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  1. I think lately J5 server is acting in a weird way. From my side I have been disconnected many times and the same happened to all my team mates. Packets lost are often queued and after a while they come back all together when the conditions of the server improves. Few days ago, the fps of one of my team mates dropped to 14 and he couldn't keep up with us. Few minutes later the queued packets arrived all together and we saw him flying at maybe 600/700 kmh. Weird. A couple of days ago I engaged a Camel. I saw my bullets hitting its engine, entering the cockpit and then slowly slowly going back to its tail. In a second pass I saw tons of my bullets hitting its right wing. The Camel apparently didn't suffer any demage and, working with a Se5a, shot me down. Just out of curiosity I took a look at the log and guess what? According to the log none of my bullets hit the Camel... Despite of the fact I saw something totally different. For what I noticed, since the last update, unluckily the J5 server is not always working properly. I am not a tech but I have the feeling sometimes the server is not "synchronized" and what we see is not what is really happening. I suppose the reason why is that some stuff are generated from the client but if the server loses its synchronism server and client do not agree on what"reality is". Again, I am not a tech so I could be wrong...
  2. Uhmm personally I can't stop laughing everytime I hear the word: "Realism". Sirs, are you aware of the fact that large majority of us is "way, way, way too old" for flying a fighter? Are you aware that flying with a cup of beer in your left hand wearing slippers is realistic NOT? Are you aware that nobody really dies? Do you know what's realistic in a "PC flight simulator?" N O T H I N G! Amen JGS4 MAx von Arese
  3. Ciao Bradipo, spero ti diverta con FC. Non farti problemi a chiedere consigli. Se ti va, la prima volta che ci incrociamo in volo ti do l'indirizzo del nostro canale DIscord. Ohh.. Bradipo, questi sono biplani quindi. "Vai adagio" ! JGS4 Max von Arese
  4. In my opinion the problem are not Camels themself. Just for example, the last superhero we met who happily kept attacking inspite of the fact his plane was crippled and smoking and probably he was wounded.. was flying a SE5a. Here the problem are the guys who play "Quake" instead of a "Simulation". Here the problem are the guys who want a kill in their statistics, it doesn't matter what. The problem are the guys transforming a potentially fantastic simulation in a "shoothemall" for children. Of course it's just my very personal opinion... How to solve it? Uhmmm difficult to say. To be a hero is very easy when you fly wearing slippers and you have a beer in your left hand... Nobody dies in real. Everybody is a hero! It's the most common problem of simulators and it's probably the main reason why "simulators are everything but simulations". By the way I suppose that something could be done. For example I wouldn't put online any personal statistic. Entente XXX Central Powers YYY . Put there just the score of the two sides and probably we would have people playing in a different way. Way more realistic I would say. Moreover... I would (but I recon is a bit extreme) ban people who dies. Do you get killed? Ok, your ip is banned 2 hours long. Maybe we could give 2 lifes to the bombers...maybe. I am 100% sure we wouldn't see "superheros" anymore... JGS4 Max von Arese
  5. Salute Sirs, I would love to welcome the multitude of new Japanese pilots recently enlisted by Entente. I do love the idea of FC being very international and I have to say these Jap boys are adding new thrill to the game! Personally I have always loved the Pacific WW2 scenario! Imagine how happy I was when I saw that we finally got not one, not two but a whole lot of Kamikaze flying for the Entente! Yayyyy, finally reality is matching my wildest dreams! To see those guys, with planes looking like Switzerland cheese, smoking like crazy, engine on fire keep flying is refreshing!! Everybody in real would run home and try to land but those guys do not do it! They have gut!! They keep attacking our CLII, shooting inspite of the fact they can barely fly, inspite of the fact they are wounded and almost blind! They are heros!!! They know they will die but they keep fighting just to get a kill. Out of ammo? Do you think such a detail would stop them? No way! They can always ramn the bloody bomber! Said that: Welcome Kamikaze, I was so missing you! I knew it was just a matter of time!!! And now, finally, you are here: WELCOME! JGS4 Max von Arese P.S. The first time I will see somebody bashing about how unrealistic an Alby is cause it goes 3 kph faster than the real plane and it has 4 more screws than the real model I will go MAD! Above all if the comments come from a Kamikaze (do not think they are new comers) . Dear Sirs, the only absolutely unrealistic, unreal, crazy wrong part of the game are the pilots! I am sure most of you already knew it...
  6. The main problem, in my opinion, is that FC has never been sold nor advertised like a "stand alone game". People think it's nothing else than an expansion, a mod, a campaign (call it as you prefer) of BOS. Said that, just the BOS players know about it and most of them probably are not even interested in a WW1 simulation. To advertise FC like a stand alone game wanted be a way smarter thing to do. I am pretty sure that is plenty of WW1 fans who do not even know that FC exists. Point two: "The price". The game is way too expensive for what it offers. A map, and a poor selection of planes playable just in multiplayer mode Another smart thing to do would be to provide stable servers with a good rotation of maps and missions. We are playing the game JUST and ONLY cause some saints (J5 and JG1 guys) pay for servers and work on missions. Is it possible that a game, that should represent the state of the art of WW1 simulation, is left to the good will of some volunteers? It's a shame and above all it's a waste
  7. The plane I prefer is the one able to take me home safe and sound... A rare model!
  8. Thank you for the suggestion Talbot. We will bring you some of our best looking "girls" ! Here there is the first one, already trained to convince you to defect and to pass to the dark side... Our "propaganda minister" came out with this irresistible "I want you" campaign!
  9. Flying Circus is a great game and a fantastic simulator but... I can't avoid to point out something I noticed since I started using it online: "Entente pilots are extremely rude". Nothing to say, it's a matter of fact! Some examples? Easy peasy! Yesterday I was flying my CLII above entente territory. As a sign of peace and love I brought them some candies that I delivered on a couple of barges and... What did Entente pilots do? Do you think they said "Hello Sir, thank you so much, happy to see you"? No!!! They started shooting at me! How rude can they be? Another example? After that flight my team mate Karl went for a recon mission. He started waving and sending kisses to everybody. Do you think the Entente pilots waved back? Not at all. They intercepted him and started shooting at him. How rude???? Why this bad attitude??? Why are you that angry? Now... This situation has to stop! Sirs, if you do not start being polite and if you do not stop shooting at us, on next time, despite the fact I am a peaceful sweetheart I will shoot back! Ok??? Nothing else to say" JGS4 Max Von Arese
  10. Hey Baeumer, nice to see you, my old friend. Talking abour RB3D I srtart feeling like an old dinosaur! I tested the game flying a short bit in your server. Thank you for it... Great job!
  11. Hello to everybody. I downloaded and installed the game 5 minutes ago... After the years spent on RB3D and ROF a new adventure for JGS4 and me starts today. I am looking forward to meet you all over Flanders mud as soon as possible. Merry Xmas to all of you and your families S! JGS 4 Max von Arese
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