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  1. 164 Sqdn were equipped with MK IV's as well until Febuary '44 when they converted to Typhoons.
  2. Unless you have it set at One:One you shouldn't be craning your neck using TrackIR. I have mine set to Smooth with no such problem.
  3. Still the same problem. Controller assignments have disappeared again. This is unacceptable and should not be an issue to begin with. How 1C have the audacity to charge a premium price for this garbage is a disgrace.
  4. I think I've resolved the issue by implimenting the devreoder utility, as suggested in the troubleshooting guide.
  5. Are you implying that only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun?
  6. I've already done all that, but the manual says nothing with regards to the 'save as' option I mentioned. What's its purpose? To put it another way, will it help or hinder me if I click on 'save as' if I reassign the controllers?
  7. Ok, I checked your manual and it says Windows 10 might be the problem. I don't think so, as I have that OS and it does not affect the controllers on any other sims I have. Also, I have all my controllers on a powered USB hub, so what's the problem?
  8. My joystick and throttle commands have gone. Is it because I didn't click 'save as' when I assigned them?
  9. Get used to it, as there's a whole lotta shakin' goin' on in this sim.🤢
  10. That's not a problem in the BF-109 E7, as you can see through the armoured head plate to check your six. Try it.
  11. It happens in single player, quick missions on the Rhineland map and not just in a Spitfire.
  12. I took out two trees in a Spitfire IX whilst taxiing.
  13. A Yak, a Yak, my kingdom for a Yak!
  14. The reason is quite simple. They speak the same language but their accents are different.
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