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  1. Create a new tank. ! This is realism? The best for real tank Simer, goes from the server. if you are killed. In real life, we are 24 hours in the tank. When we play public MP it is always a time compression. this is a game.
  2. Achtung Tank P. Ground plane and bomber reduced. a little more flak. Think WorM of E-front is also rebuilding.
  3. I have VR Oculus, it's beautiful. i fly but much more with 4K 40inch. But with the hiring of many here BUY ONLY IF IT "VR" GETS TFS 5.0. If too few TFS 5.0 buy, there will be no TFS 6.0. Does anyone want that?
  4. In many hours in MP I have the realization that the chains are too easy to destroy. A shot of chains away. That goes with all the grenades! Sherman, Pz III M, KV-1s, Tiger H1, Pz III L, T34 STZ. There are many players who drive around the Tigers in a T34, M4A2, KV-1s, 30 minutes and more and then lose the chains of AI, plane or clear trees. Even the slow Pz III or Tiger after 30 minutes approach shortly before the flag chain away. The AI fires without sight through forests houses hills, chain away. The server where tanks are limited. In Arcate Server where tanks are unlimited and the flag is 5 minutes away, it does not matter. Chains must endure more 3 Direct hits should take chains to be destroyed. The missions peasants should decide for themselves whether it costs 1 minute (arcade) or 5 minutes or more for a chain repair time. Another idea about chains repair time. The repair should be interrupted when firing with the gun MG, cannon and then repair the chains again from the beginning. It would be important in the next update chain free repairs. Excuse my English is bad.
  5. Thanks again RUS63_WorM for your work for E-Front. this is a russian server, not the whole world has to speak english. Since my English is bad I write German translated perhaps the Goggle understandable. I hold nothing of 5 minutes lock, this is a public server. Red needs planes as long as there is no SU152 in TC against the Tiger. My suggestion would be: Once again, it's easier to win missions for red and then easier to win blue missions. More village town for red and more village clear landscape for blue. Airfields that are far away from the combat area, long flight paths. Airplanes parked leave engine off. Few aircraft that are not replaced in a mission by time. No bombs and missiles for hunters. Versions of missions with bad weather. Limit all tanks (that feels like being in a tank battle) The tiger is the strongest. At the front few, in the back more and more in tiger the bases. So now I have no ideas at the moment anymore. greeting
  6. We 7./SchG2 are waiting for you and your E-front server. mate. S! Athlon
  7. Nice video. Can not wait anymore, to fly the MC202 Dewo520. Ju88 C beautiful THX for Patch4,55
  8. The T34 STZ same cannon 7.6 cm F34. where are the historical data for TC?
  9. Hallo balou, der Skin von dir geht bei mir auch kein Launcher absturz. Du solltest mal eine komplett Neuinstallation von Blitz machen oder in Steam unter Lokale Dateien auf Fehler überprüfen. Gruß
  10. I'm disappointed. two months are not fixed, for the Russians "Über" ammunition. As a founder, I am really angry. 😡
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