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  1. Hi folks As passionate IL2 BoX fan it's a pain for me to not have the BOS Badge in my forum profile. I first discovered BOS on steam until I learned that the dev's earn more when I buy directly from the website. So I switched quickly. Is there any way to get that shiny BOS badge? I know first world nerd problems... but... I... need... it Fly fast Emu o7
  2. Thank you LG Team for the great additions! <3
  3. Hello BlackSix I have to write in german, because I don't speak english. I've already completed Blazing Steppe 2x times and the campaign is excellent. Like in Ten Days of Autumn the background story is great. It's almost like in old IL1/46. Who doesn't know the Plus Wave (Wings over Waves/Wings over Jungels/The Fires Above or the amazing Rebirth of Honor). I've played these campaigns countless times. My question / my desire is to experience Blazing Steppe in german? It would be a pleasure and be an additional motivation to buy future campaigns. That's more or less what Mr. Hirschmann wrote. Fly safe o7 Emu
  4. Doh! i read the manual before and was happy to do something for the team. i repeat: Doh! Thanks to all for the answers.
  5. Dear TAW-Pilots Need some explanationon on what I did wrong. When I logged in, I saw that Zenino was at 100% damage and none defenses. So I took off from Mozhaisk which at that moment was damaged less than 40%. I flew the PE2 ser.87 as a transport plane. Since the mission already had begun I managed to do 5 transport deployments. After the mission terminated I saw that apparently I crashed my plane. I'm 100% sure that I properly landed the transports on every mission. This is frustrating, a waste of time and a waste of team effort. Especially because I don't understand why. Here the mission record: http://taw.stg2.de/pilot.php?name=[TWB]Emuyen I hope someone can explain it. Fly safe o7 Emu
  6. Sir, this is fake news. FEW, LG, TWB, RedEye, 19th and many more speak english. It may have little difference based on the timezone maybe. But your claim is so absolute that... I recommend you to read "Black Swan" by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. I you happen to see me on the server I will be very happy to communicate with you in TS. On this you were right: Coordination is important. Fly safe and see you in the sky o7 Emu
  7. Can you please provide the Ten Day of Autumn Badge too?
  8. The campaign after Blazing Steppe has been revealed! It's about ground pounding and punishment! Wooohooo! Looking forward to play "50 Shades of Minengeschosse" <3
  9. I see. Thank you. I did an error. I tried to be a smart ass yesterday and registered a new account. Please delete this one: http://taw.stg2.de/pilot.php?name=[TWB]Emuyen Then I can change the name on this one: http://taw.stg2.de/pilot.php?name=Emuyen Thank you mighty Kathon! o7
  10. Dear Admins Please unlock my account. I just added the SQUAD Tag and the Server didn't like it :-) Take your time but do it fast. I. Must. Fly... aaaargh the additcion for TAW is strong in this one. Regards, Emu
  11. Yesterday from 21:30 - 23:00 (UTC+2) inbalance in favor of VVS. I think more and more player are getting a hand on VVS planes. Thank you Kathon. I missed TAW
  12. I'm think about buying a VR headset. Can you zoom in when you play with headset? is it reccomended to zoom in (won't it cause sickness?) And do you have a disadvantage if you aren't able to zoom in? Thank you
  13. I would take flight lessons if we would fly at the same time!
  14. Dear Asgar, as far as I understood kathon there is a possibility to change the color of YOUR custom skin. so for them YOUR custom skin is bright pink. only for them.
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