or i9. It could be the overclocking making thing unstable. I have a i7 9700k with a 1080ti and the same settings as you. Your vid card should be more powerful than mine. My system works very smooth with no overclocking. TWC_Piranha Also, Reading through other posts when setting up my system, i read the game was very dependent on the CPU and that it didn't use multi threading. Turn off the multithreading. Never mind you did turn off multithreading.
  3. Thanks Lefuneste, The game was piratically unplayable for me until you fixed the zoom. A minor issue is that I can't seem to adjust the IPD modifier with 13.1. I tried using the same keys for zoom but no effect. When I enable by pressing LALT and DEL key it definitely activates but I've lost the ability to adjust. I've tried both NUM + and NUM- and also the LShhift Next and end and I've tried LAlt Next and End to no avail. As I said this is a minor issue. Again Thanks!!!!! TWC_Piranha
  4. Great introduction Sp00K. TWC_Piranha
  5. Attached is the zip file. Sorry I deleted the Campaign file. Piranha saves files.zip
  6. Got it to work! I'm not sure how but I started a new campaign and changed the name from U.S to Test. Maybe the period in U.S had something to do with it. Just reporting in case someone else has similar problem. I could find very little on this issue. Apparently I'm the only one. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the reply [Pb]Redeyestorm, Here is the settings in my startup.cfg file. Mission_text_log = 1 as required. Is there something else here I'm missing? [KEY = system] bin_log_folder = "" chatlog = 0 debug_info = 0 debug_render = 0 dlgbox_sky = 0 gamelog = 0 keep_binary_log = 0 mgenlog = 0 mission_text_log = 1 modes = 0 playoffline = 0 reset_configs = 0 show_net_skins = 1 skin_dir = "graphics\Skins\" Thanks, Piranha
  8. Every time I try to make a combat report I get the fallowing message "PWCG was unable to find a log set for your last mission"', In the error log file it says "Set product to BoS", PWCG is installed in , F:\IL2 sturmovik\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\PWCGCampaign. Mission reports are being recorded in the data file. Any help willbe appreieciated. Thanks, Piranha
  9. If you look closely at the Driver 4VR mod on the download page you can download for free. After it's installed it says you have a limited time to try it out. I just bring this up because someone may have better luck with it than me. Thanks
  10. Could'nt get Driver 4VR to work.may not be compatible with Odessey. I do appreciate the help and effort though. Thanks
  11. How did you get the game to recognize the controller? Steam said that the controller was not compatible.
  12. Lefuneste, Thanks for all the effort you have put into making IL2 more enjoyable for VR users. I have downloaded and executed 12.2 and the extra 15 Deg FOV is terrific. I'm trying to figure out how to adjust it to get a greater FOV change but I'm not very code savvy. I'm not sure which values I should be manipulating. Any help here would be further appreciated. Thanks, TWC_Piranha
  13. Hello Wolf, Why would intel but that block AVX instructions on the i7 9700K. I have just purchased this CPU to upgrade for VR. It's not to late for me to cancel the order. Does changing the bios fix the issue? Thanks for replying. TWC_Piranha
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