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  1. For SRS support please go to the SRS Discord https://discord.gg/yXNnWrZw
  2. If you can hear yourself in preview audio you're sorted I Ifnot https://discord.gg/vqxAw7H and I'll help there Dont worry about ips port or password, it'll autoconnect for you when you join a server running SRS as long as SRS is running
  3. For support with SRS please go here https://discord.gg/Ajzxqxj Please post more details there, headset, server you fly on etc I use SRS exclusively in VR on IL2 with the G2, previously with rift s
  4. Please post your system specs, and any relevant info here: https://discord.gg/vqxAw7H and I can help
  5. I'll do some benchmarks this weekend but you're looking at 60 kilobits (bits! not bytes) per second minimum while sending or receiving audio, but it wouldnt be enough to use up your available bandwidth That sounds like bad packet loss & jitter - which is more obvious when you're on comms as you can start to hear the UDP packets not arriving 😄 I'd guess that still would occur without Discord or SRS, but youwon'tt have the warning before it happens
  6. Gotcha - thats fair. I've got no stats either way on that - only global usage. Think CombatBox have some good stats on concurrent usage though (however they heavily promote SRS), but with any new thing its chicken & egg. It would've been the same with Discord previously. It will also depend on timezone and language (seeing how it spread in the other sim). It will also depend how heavily servers prompt SRS as the primary tool, as did happen in the other sim
  7. What would you quantify low or high uptake by? I am relatively new to IL2 so I'm not sure what the size of MP is. Current usage for SRS over the last 30 days from anonymous stats puts the usage at 2,133 unique monthly users The issue I personally found with Discord - you have to join 10s of Discords if you just want comms for a flight and fly on a variety of servers. SRS has an autoconnect - as long as you've started it - it just connects to the right server the moment you join an IL2 MP server, taking away that issue. Either way as I said above
  8. I'd be very surprised if its SRS - it has a very very low amount of bandwidth and data transfer The data from IL2 to SRS is sent regardless of SRS running or not as well, which is probably more than the actual voice traffic Please post your system specs, and any relevant info here: https://discord.gg/vqxAw7H and I can help Yup! I fly in VR - hence why it got added 😄
  9. @kestrel79 glad that setup has worked well and you liked the experience so far! Really can't recommend combat box enough, the new AI voice integration is amazing. If you do have suggestions for SRS, please do contact me on the SRS Discord.
  10. There is no hotmic setting in SRS? There's no way to configure one. If you hear yourself it's because you've enabled mic passthrough on the second drop-down. Set that to no passthrough.
  11. Absolutely - no guarantees it's doable but definitely want to get community involvement. Thanks!
  12. The channels are up to the servers, the same as creating a real radio plan. Usually it's in the server briefing. The channels are the key difference between SRS and any other audio solution, as you can form flights with an interflight and flight channel quickly, avoiding the giant Comms blob you get with Discord or Teamspeak. I understand where you're coming from to some extent, but all the sliders and buttons do have labels if you hover over them (if not I'll fix), and again the idea is to at least glance at the manual. SRS tried to straddle a good simula
  13. You will have to put some effort in - the same as you did with Discord and TeamSpeak Glad the installation was easy, you dont need to edit the .cfg hence no instructions on the installer around it. The colours on the list - its the side colour, the same as the map - Red, Blue & Neutral The list will also show a number, indicating the channel that user is tuned to - or 2 numbers if they're on two channels. The overlay will show the channel and the number of pilots i.e 1-2 means channel 1, 2 pilots This is all listed in the instru
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