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  1. Thanks for the update. These things happen, look forward to it tomorrow.
  2. I admire you trying your luck but Flying Circus hasn't been offered...
  3. Tone71 + BoN And thank you for your generosity!
  4. I quite like it, so far. If you hover over a thread title you can view the first and last posts, which is pretty cool.
  5. Only if I can get a "banned" badge...
  6. They should be fully focused on finalising badges! (obviously joking!)
  7. Great piece of writing and great vid; thanks for sharing!
  8. Just to echo what everyone else has said, I would always set curves in-game and not not through the Saitek software, although ideally you'd want little or no curve (for the reasons jaydee stated above).
  9. Ah yes, I see there are both gold and silver variants for BoM already; bronze would be good. As you say, it's just handy to know what forum users own, when discussing BoX.
  10. Would be nice if we still got a badge just for owning, albeit maybe a silver one (from someone who missed out on the BoM badge, oh for shame!).
  11. Tone71


    Google translate: Hey. I want to apologize to everyone for my behavior. This will not happen again. I will follow my statements and treat with respect to other pilots. Thank you. All the clear sky. Don't know what you did but I forgive you too!
  12. I'm currently halfway through Part 2 of Stalingrad, hoping to finish that and Moscow before the new campaign system arrives. Are you sure the old campaign style is disappearing completely?
  13. Not sure anyone is complaining about the price, or disputing BoX's value for money; to think something is "costly" depends largely on one's income and any expenses they have. ☺
  14. There's already been a thread on the agreed acronym, Jason and team have agreed on BoBp.
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