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  1. During World War II, there was a practice of leaving the machine by turning it over. In this way, the pilot just needed to unfasten the belts, then the force of gravity did its job. The diary says that now, if a pilot is injured, it will be more difficult for him to leave the plane. Question: will this feature (with turning a plane over) be implemented? This will help to leave the plane much faster.
  2. Wolfkis Now i have 1 life yes. But why? Why i receive 24 hr penalty just because im dieing? Who came up with it? Why can't I have three lives, and die all three times without getting a ban?
  3. why i got 24hours penalty guys? it is a second time already. I just died and... i cant fly for today anymore. I have all planes, i have 2 more lives...
  4. I have a quite tormenting question. Is it possible to soon get at least one night mission covering time from, for example, 11 to 4 am? No one in this game did this. WOL, KOTA and other servers have never done nightly missions. Why not make one night map for one mission? This is a good experience by the way. I understand that this will take time, so it’s not difficult for me to pay for your work, if you need to. I have a very long time and very much want to fly at night in multiplayer.
  5. When a server will be workin again guys? 166hrs already passed
  6. Take as much time as you need. Thank you for your work, sir! btw id appreciated if one day u'll add night missions (or at least late evening, it is very atmospheric to fly under the night sky).
  7. I respect the work of the developers of this server. However, I don’t understand why the community cannot be kept informed, so that there’s no question "why, when ...". The only thing I know is that there is some kind of problem with AA. However, neither the timing nor the time of the technical work we were not told. That is why I said my displeasure on this matter. I'm also not quite sure why, after one of the parties to the conflict wins, the server is closed for almost 2 months (like last time). I don’t observe other servers like this (the WOL wasn’t even close), but I want to fly. The developers are doing a great job for us. I sincerely respect them, but the fact that no one notifies anyone and the huge time intervals when I can not go to the server makes me sad.
  8. after, after it. How many time does server needs to start the company again?
  9. ok but when the mission will be over (German wins) the server will be closed for 1-2 month again?
  10. Guys come on, why's server getting close? Is that so hard NOT TO CLOSE IT? i flew only for 4 days, and i cant wait 2 month untill it'll be open again!
  11. sup guys May i know when the server will be open again? this is my first "big game" (Stalingrad-Kuban) there. Really like this server, and it's sad that i cant fly now. I'll be appreciated for any information sry for my english
  12. More than 400 views! much obliged! Previous parts: -part 1- https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/27436-we-all-love-it-part-1/ -part 2- https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/27477-we-all-love-it-part-2/ -part 3- https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/27591-we-all-love-it-part-3/ ____________________________________________________________________________ Enjoy watching!
  13. Heey! Thanks for 200 viewings of the previous parts! (part 1- https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/27436-we-all-love-it-part-1/) (part 2- https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/27477-we-all-love-it-part-2/) Enjoy! Please, write, if I annoy you ______________________________ Yours faithfully, Drinkis!
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