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  1. Here we explore the difference between the two and how it affects game play strategy.
  2. Mobile BBQ - that was it! Sneaky little grey arrow on the tail of my 109 - looked like a painted on symbol, duh. Grin grin
  3. Anyone experiencing NO loadout screen after choosing an aircraft on a MP server. A/C will spawn just fine with full fuel and ordnance but there is no screen that either gives or limits choices, as has always been the case. Common problem on several MP servers. Yes, latest update version. thx
  4. I simply stop the recording and restart immediately. I end up with half a dozen 5 miute long TRK files for one flight. This makes them more manageable for editing. When editing you can't tell the difference.
  5. Thanks Jason, and thanks, Requiem. Perhaps a note or warning of such potential loss would be good to post prior to, and with any updates. As you both know I create IL-2 BOS specific tutorials and this has been, till now my virtual library for the footage. It's no problem that we cannot keep it, just would be nice to know when to save it elsewhere. Cheers, Col Ninny
  6. I never use rudder pedals, just my twist grip - works for me. Check out my How to fly tutorials, #4 covers turns. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrawg1oXJ5xs0mQCsEeXkAA
  7. There are many great tutotials, Requiem, Der Sherriff, StG77HvB, and I offer a few playlists as well:
  8. Excellent H!. Cover the good stuff - great food for thought!
  9. Whenever there is an update I seem to lose access to flight record files prior to that date. Loading error of #1000 or similar comes up. No problem recording new files and accessing them. How can I access these trk files? Also there is no dialogue information on the right hand side of the screen as with active files. Thx, Col Ninny
  10. By now you should be well on your way. Check out my 60 tutorials from simple to complex starting with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aewu2Fx7qHk cheers!
  11. Non-IL-2 related but a tribute to my father and his best friend. A poignant and sobering perspective to consider on Remembrance/Veterans Day. Enjoy.
  12. Thx, Jim I refreshed the page and it worked. From what I can see you have made a tremendous effort here! Thx
  13. Hi Jim, I cannot download it. Says it's been removed. Is there another way to access your pdf? thx
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