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  1. Can they be manually set like in Cliffs of Dover?
  2. Is the magnetic/gyro compass in the Spitfire functional?
  3. As I find take-off and landing harder in Cliffs Of Dover than Great Battles I want to know which title best simulates these features?
  4. I have the same flickering in that area. I noticed Requiem's video flying the Me262 at the FSExpo2019 has the same issue, too.
  5. I noticed it too. Are the devs aware of it?
  6. Development wise, would it be easy to include the Typhoon, as it is similar to the Tempest?
  7. Is that an official statement from the devs, as at least adding the Typhoon as a collector plane would, I'm sure, be quite profitable?
  8. I could not find 'C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\bin\game'. The one I'm using to launch the game without logging into Steam is 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game', which I access via a desktop shortcut. So I won't be able to get my pre orders of Bodenplatte and Flying Circus if I don't log into Steam?
  9. Will the game update without Steam? I ask this because in one month I have had to reset my password three times because it was not being recognised. It's happened again and Steam have told me my account has been compromised. I told them to fix the issue but they think I have an unsecured PC etc, which is not the case. I originally purchased Stalingrad, Moskow and a couple of collector planes from them but have since purchased directly from 1C' website. My password has not been reset, so I can not access my games library. Fortunately I can play Il-2 Sturmovik through its launch file. However, I'm concerned the game will not update if Steam is not accessable.
  10. Update: I installed a 3.0 USB expansion card and connected my HOTAS to a powered hub and the ghosting issue is no longer a problem.
  11. I returned the Aorus B450M motherboard and replaced it with an Asrock B450M Pro 4 and the problem persists!
  12. I reinstalled my Intel i5 7500 CPU, Gigabyte B250M-DS3H motherboard and 8GB of Crucial 2600 RAM and the X56 is working perfectly just as it was before my upgrade. Conclusion: There is nothing wrong with my X56, so there's obviously a compatibility issue with the Aorus B450M. However, my X52 worked fine when I tried it.
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