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  1. Youre lucky the spit didnt just snipe you down.
  2. Lots of tiny coughs that down germans in the blink of any eye. I love it!😂
  3. You should try the Spit IX on Berloga. Its really funny.
  4. Well, i bet a real A20 pilot would lol pretty hard if he saw those kind of videos of this plane:P
  5. awesome how the germans fall apart as if they were hit by missiles:P
  6. thanks a lot! I apprechiiate the help. Oh one more. The A8 has MW 50 too right? How to activate there?
  7. Hello, i got a simple question since i didnt play for quite a while. How do i activate MW50 on german planes'? I mean how is the functionc alled in the settings. Thanks for the help!
  8. sorry. but did you actually listen to yourselves guys? You are arguing if a fighter should be a better climber than a bomber and if a bomber should perform better in turnfights. You are arguing about that? Really? Sorry. I will not participate for numerous reasons. Number one being: This is riddiculous An number two: I got better things to do with my time:)
  9. Well. Just a subjective impression: But this doesnt seem very realistic to me.
  10. this. 2 shells. 1 shell from the one that hit and one from the one that missed. So YES. That ammo is obviusously totally superior.
  11. really? "Dumbass" and then "no disrespect intended"? LOL Well, I insult as well when i play and the other cant hear it. And I mean it:P
  12. This is me. After not simming for half a year.
  13. After getting separated I had to sell some of my gear to finance the furniture for my new flat. Now I am settled and ready to maybe even start some flightsimming again. I am looking for a decent set of pedals (maybe MFGs, Slaws or similar quality) and a decent throttle. So in case you got something to offer shoot me a pm. I am located in germany. Thanks!
  14. OP: I thnik it has been stated that there is no such thing as "Blancing" in this game. So....
  15. Who said devs are biased? Dont put words into my mouth. I didnt play and post for quite some time. Ill rather keep "not posting". Have fun in your little world guys:)
  16. Thanks for clarifying the issue. When I get to fly again i will definately use your advice.
  17. Hi guys, I am selling my Goflight GF LGT2 with self printed switchbox. Because the LGT2 is usually not compatible to anything but Flightsimulator from MS i changed the electronics to a leo bodnar Joystick Board. The LGT2 and all the switches are now being recognized as a single Standardjoystick by windows. Price: 100,-€ plus shipping as basis for negotiation. Itemlocation is germany.
  18. all I am saying is that i dont think that being unable to rev up for a signifcant amount of time during combat is how the engineers imagined this to work.
  19. I experienced the issue quite often. If you ran full power and then throttle down it sometimes takes ages to throttle up again and remains idle for what felt like 5-10 seconds. The effect of this can be devastating when in aircombat. Just another little tripwire if you ask me.
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