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  1. Malta and the Med theatre has lots of plus points from a sim point of view. Lots of different aircraft and scenarios, from small scale CAS to some of the greatest carrier ops battles of WW2. From an aviation and naval standpoint pedestal and the earlier convoys were nothing short of epic confrontations between allies and axis. Pedestal was one of the crucial events of WW2 and the guys involved never really got the credit they deserved.
  2. As with the arty spotting in ROF we could have para or supply drops, rough field landings to supply forward troops could add excitement. I think it'd be good, I'm not sure how commercial it'd be but that can't be the primary consideration for a product like this. If money was all the dev's were worried about they'd be making fantasy RPGs or some shite
  3. I see the OR selling in vastly greater numbers than TIR. It has a level of utility and, hopefully, ease of use that TIR lacks. I can imagine driving and flying with the OR will be an intense immersive experience, that can only be good for sims surely. Suitable in game controls will come, and quickly. I think VR will bring a total gaming revolution, I even wonder if it'll completely replace conventional TVs and monitors.
  4. Sims just don't adequately model the airframe and control forces at those speeds, especially when the aircraft isn't designed for transonic flight.
  5. I can imagine there could be medical applications at some point. Lots of people have eyes with partially failed focusing systems....
  6. It does appear to be a direct OC competitor, how mature is the tech though? It could have gaming applications but the dev's don't mention gaming much, only movies strangely.
  7. They never look right though and mostly they spoil the look of the skins underneath. The P47 from IL2 looks OK, maybe because the skins are quite low res anyway but on the CloD 109 skin the numbers look like they're floating, not attached to the skin.
  8. Why does being able to check six by only moving your head slightly sound like lunacy? That's what we do with TIR. People will do almost anything for a MP advantage.
  9. Focus, stick to the aircraft.
  10. I'd say its deffo going to be more effort to use an OR than a TIR though the OR will almost certainly be more immersive. But then could you set up the OR for similar limited head movement that you use with the TIR?
  11. Yeah, experimental rocket planes but no Henschel 123.....
  12. A lot of people seem to be flying their aircraft with the trim wheel. Irc the I16 series has no trim...
  13. The extreme lighting contrast makes the CloD pit look better, more exciting than the real pit photo... ROFs lighting looks less dramatic but appears more realistic imo. I agree that ROFs 109 pit could use nicer textures.
  14. I think a lot of people may have their controls reversed. Auto prop pitch seems to make the Lagg swing as well so go for manual, a bit like an auto gearbox in a car changing gears mid corner when you'd rather it didn't. Set prop pitch full forward for takeoff. Auto radiator and mixture are fine. Advance the throttle cautiously applying left rudder to correct the right swinging. Mashing the throttle will drag you off the runway to the right, you wont have enough rudder authority to bring it back. I don't use flaps on takeoff.
  15. That's the problem though, restrictions to reduce engine wear are meaningless in a sim where you get a nice new engine each flight.
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