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  1. Trigger Test.rar I attached my test mission, to be hosted on a local Multiplayer Dogfight server. Here is a description of the mission flow, expected behavior, and observed results: Mission Flow The player spawns on the runway. An AI plane is sitting to the right, with a waypoint set to activate 60 seconds after mission start. A subtitle that reads, "Player Spawned" is linked to the airfield spawn using the OnPlaneSpawned event. A Check Zone Trigger set to detect allies, with a radius set to 50m, is placed so that the trigger area is just forward of the start location on the runway. A subtitle that reads "Plane Detected" is triggered by the Check Zone Trigger. Expected Behavior A "Player Spawned" subtitle should appear at the top of the screen when a player spawns. A "Plane Detected" subtitle should appear in the middle of the screen when the player enters the Check Zone Trigger while rolling down the runway. The "Plane Detected" subtitle should appear again when the AI plane rolls down the runway. Observed Result The only subtitle that appears is when the AI plane enters the Check Zone Trigger area. *NOTE - The player should spawn and roll down the runway within 60 seconds of mission start - the waypoint for the AI plane activates after 60 seconds. I hope this helps!
  2. Thank you for confirming! I also tested and found that building damage and destruction are not generating ondamaged or onkilled reports. A counter trigger or even a simple subtitle linked to a building ondamage or onkilled report is not functioning on a player-hosted multiplayer mission or on a single player mission. I can provide the test mission I used if it would be helpful. Thanks, Jim!
  3. It appears that building ondamage and onkilled functions are also not working on locally hosted (non-dedicated) MP missions.
  4. @Dufalator Just for your future reference in other aircraft: Operational notes like how the braking system works, whether or not there is a tailwheel lock and how to engage it (pulling the stick back or a separate switch or control), and many other things are listed in the bottom section of the aircraft specifications tab on your briefing screen. I just watched a buddy learn the wheel brakes lesson a few days ago because he didn't read the notes and thought the Spit had independent toe brakes. He was spinning out all over the place 😁
  5. When hosting a multiplayer mission locally, triggers are not getting activated by player aircraft entering a trigger zone, players spawning, players taking off, being killed, or anything else related to a player-controlled aircraft. Triggers are functioning normally for AI aircraft. When searching, I haven't been able to find where this has been reported as an issue, but it has been around for the last several patches, at least. Hopefully it is on the "fix list", because it limits a lot of functionality. I understand, of course, there are always things that must take a back seat due to limited resources.
  6. Check Camera settings and your keybinds. There are two types of view controls - "snap" and "pan". It sounds like you were using pan, but they have changed to snap.
  7. The best solution is likely still to be mapping the recentering function to a button that is easy to hit any time it's needed. It worked for me (a button on my throttle), and I didn't have to disable any TrackIR features.
  8. That happened to me about a week ago. The issue was actually that it somehow got set to forced on, instead of Auto. I went into the Oculus Debug Tool and disabled it and the framerate was normal again.
  9. The cotinued improvement of the already fantastic damage model and the AI is reason enough to be excited. You all are doing really great work!
  10. Aha, yes that makes perfect sense, thanks. I can't even imagine how complex AI coding or any other part of it is. My hat's off to them, for sure.
  11. Thanks for the reply. It turned out he wasn't looking in the proper place in-game to see the missions. It was quite an easy fix once we figured that out, LOL
  12. Could you elaborate on what fixed it? I'm helping a friend through this situation as we speak.
  13. Ah, yes, that's true. That was what I wanted for the practice mission (high speed passes on an "unaware" target) but that wouldn't be very good otherwise. I suppose medium priority behavior doesn't accomplish the goal either bc they'll opt to fight it out. Maybe a "high-ish" priority would do... 😁 Some nice info there, glad to see they are focusing on improvements. Thanks! I saw WTR referred to several times. Any idea what WTR stands for?
  14. I've used this same setup described above in a practice mission. Planes spawn at one side, and get a way point to fly to the other side. When they are about 30km or so out, they get an attack area command on an airfield. The bingo bombs message triggers the next waypoints, which has the plane turn and fly back across the map, where it then gets deleted as it reaches the out of bounds area. A new attacker spawns every 45 seconds, and it rotates through all possible attack planes and bombers so the target isn't always the same plane. Not a single one has ever loitered or had an issue. This is in a player-hosted multiplayer mission (non-dedicated) with all waypoints and the attack area command set to high priority. There is a lot else available in the mission to practice doing, like air gunnery targets, ACM targets that have no ammo, tank targets having a mock battle, a train that respawns when destroyed or when it reaches the other end of the track, artillery targets, several RRR stations, bombing targets, and general flight airfield, along with the 5 air spawns for practicing all the above. Everything is always going (since triggers detected players is broken on non-dedicated servers) and everything respawns as it is destroyed. So, it isn't a dead-simple mission. But it works perfectly. Maybe it's different with a mission run on a dedicated server? I know you guys have a lot more knowledge and experience than me. I just wanted to share my experience and setup.
  15. I'll echo what others have said, and say that the work you have done is absolutely fantastic. Il-2 is looking and playing better than ever, and in my opinion both spotting and identification have never been better (in VR with the Rift S). It's a great time to be a WWII sim fan!
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