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  1. I personally feel that the 'head size' assigned in VR is too large because of this you can't get as close to the canopy as you should be able to in real life. I don't want a cheat head out of the canopy bubble mode, but tweaking it to avoid the moving cockpit occurring so much would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Think I'd need to see the vid of that 😉 The He111 falls apart when harsh looks and moderate language are directed its way.
  3. I think both parts of this statement are wildly optimistic.
  4. Rift S user. Agree, the head movement restriction feels too limiting. It's like your head is twice its size and the cockpit starts moving before you've gone anywhere near the glass. Found it particularly evident in the FW190A5 last night.
  5. VR has transformed the BoS experience for me. I never really got into it: I wanted to like and enjoy it but couldn't. Now it's a bit harder to go back to flat mode CloD.
  6. Indeed, more like [edited] the idea that this could even be seen as a real problem. So looks like we can look forward to more of this [edited] in Bodenplatte.
  7. Same, they basically said earlier that: it can't be fixed so deal with it, it's not a major problem... See:
  8. I personally am not bothered by the current setup, CloD is not a study sim. Using a mouse to click on virtual buttons wouldn't add much to the immersion factor for me. If it was VR and development of VR accessories allowed players to flick switches/pull levers etc. that would change things. If any changes were to be made I'd rather it be like BoX rather than DCS. I've got X-plane if I want to run through a full startup sequence.
  9. Testing last night, I had a bomber escort mission @ 3k and there was no aliasing/disappearing planes even though the JU88s were almost constantly against a (lower) cloud background. However on my return to my home airfield, my flight dropped to sub 1k and the aliasing was present. Perhaps it is a particular cloud type that causes this?
  10. I'm on high settings, it's been noticeably worse since 3.001. Though it looks like we'll just have to deal with it from the comments on the 3.002 patch response thread.
  11. Looks like the clouds issue that many users have experienced was not addressed. Only reason I've not played more career is that most of the missions are low right among the clouds and my flight and enemies pretty much disappear for half the mission.
  12. If only! Mighty 8th was so much fun.
  13. FW is planned for the channel map, but would strongly suspect that it would come after Africa.
  14. I get your point, but these new planes are going to be based a lot around the trop versions directly intended for Tobruk. And BoX devs are in the enviable position of being able to charge £50 for their release right here, right now with absolutely nothing yet for players to play around with: TFS are not. BoX can get their sales locked down which gives them the ability to drip feed content in increments with the money safely in the bank.
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