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  1. I thought the Ki61 was more of a response to the American planes when they would enter dives to escape.
  2. So you can count me out of the running, went and preordered.
  3. I want that model, thats very creative.
  4. Looking forward to the changes, I hear alot of compliants lately of the "over the top" damage model, and it being exaggerated for gameplay purposes and player statisfaction. Always a WIP. I feel like a jerk for asking, but any snippits about Air Marshall mode?
  5. I really enjoy the honesty and transparency. Setting correct expectations. PS. I would buy a Zero collector plane just for fun.
  6. Pacific content.... Wildcats Hellcats Corsairs TBF Avengers Dauntless b-24 b-17 Zeros Oscars Vals Ki-84s Bettys
  7. i need more pacific action, its been too long
  8. Mustang won the war, should been in first, 262 didn't do squat
  9. Honestly, Clod still looks amazing and I'm sure it's only going to get better with 5.0. I don't even play CloD past quick missions, never was around for its glory days but I love the look of the game. It has a very crisp look.
  10. In DCS, the standard practice is to only have about 30%, this should empty the center tank (behind the pilot) and only leave the wing tanks. Sorry, I haven't gone into details, but that should give you roughly a 20-30 min flights at max power damn near. Comparable to the 30 min of flight time in a 109k4 running mw50 for 30 mins lol
  11. I so far have my rudder pedals for steering, and my throttle for brake and gas, its actually really cool, just push the gas foward and away I go, much nicer then the poor real life conditions for drivers and those rough gears.
  12. That's a real shame, not even open to the idea?
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