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  1. Mon ami ne peux pas bouger sa tourelle ni en tank ni sur une tourelle d'avion. Il peut tirer, prendre et lâcher l'arme, mais ne peux pas bouger/viser. Des idées ?
  2. My friend can't move his turret whilst on the gunner of my Bf110 and the tanks, he can shoot with the gun but can't move the turret at all. And it's quite annoying for him. Anyone can help ?
  3. HOI EVERYONE!! FOUND THE PROBLEM!! Search on your computer" Device Manager" (i google translated it from french, in french its Gestionnaire de Périphériques. check the Network Cards, and find your computer card pilot, and rightclick UNINSTALL! Your internet should be gone, and just reboot your computer and EVERYTHING IS FIXED!!
  4. Yeah that's exactly my problem BUT!! it happens, IN OTHER GAAAMES! Wakfu! Minecraft! Slither.io! So its a common problem!!
  5. Hey pilots! i have a double screen on my computer, that is very useful btw, but the problem is that when i move my mouse it slides on the screen on the right, and when i click it exits IL2... so anyone could help? its annoying when i'm a gunner.
  6. nope never happened to me i never played a game more than 10 mins.
  7. i resetted my Wifi Box, and i flew in the gunner of a Ju87 to see if it would cut, and it did it again, multiple times after 5 minutes of game in WINGS OF LIBERTY, and how do i change server?
  8. I'm always disconnected of the game even without hoppin in a vehicle! it says #10009: Game server connection lost. it happens also to disconnect me on minecraft, and i called my Internet Connection service, they told the connection seems alright, and they said i should call them if the problems persist, so? anyone could help?
  9. i can't hear the engines of any bomber when i'm in a gunner of any bomber, i can hear my gun reloading and shooting but not the engines.
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