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  1. Very weak argument, what was Germany trying to achieve? it was hardly a noble case of defending the realm, sure that changed in 1945 but until then the Wehrmacht was marauding across Europe murdering people, they wanted the war and they sure as hell got it. 6 of 1 half a dozen of the other, it's not like the other choice was a 'death lite' option, why didn't they save the world a lot of bother and have a civil war? most of the German military was not Nazi affiliated, all it would have taken was at least one of them with a pair to realize that and have a coup. Ev
  2. Simple really, air combat started when pilots decided to start trying to kill each other, prior to that enemy encounters between aircraft were rather gentlemanly affairs where the crews would give a friendly wave, my point is.......war is all about killing, romanticize it all you want, eventually as a combatant you are faced with the prospect of kill or be killed, the choice is pretty obvious, fighter pilots were not the sorts of characters who simply wanted to play with an expensive flying club at tax payers expense and avoid conflict.
  3. Strangely enough I am and more so than you think, I'm just not into it like you, I want to blow stuff up and kill things in games is all.
  4. is that a difference? is it obligatory to paint aircraft with kill markings? Air combat started when WWI pilots started shooting at each other with handguns.
  5. No it really doesn't matter, it matters to you, but that's all, most fps's I have played have a 3d environment so I'm not sure what you mean, either way getting a kill (or more to the point being involved in a decent fight) is a much more gratifying experience and nobody really dies so it's all good. No that would have been an ultimate relief, without doubt the thrill comes from the danger. Nope, not a 'thrill' either, something to celebrate sure.
  6. for a fighter pilot, getting a 'kill' is the ultimate validation of your skill and training, surviving is the other, a fighter is no more a defensive weapon than a machine gun, it's just another weapon. it doesn't really matter how you play a piece of entertainment software, the important thing is you should be able to use it in anyway you want and not be dictated how it 'should' be done. in a game there are no consequences so it matters very little.
  7. Don't know to be honest.........to keep things interesting here?
  8. Oh no I didn't mean anything quite so evil, I meant softer stuff like gas chambers, executions and indiscriminate experimental weapons. p.s i forgot to add Germany to my list.
  9. ??? an accident?.........so they all said 'oops' as they hit the pickle switch on their fully armed bombers?
  10. How many people did the Germans kill in Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Greece and the Soviet Union? Utter tripe, the British could and did conduct daylight raids, we can argue until blue in the face as to why the Americans conducted daylight raids but the results made a perfect advertisement for why night raids made sense, the Allied bomb sights were not the marvel they purported to be and civilians still died in American raids, the Americans only entered the war in 43 and none o
  11. There have been many many times where exactly this has been suggested/asked/pleaded from both sides of the fence. There is indeed, a smear campaign would be libellous and worth pursuing legal action over, thankfully it's not an issue.
  12. 7. Comments containing profanity, personal insults, accusations of cheating, excessive rudeness, vulgarity, drug propaganda, political and religious discussion and propaganda, all manifestations of Nazism and racist statements, calls to overthrow governments by force, inciting ethnic hatred, humiliation of persons of a particular gender, sexual orientation or religion are not allowed and will result in a ban. Violations of this rule will result in the following: First offense - 3 days ban on entry Second offense - 7 days of the ban on entry Third offense - 30 day ban on entry
  13. 6. It is forbidden to discuss the actions of moderators and administrators in any form on the forum. All questions are to be sent via "personal message" to the administrator/moderator. Violations of this rule will result in the following: First offense - 3 days ban on entry Second offense - 7 days of the ban on entry Third offense - 30 day ban on entry
  14. maybe, but then we could move on to the graphic presets.
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