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  1. I remember taking part in a poll for the Hurricane, so it's nice that it's now being added.
  2. You're welcome. After the latest update rudder/elevator trim can now be mapped to the rotaries.
  3. I've got the X56. Have you mapped both 'engine throttle 1' and 'engine throttle 2'. This is what I have done to fly 2 engine planes. I don't have the main throttle command mapped at all. To fly single engine planes just lock both throttles. I use 'hat 2' button on the joystick for rudder and elevater trim. The only trim that works on rotaries is the 'adjustable stabilizer axis' for the Bf109's.
  4. Oh, I get it now. The combat camera is on a selfie stick.
  5. Why is LCtl+ F4 the same point of view as F4? This is not how combat camera should work. Also editing the flight record does nothing.
  6. How does combat camera (LCtl +F4) work?
  7. The damage to the Dixie Gal P-47 looks like the result of a nose over.
  8. Can they be manually set like in Cliffs of Dover?
  9. Is the magnetic/gyro compass in the Spitfire functional?
  10. As I find take-off and landing harder in Cliffs Of Dover than Great Battles I want to know which title best simulates these features?
  11. I have the same flickering in that area. I noticed Requiem's video flying the Me262 at the FSExpo2019 has the same issue, too.
  12. I noticed it too. Are the devs aware of it?
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