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  1. The Sherman shown is a Sherman VC (Firefly) that Sweden acquired after the war. It's important to remember that the M4A4 (Sherman V) had the weakest engine of the Sherman family and the longest track length, and thus the poorest automotive performance. Had the tank been an M4A3, especially with the HVSS suspension, the results would likely have been different.
  2. The M4A2 gunsight uses yards, which roughly corresponds to a meter. The only tip I can give you is to use the machine gun to estimate range (for ranges 1000 yards and below, at which AP, APHE, HE and the MG are essentially the same in ballistic drop), to keep in mind that M61 APHE and M48 HE are ballistically identical, and to practice both in solo missions and in multiplayer. The M4A2 is a very capable tank if you use its strengths to your advantage and play smart.
  3. American tank radio equipment (like nearly all other nations) varied based on the position in the chain of command of the TC commander. For the platoon members, most would have only a receiver or receiver and transmitter to communicate between themselves and with the Platoon Leader. The Platoon Leader's tank would have two receivers and a transmitter to monitor both the platoon and company net and talk. The Company Commander (and presumably First Sergeant) would have two receivers and a transmitter to monitor both the company and battalion net and talk. I'm not quite certain about the battalion radios, as they are probably more powerful and not all mounted in a tank. For communications with ground troops, the US Army was pretty late to establish effective means of tank - infantry communication. American tanks used FM radios, while infantry radios were AM and thus not compatible. The solution devised in 1944 was to jury rig a telephone on to the tank that cut into the tanks intercom system, or for the tanks to carry AM radios, infantry to carry FM radios, etc.
  4. The optical systems available to to TC isn't really related to what I meant. I meant that I personally never go open protected as it isn't much safer than fully open when you're being shot at with direct and indirect fire, so I just prefer to go fully exposed to get the best view of the terrain and situation when not in contact. I'm pretty sure its possible, the game is still in dev and will probably see a much better TC control modeling that isn't just a copy and paste of aircraft gunner controls.
  5. Turn out and use the controls you use when you are a gunner in a plane.
  6. This is a pretty trivial issue IMO. I've never went to eyeball defilade in Steel Beasts, as the only reason to do it is if you're under fire, in which case you may as well just button up. It also limits your vision more so than being fully exposed, which kinda defeats the purpose of turning out. It would be nice though if the process of going from buttoned up to turned out was faster and smoother.
  7. The 88mm KwK 36 isn't really overkill when you consider that the KV-1 was among the targets the Tiger was expected to encounter, and that going a little overkill is also future proofing the tank to a degree. The large caliber of the warhead also allows a larger high explosive filler for Sprengranate ammunition, which increases effectiveness against troops and field works.
  8. I can't get Nvidia Geforce Experience or the Windows 10 Game DVR to record or even recognize Il-2 Great Battles. Does anyone know a fix?
  9. The map that allows you to select spawn points on the map, types of missons and aircraft selection does not appear when I click "Quick Missions" at the top of the main menu.
  10. Is it possible to control the aforementioned motions with the WASD, QE keys?
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