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  1. I'll take a Jug please Tip. Can we please loose the 262s until we have a full set of BoBp allied planes? Thank you.
  2. A Peshka for me please. (also signed up in BFs post) Thanks Tip.
  3. I think the Pacific theatre will be some way off yet. Simulating carriers with sea motion will be a major coding exercise on its own. It does however, unlock a whole load of additional BoX options, including Korea, Mediterranean, North Sea and so on. TF 5.0 is North Africa so they are unlikely to touch that region yet I recon Russia 1944 may be next as it fills some gaps in the Russian plane set and can utilise Kuban and Bodenplatte aircraft also. Whichever region comes next, it will need a set of 10 planes. So that will probably dictate the choice.
  4. Heel slide plates in Tempest cockpit are too close together, otherwise looks promissing....
  5. I would like one of those p-47s please Tip. BB.
  6. Hi again, Tip. May I jump in the remaining Yak for the night ops phase, if it's still available.. Thank you. BB.
  7. Posted in BFs forum for Allied Bomber. Thank you. BB.
  8. Posted in BFS sign up for a P-40. Thanks. BB.
  9. Posted in BFS forum for a P-47, please. BB.
  10. Hi Tip. I have already posted in BFS forum but will repeat here. I see all the 1.Java chaps have moved to Spits. So you may give either Retnek or Nrv13 my seat in the last A20 and move me over to a P47 Jug if you wish. See you all later. BB.
  11. The Tempest was supposed to replace the Typhoon but never really got the chance to be use for the same task. After D-day it's high speed and firepower meant it was reassigned as an interceptor, hunting down Me262s and V1 Doodlebugs. The result being that the Typhoon was kept in service for longer than intended, remaining as the primary British single engined ground attack and interdiction aircraft of the Europrean theatre. Look up RB-396 for info on a restoration project.....
  12. Thanks for the screens, Atlan. I had to make a low level attack after losing an engine, definitely wasn't expecting to be finished off by Stukas.
  13. Ditto. I had alot of unpleasant head shake in the cockpit until I identified the cause. Btw, those upper cowls are mapped to Inlet Cowl Flaps, in game. BB.
  14. Getting back to the original topic.... Most engines have a rating known as the SFC - Specific Fuel Consumption. Typically given as: Pounds(lb) / Horsepower / Hour. Reciprocating engines from the WW2 period were in the range of 0.5 to 0.45. So for any given throttle position / power setting you could work out how much tank range was available. If you want a powerful and economical diesel aero engine, look up the Napier Nomad.......
  15. Nocke, there is also 1 Peshka available still. Feel free to join our bombing raids if you like....
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