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  1. It looks like RAF North Weald. There is a photograph taken in 1941 in a book I have, Battle of Britain Then & Now, which compares with it particularly the camouflage and hanger layout. Interestingly, 331 Sqadron were based there in '42 and '44.
  2. Jabo_68*

    Gun Cam

    The cam footage looked fine to me and is what I expected. I do agree it looks gamey during play but I wasn't thinking about it being implimented that way.
  3. Jabo_68*

    Gun Cam

    What do the Devs think to having a dedicated gun cam feature that enables when the trigger is pressed?
  4. A dedicated gun cam feature would be a great idea. I'll make a suggestion to the Devs.
  5. Thanks for that. I haven't played career mode yet.
  6. Having undamaged cities looks out of place. I think the Rhineland map should have reflected the timescale of Operation Bodenplatte.
  7. Who was it that was restoring a Typhoon? There is a Typhoon restoration project underway in the UK (The Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group, which I'm supporting through membership. Didn't the Devs also get help from the RAF Museum, Hendon, regarding the Tempest. There's also a Typhoon there, too, which I'm sure the Devs are aware of.
  8. Nice idea. It would be a logical progression to the recent physiological changes.
  9. What do you use the TM TH8 RS for, as that's a gear shift isn't it?
  10. I'm familiar with Requiem's excellent YouTube channel, but it isn't exactly convenient to refer to it whilst playing the sim, though.
  11. I don't know if this has been suggested before (I'd be surprised if it hasn't). Can the Devs implement an information pop-up when cockpit instruments are moused over? It would be very helpful. Obviously the mouse camera function would have to be disabled.
  12. Also, the map and planes layout resets to default when files are validated. I wonder if this is a bug.
  13. I have RPM at minimum and throttle low when taxiing the Spit.
  14. UPDATE Problem resolved after installing latest Radeon driver: 19.12.2.
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