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  1. I think it might be. Just trying to help.
  2. Yes. You can remove head shake in the camera options.
  3. Another one, based on Ginger Lacey. The Instructor – RAF pilot biography =================================== Born on $[birthdate], $[name] grew up amongst the quiet streets of the market town of Wetherby, West Riding of Yorkshire. He left King James Grammar School, Knaresborough to continue his education at Leeds Technical College, where he mostly flew under the radar of his professors and maintained average grades. For a few years after graduating, he worked as an apprentice pharmacist and loathed his mediocre future. As the threat of war over Western Europe began to loom larger, he joined the RAF Volunteer reserve as a trainee Pilot in Perth, Scotland. He accumulated 1,000 hours of flight time before the war. $[lastName] was called up when war was declared, after having become an instructor at the Yorkshire Flying School. His squadron was transferred to France in order to support the French army and stem the tide of Blitzkrieg. In one May afternoon, $[lastName] claimed his first victories of the war, shooting down three German aircraft: a He-111, a Bf-109, and a Bf-110. He was shot down a few days later, crash landing in a swamp and almost drowning. He then shot down two more He-111’s before his unit returned to the UK, earning him the Croix de Guerre for his efforts during the Battle of France. Enormous success during the Battle of Britain followed. He flew a Hawker Hurricane with No. 501 squadron based at Gravesend, becoming one of the highest scoring pilots of the battle. During one of the heaviest days of fighting, $[lastName] attacked a formation of 12 Bf-109s, shooting down two before the others noticed and escaping into the clouds. However, it didn’t all go his way, as he was forced to bail out or crash land his damaged aircraft no less than nine times. On one specific occasion, $[lastName] bailed out of his Hurricane, swearing to himself as his airfield was nowhere to be seen in the dreadful visibility. Success over the channel continued thereafter, as $[lastName] skillfully flew the Spitfire Mk V with No. 602 squadron, based at Kenley. He claimed two Fw-190s as shot down in April, having made them collide. One of Britian’s top aces, $[lastName]’s reputation preceded him, and he was in huge demand as an instructor. As a result, he became a Tactics Officer and Chief Instructor at No1 Special Instructors School within a year. The following year, $[lastName] was posted to India but was recalled to the European Theatre to lend a hand in attaining complete air superiority over Western Europe. Although he had been in and out of the war as an instructor pilot, he remained supremely confident in his combat abilities and was admired by his fellow pilots as one to learn from. $[lastName] was $[age] when he arrived at the headquarters of $[startSquadronName]. The date was $[startDate].
  4. Thought I'd have a crack at this. Enjoyed researching and writing regardless of whether this makes the cut or not. Any suggestions/corrections are welcome The Merseyside Musician – RAF pilot biography =================================== $[name] was born on $[birthdate] into a family of seven in Kensington, Liverpool. Growing up, he idolized his warm and compassionate father, who worked as a composer and pianist for the local music hall. He would often accompany his old man down to the concerts, plays and variety shows that were hugely popular in the Merseyside city, where he would sneak backstage and peer out through the curtains to get a glimpse of the fanfare. A perceptive, humble, and shy boy, $[firstName] tag wanted nothing more than to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a professional musician. That was until one evening, when, after the RAF big band played at his father’s music venue, he was regaled by tales of daring encounters between Sopwith Camels and Fokker triplanes by the recruiting officer, who accompanied the band to every performance. From then on, $[firstName]’s passion became aviation, and he was thrilled to see a flight of three Hawker Fury’s roaring overhead one hazy afternoon as he cycled home from school. The low growl of the Rolls Royce V12 and snap of the propeller as it cut through the air was a better sound than anything that had come out of the the music hall. In fact, he thought it was the best sound he’d heard in his life. War broke out in the skies overhead. Liverpool was constantly under bombardment from the Luftwaffe, but the air raid sirens carried a certain sense of excitement for the then teenage $[firstName], who was eager to join the fight, but was not old enough to do so yet. Upon his seventeenth birthday, $[firstName] rushed to the recruiters office to hand in his pilot application. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, he was invited for an interview, where his keen interest and knowledge of aviation landed him a place at the Reserve Flying Training School. Sixteen months later, he found himself at the controls of a reconnaissance Spitfire over the North Sea. As he scanned the cold, grey sky, he had the feeling that he would never catch a glimpse of an enemy fighter for the duration of the war. It was then that he decided to request a transfer to a combat unit upon landing. His request was granted to his absolute joy and so $[startRank] $[name] packed his bags and got himself ready to cross the channel to the air war that awaited him. He arrived at the airfield of $[startSquadronName] on $[startDate], aged $[age], full of excitement for the action ahead.
  5. I'll put my name in the hat for this one. Mid 20's, Nor Cal born and raised. Would love to help. I've read lines for theatre production voice overs in the past.
  6. Did this get resolved? I have a friend who has a similar situation.
  7. Blue2, thank you very much for your generosity. Can't wait to fire up my new tri motor. May 2018 be kind to you. Cheers
  8. Put me down for a Ju-52! Happy New Year and Thanks!
  9. Put my name in the hat! Thank you very much! Merry Xmas all.
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