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  1. Hello crew. I am not sure this is the appropriate place for selling, (Did not see a "For Sale" section), but I'll see how much "flak" I get... X52 Pro HOTAS, like new condition. $100.00 plus shipping. Contiguous United States only.
  2. I agree with Remontti. When in the BoS SETTINGS; we'll use the "Main Controls" tab as an example, the column on the far left contains the default settings. Lets say you want to use one of those throttle buttons for the landing gear. (Key "G" in the left column.) You must go into the Saitek, (Madcatz) "Profiler" software and map the "G" key to the button. Be sure to name, save and launch this profile before you launch the sim. Now when you use that button on the throttle, the software "sees" it as pressing the "G" key and will move the gear. I had used that pinkie in BoS as the "Reload Weapons" button without issue.
  3. Hello crew. This question is specific to setting up my new Warthog HOTAS. Using the TARGET software, I have programed a three position toggle switch for my LA5 cockpit lights; switch down = off, switch middle = back light instruments, switch up = flood lights. However, If I do not physically reset this switch down before repopulating, then the light sequence in the plane doesn't match the switch position. If I leave the toggle in the middle and repopulate, the lights are off. To turn on the instruments back light, I now have to move the toggle all the way up. To turn on the floods, I have to come back to the middle position. I now have to move the switch down and up a few times to get the lights to match the switch. Having the discipline to physically reset all switches, axis, etc. to there "start" position prior to repopulating makes the most sense, (or put the lights on a push button) I am just curious if I can somehow get the lights in the cockpit to always match the switch position using the software. Thank you up front for your patience and assistance...this is all new to me.
  4. Hello Crew. This may be a "far out" question, but I am curious anyway. I have been using my new Warthog HOTAS for a few weeks now. For those whom don't know the setup, the throttle base has 5 programmable LED lights stacked vertically. Since I fly mostly the Yak platforms, I thought it would be nice to map/program those lights to represent fuel remaining as opposed to trying to look out at the wing mounted gauge. I am thinking if I could access the software controlling he wing mounted gauge... I know I am reaching, but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask.
  5. Thanks again Matt. I will go through my settings again and verify...but I thought I had done all I could to hide everything. If there is some type of new statistics type screen in the future, I hope to have the ability to hide that as well! LuseKofte, good idea on the minus to rename a folder. I will be doing so before next flight.
  6. Thank you Matt...simple enough...and I will try doing so prior to my next flight. But, now I have another question...(My apologies to TazMan for hi-jacking his thread.) Since we need to re-name a folder to get rid of radio chatter, both message and audio, (I assume the folder change will take care of both) that must mean that there is no current check box or other "switch" to toggle it on and off. Second, can I use this folder name change option to silence or get rid of other, non-desirable traits of the sim...like the points screen TazMan referenced, or the message that pops up every time someone enters/leaves the server? Much appreciated.
  7. SharpeHB, or anyone; can you explain how to turn off these "radio speech" messages and speech? I have gone through and turned off/unchecked every option that I can in BoS to make it more realistic, but I can't seem to find this option. I gather from your post that even with the text removed, the audio, (I'm wounded, I'm on fire, I'm bailing out, etc.) will still be heard? Correct? Thanks.
  8. S! Thanks for the replies to my flap question. I will revisit my key/button mapping and see if I can get fine control of flaps on the LA-5. Another YAK-127 question: is there a skin template we can use to make custom skins as is available for the Yak-69? I made a skin for the -69, but that skin does not "fit" the -127, so I need a template to start from scratch. Thanks again for the assistance.
  9. S! friends. I am still quite new to BoS and I fly mostly the Yak and La-5. I tried the Yak-127 some last night and found it quite impressive. I do have a question: is it possible to very the flap setting? IE, I can only manage flaps up or flaps full down...nothing in between. It is the same for the La-5...all or none. Any assistance would be appreciated. FWIW, I use the X52 Pro.
  10. Thanks guys for the support. I will use the advice given and play around with the various options in the M.E. and see what I can come up with. The details in M.E. are quite impressive.
  11. JimTM, thank you for the intell. Unfortunately, I am just cutting my teeth in M.E. and I don't understand the language you use above. I see within the M.E. the various windows, check boxes, etc., but at this point I just don't understand what it all means. What I would like to do is populate various static planes, buildings, vehicles, etc on an airfield that can be attacked and destroyed. But I would like to have these objects "blow up" or "catch fire/burn" etc., with different levels of damage. (makes no sense to have an entire hangar blow up with the same amount of damage needed to blow up a small plane.) The "Durability" block seems to get me what I want, but I have no idea which numbers to use. Example: For a static Yak, with a Durability number of 500, when hit is seems to blow up too easily. The M.E. will not except 700...it keeps changing it back to 500. Going to 1500 seems to work, but this number doesn't seem to make any difference than the 500 number. Going to 2000 seems to make the Yak way too hard to destroy...short of flying into it. Perhaps this Durability block only excepts numbers in 500 increments? Again, I just have no idea. Trial an error could work, but that takes a ton of time to make a change, launch Dserver, launch TIR, launch the sim, log in, log into my server, choose a plane, populate... Also, once this static yak catches fire, it only burns for about 30 seconds then stops. I would be interested in lengthening this burn time...possible? Thanks again. Looking forward to your finished manual.
  12. Try this: (this simplified version works for me...) Click on any part of the small window you can to make it active. Then press Alt + Spacebar then M then use the arrow keys to move the small window where you want it. (You might be able to use the mouse to move it at this point as well.)
  13. Salute crew. Within Mission Editor, I have set a block: static Yak, onto my airfield. I have clicked on "Create Linked Entity" within the Block Properties window. Clicking on the small arrow next to NAME opens the Block Advanced window. Near the top of this window is "Damage Report" with a number that can be changed. (Mine currently shows 50.) What does this number represent and what happens if changed? I understand the "Durability" entry in the Block Properties window, but not this "Damage Report". Thanks.
  14. Perhaps one of these tricks will work: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows/bring-misplaced-off-screen-windows-back-to-your-desktop-keyboard-trick/ The "Keyboard Trick" tip works for me. (Have used it at least three times now.) S!
  15. I have just installed the free version of Photoshop CS2 from the Adobe site and I have also downloaded the Nvidia Texture Tool from the Nvidia site. The DDS Plugin is located in my Photoshop CS2 folder, Plug-Ins, File Formats. I also added a copy to my Photoshop CS2 folder, Plug-Ins, Adobe Photoshop Only, File Formats. I open a skin template in CS2 and click "Save As". Within "File Format", DDS 64 is not listed as an option. I don't understand what I need to do to make DDS an option to save a custom skin. Thanks in advance.
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