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  1. Youre lucky the spit didnt just snipe you down.
  2. Lots of tiny coughs that down germans in the blink of any eye. I love it!😂
  3. You should try the Spit IX on Berloga. Its really funny.
  4. Well, i bet a real A20 pilot would lol pretty hard if he saw those kind of videos of this plane:P
  5. awesome how the germans fall apart as if they were hit by missiles:P
  6. thanks a lot! I apprechiiate the help. Oh one more. The A8 has MW 50 too right? How to activate there?
  7. Hello, i got a simple question since i didnt play for quite a while. How do i activate MW50 on german planes'? I mean how is the functionc alled in the settings. Thanks for the help!
  8. sorry. but did you actually listen to yourselves guys? You are arguing if a fighter should be a better climber than a bomber and if a bomber should perform better in turnfights. You are arguing about that? Really? Sorry. I will not participate for numerous reasons. Number one being: This is riddiculous An number two: I got better things to do with my time:)
  9. Well. Just a subjective impression: But this doesnt seem very realistic to me.
  10. this. 2 shells. 1 shell from the one that hit and one from the one that missed. So YES. That ammo is obviusously totally superior.
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