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  1. Check Camera settings and your keybinds. There are two types of view controls - "snap" and "pan". It sounds like you were using pan, but they have changed to snap.
  2. The best solution is likely still to be mapping the recentering function to a button that is easy to hit any time it's needed. It worked for me (a button on my throttle), and I didn't have to disable any TrackIR features.
  3. That happened to me about a week ago. The issue was actually that it somehow got set to forced on, instead of Auto. I went into the Oculus Debug Tool and disabled it and the framerate was normal again.
  4. The cotinued improvement of the already fantastic damage model and the AI is reason enough to be excited. You all are doing really great work!
  5. Aha, yes that makes perfect sense, thanks. I can't even imagine how complex AI coding or any other part of it is. My hat's off to them, for sure.
  6. Thanks for the reply. It turned out he wasn't looking in the proper place in-game to see the missions. It was quite an easy fix once we figured that out, LOL
  7. Could you elaborate on what fixed it? I'm helping a friend through this situation as we speak.
  8. Ah, yes, that's true. That was what I wanted for the practice mission (high speed passes on an "unaware" target) but that wouldn't be very good otherwise. I suppose medium priority behavior doesn't accomplish the goal either bc they'll opt to fight it out. Maybe a "high-ish" priority would do... 😁 Some nice info there, glad to see they are focusing on improvements. Thanks! I saw WTR referred to several times. Any idea what WTR stands for?
  9. I've used this same setup described above in a practice mission. Planes spawn at one side, and get a way point to fly to the other side. When they are about 30km or so out, they get an attack area command on an airfield. The bingo bombs message triggers the next waypoints, which has the plane turn and fly back across the map, where it then gets deleted as it reaches the out of bounds area. A new attacker spawns every 45 seconds, and it rotates through all possible attack planes and bombers so the target isn't always the same plane. Not a single one has ever loitered or had an issue. This is in a player-hosted multiplayer mission (non-dedicated) with all waypoints and the attack area command set to high priority. There is a lot else available in the mission to practice doing, like air gunnery targets, ACM targets that have no ammo, tank targets having a mock battle, a train that respawns when destroyed or when it reaches the other end of the track, artillery targets, several RRR stations, bombing targets, and general flight airfield, along with the 5 air spawns for practicing all the above. Everything is always going (since triggers detected players is broken on non-dedicated servers) and everything respawns as it is destroyed. So, it isn't a dead-simple mission. But it works perfectly. Maybe it's different with a mission run on a dedicated server? I know you guys have a lot more knowledge and experience than me. I just wanted to share my experience and setup.
  10. I'll echo what others have said, and say that the work you have done is absolutely fantastic. Il-2 is looking and playing better than ever, and in my opinion both spotting and identification have never been better (in VR with the Rift S). It's a great time to be a WWII sim fan!
  11. There are also servers running missions that have AI in addition to any human players. There's something for any kind of play. Welcome! I also came over to IL-2 after a very short exposure through War Thunder. I saw it on sale and decided to give it a shot, and there was definitely no going back.
  12. The ground looping is pronounced for sure, but I don't think it or any other plane is in need of behavior fixing. The way I prevent it as by throttling up some after I've landed and I'm rolling and braking. If you start to swing, and braking on one side along with rudder just isn't cutting it, add more power (increase throttle). It sounds counter-intuitive to be adding power, but it works, every time. The added throttle gets your prop moving more air, which increases your rudder authority, and prevents or counteracts the spin. It works on all other planes with a tendency to ground loop, also. It's important to catch it early. With enough throttle, you can use the brakes to slow down, and slowly back off the throttle, using rudder and brakes to counteract any sideways movement as soon as it starts. Since I learned about it and started using this method, ground loops are no longer a problem for me. Adding throttle along with rudder input stops a ground loop that has already started, also. Really, it's pretty much the same principle as throttling up on takeoff with the parking brake set or while holding the brakes. If you wait until the prop rpm is up and then release the brakes, you'll have more vertical stabilizer and rudder authority and a much easier time heading straight down the runway. Hope that helps you. It helped me a lot.
  13. That was my experience before the patch, also. It is still true now - supersampling makes the relatively few pixels we have to spot harder to spot. No supersampling, 4xMSAA, sharpen, and the blurry landscape filter look great and I've been able to spot and I'd better than before. Thanks to everyone who has been doing all this testing and reporting!
  14. It doesn't look like the same image to me, at all. The one without AA has very visible jagged lines and the one with AA does not, and the ones that remain look noticeably reduced. Even viewing the images on my phone it is plainly visible. Maybe your expectations are a bit too high?
  15. I had a lot of shimmering until I turned the landscape filter to blurry. I now run all settings maxed, no supersampling on the Rift S, 4xMXAA, blurry landscape filter, and sharpen on, and it looks great. Still some shimmer, but that combo seems to be the best, until if and when the shimmering is addressed more directly.
  16. I'm still pretty newb, and have been in IL-2 for since 2016 or so, I think. It's been off and on due to life and other things, but now I'm "back on" and there shouldn't be anything changing that now! One thing that will help with spotting and IDing are your graphics settings. There is good info here on the forums about that. With the new rendering and options, I'm finding that (using the Rift S) no supersampling in VR, 4xMSAA, sharpen on, and the blurry landscape filter look best and I've seen no compromise in spotting and I think better ID ability. As far as my own abilities, I've been finding that there is a difference between "knowing BFM" , and really knowing it, as in, not just knowing it on paper. As you've probably seen already, if you get a six, you've made serious errors and you will have a very hard if not impossible time shaking it off. As I have been rewatching Requiem's excellent tutorial content, I have found that I'm picking up on subtle things that went over my head the first (many) times I watched them, since I now have more experience to draw from. I highly suggest rewatching from the beginning, more than once, periodically. You might pick up on more things, as I did. Putting the pieces together takes some thought and experience. Situational awareness is always key, and something I still struggle with. As others have said, there's a lot to keep track of. But it's improving, as is my ability to correctly ID a target (which I also still struggle with in many cases). And being aware of a target and responding appropriately are two different things, of course. My improving understanding of energy states, energy management, nuances of some BFM maneuvers that drastically help manage range, angles, and closure and maneuverability of my aircraft, knowing good choices to make in different situations in applying the BFM I've learned, etc., is coming along pretty well now, and I still feel like a noob compared to most online. But... I'm completely fine with that! I have nowhere near the level of experience of those who fly regularly online. I do enjoy the learning and improving process. I plan to start to dip into multiplayer more, now that I feel like I have a foundation. I also play guitar also, and that's a pretty good parallel. In guitar terms, I'm still learning the notes of scales and chords and where they are on the fretboard in IL-2, but have a good bit of that under my belt now, I think. Nowhere to go but up from here (so lots of going down in flames to come!). Over months of additions and changes, I have made what I feel is a good practice mission for pretty much anything you want to practice. I can send a OneDrive link to it if you're interested. It's been very helpful to me and a couple friends just now getting started in it. Good luck, and have fun! Don't stress about success.
  17. Thanks, Alonzo! Unfortunately, the problem remains, even after deleting my OpenComposite folder and then re-extracting the files and running the .exe, and watching it download the dlls. OpenComposite is set as the default, but it still runs through SteamVR. It had to be an update that broke it. It worked great for weeks and then just never worked again. I deleted the files again, and this time extracted the files and ran the .exe as an administrator, and this time it worked!
  18. Has anyone else had issues running through Open Composite with the Steam version of the game? I only installed it less than a month ago, I think. I would select to run IL-2 through SteamVR and it would run via Open Composite without SteamVR, no problem. It worked fine for several weeks or so, then one day the game launched from SteamVR instead. Since then, I can only run via Open Composite if I run the IL-2 exe directly from the Steam directory, but then I don't have access to half of my content because of the way account linking is set up. I can't get it to run through Steam with Open Composite anymore, even though the settings still have it set as the default application to use, and IL-2 specifically is set to use it. Occasionally my controls stop responding until I alt-tab and then go back to the game. It seemed to stop while I was using Open Composite, so I would like to be able to use it again!
  19. In case this helps anyone else, I learned what the "Smart Toggle" feature does in Joystick Gremlin, and it resolves the issues encountered with processing commands like holding a shift key and pressing another key, WITHOUT needing to tediously edit macros and insert pauses, resulting in somewhat disjointed repeated inputs instead of smooth and constant inputs while the controller button is held. Smart toggle does one of two things depending on how long the button is held before it is released. You set a "toggle time", which defines the time threshold for processing a "press" action versus a "hold" action. If you press and release the button in a time period shorter than the "toggle time", Joystick Gremlin toggles the button on. It will remain on until you press the button again to toggle it off. If you press and hold the button longer than the "toggle time", Joystick Gremlin will treat this as the keys being held down on the keyboard, and it will release them when you release the button. The underlined portion is the part that didn't come across clearly in the documentation for Joystick Gremlin (I don't think English was the native language for the developer). It is an important distinction from a macro, where the press and release is repeated continually until the button is released. It also processes the held buttons in a way that the game seems to treat the same as holding the actual keys on the keyboard, unlike some cases with Map to Keyboard key-presses that don't work properly in-game. With Smart Toggle, I was able to delete every macro with pauses and replace them with Smart Toggle bindings, which also made all functions smoother and continuous, as if I was pressing the keys on the keyboard, as I said above. Side note - "Tempo" keybindings are pretty great, too! You get two keybinds for the price of 1 button - one command for a button press, another for a press and hold. I hope this helps someone
  20. I got everything working using macros in cases where Map to Keyboard actions were not recognized properly in-game, and temporary mode switching to get around the broken shift button functionality, rather than any remapping and keeping track of virtual buttons. In many cases, I had to add a pause of anywhere from 0.2 to 0.5 seconds between the key presses and releases, so for example: Press Lshift Press - Pause for 0.5 seconds Release - Release Lshift I also set the macro to "hold", with a delay of zero, so that the function would continue as long as the button was held, or "none" if it is a momentary, toggle type of function. For the mode switching, in mode 1a, I have one button to switch to mode 2a, and my "shift" button is a temporary mode switch to mode 1b. In mode 2a, the mode switch switches to mode 3a, and the temporary mode switch switches to mode 2b. Mode 3a switches back to mode 1a. All modes are "children" of Mode 1a so that any buttons not assigned in a mode would inherit the function of that button from mode 1a. It works great, and there are no virtual buttons to keep track of!
  21. The water radiators in the P-38 do not work properly in manual operating mode. When switching to manual operation, the water radiator control opens to 100% by itself. If the keys for closing the water radiators (RCTL + =) is pressed briefly, the radiators then close to 0%, as if the keys were held. Pressing the "open" keys again open them all the way to 100%, as if the keys were held. I have tested both with my HOTAS buttons and the default keybinds, and both behave the same way. The oil radiator is unaffected - it behaves normally. I also verified that the radiators of another plane with automatic control by default (the P-51) operates normally. Both the water and oil radiators work normally in manual operation in the P-51.
  22. I ended up switching to Joystick Gremlin. The conditional activation is bugged so it doesn't allow a "shift" button to work, but using a temporary mode switch and utilizing multiple modes worked just fine to rebuild my profile from CH Control Manager. Being able to record macros and tweak delays between presses and releases was crucial to getting it to work, but it all works. Finally no more glitchy control issues!
  23. I am having problems with Gremlin, also. The same ones you described, but also this: I use buttons for multiple things. So a normal button press, and also a press while holding down another button (a shift button). No matter what I do as far as conditions, map to keyboard, macros, same container, different container, etc., when I hold my shift button, I get both actions - the normal action and the "shifted" action. I am at witts end trying to figure this out. Maybe it's bugged. I think I'll be switching to the temporary mode switch method.
  24. First, a question - what is the "enemy targets visible" option? I searched for the term in this thread but it came up with no results. It is checked by default. What does it do? Second, @SYN_Vander , the tool is incredible, and it is, in my opinion, something that 1C should license/purchase from you and incorporate it into their MP server creation screen as an option, along with the option to load a mission created from scratch in the ME. This is exactly what I have said here in the past is missing for multiplayer - a simple (preferably in-game) UI to generate a mission that players can hop in and just play the game together. I tried it for the first time last week for a mission with a friend who is just getting going in IL-2. I then played the same mission I had generated to play with him solo as I was testing some things, and... it was different (varied, different enemy flights and encounters)! You have done fantastic work!!!
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