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  1. Hi m8. I solved the problem installing driver 353.62 Be aware there is a problem with that if you have windows10 founders update installed. With that version you have to prevent windows from updating drivers automatically. I did it installing 353.62. Once the system updated the driver to the last version, I did this. I am afraid we will have to repeat the process every time nvidia releases a new driver version. Cheers.
  2. Great answer, I suppose we didnt read the game minimum system requirements, where it can be clearly seen that if you have one Nvidia 780, 960, Titan or other nvidia graphics cards involved in this issue, you should not buy the game, because that cards are obsolete. By the way, driver 353.62 works fine for me. Cheers
  3. Well, I've installed the new patch and I have managed to fly for 1 hour aprox, quick mission, with Nvidia 353.62 drivers installed. No game crashes at all and good fps. at least it seems that I am able to fly. I will test it online in a more demanding environment and will post my results, but last week I tried to fly this very same mission and game crashed after several minutes, so I call this a success. I don't want to get the champagne out of the refrigerator prematurely, but seems we have a temporary solution at hand. Thanks to the developers for the update. I hope we have a permanent solution soon so we are able to fly with latest drivers. Cheers
  4. Nvidia GTX 780. Intel core i5 4460 at 3.2 GHz 8gb RAM Problems began last december with persistent game crashes. It was solved reinstalling Nvidia drivers 368.81, following instructions from developers. Then, last april, after VR support update, Game begins to crash every time after minutes of flight. Sometimes 3 minutes, sometimes 15. Every time it happens I get this error message: D3D Error DXBufferMan11::vb(..) DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED I've tried different solutions, lowering graphics options, and reinstalling Nvidia drivers. Now I have updated nvidia drivers to latest version. Crashes persist.
  5. I tried the new spitfire last week with latest nvidia drivers, after 2011 update. Game crashed after 10 minutes. (I have a 780 too) Yesterday, I found that when I opened the game launcher an small update was downloaded, but I did not try to fly at that moment. It would be great if that small patch solved this issue and, after months, we are able to fly, but we will have to check if Stacko was only lucky or it is the long awaited solution. If anyone tries the new version and it works, please tell us.
  6. Hola a todos. Yo tengo una 780 y solucioné el problema que había surgido antes de navidades de 2016 instalando un driver antiguo conforme un post que puso Han referido a los dueños de las 780. Ahora, desde hace ya varios meses, desde la actualización 2010 concretamente, de nuevo surgió un problema. Por lo que veo afecta a la serie 7 pero también se han dado casos con las GTX 960, GTX 1070 y GTX Titan. Al cabo de varios minutos de vuelo (puede variar, desde casi inmediato hasta 20 minutos de vuelo) la pantalla se congela y aparece el mensaje de error D3D Error DXBufferMan11::vb(..) DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED Desde que surgió el problema (hay varios hilos abiertos en el foro de asistencia, además de repetidas menciones en el hilo general), se han actualizado los drivers de Nvidia 3 veces, y ha salido la actualización del juego 2.011. Nada de eso ha solucionado nada. El juego es involable. Se ha probado de todo (actualizaciones de windows 10, jugar con los niveles gráficos...) y los únicos que han encontrado una solución, o así parece, es gente que instaló los drivers 350.12, del año 2015. Lo he intentado y tampoco ha funcionado, los drivers dan error. Además no es bueno tener que andar con los drivers de hace dos años. Los desarrolladores no han contestado nada. Algún comentario que ni siquiera reconoce el problema dice que será cosa de Nvidia. Me parece extraño que una gráfica funcione perfectamente con los últimos drivers en todos los juegos excepto en uno y el problema no esté en el juego sino en la tarjeta. Si a alguno se le ocurre algo, soy todo orejas. A día de hoy no puedo volar, desde hace meses.
  7. That's what I've been saying since this problem began months ago. I agree absolutely. What I see here is that developers have decided at one point to ignore this problem. The only solution at hand seems to be upgrading our cards, but since the problem has appeared in 1070 cards also, you may find that you expend a lot of money purchasing a new card only to find that you have the same problem. What upsets me most is that I even ordered BoK early access when this problem was already present, in the belief that a solution would come soon. It seems that I was over confident, and that it was an absurd purchase. If you discover any solution, please tell me.
  8. Yes, nothing has changed. Neither version 2.011 nor new nvidia drivers released 06/29/2017 solved this problem. Game crashes after 5-20 minutes. Always.
  9. Hi Geralt. There are some topics related to that problem. It is an issue that came with the VR support update. There is a problem with the graphics card, As far as I see, it affects Nvidia 780 series, titan and some of the 900 series. The game crashes after a few flight minutes, varying from 5 minutes to 30. I have experienced that it gets worse in autumn maps. I am no expert also, but some people have solved their problem installing 350.12 drivers from Nvidia. That means that you have to go back 2 years to find a driver that works. I couldnt install that driver, so I've been grounded for months. Nvidia blames 1c and 1c blames nvidia. I don´t know who is responsible, but a lot of users have expended their money and they cannot fly so far. It is very sad. I hope that a new update comes and this problem is solved once for all. I think going back to old drivers is a bad solution, and it should be a temporary patch only until a real solution comes. The 780 owners were flying with old drivers even before this problem came, due to a previous problem, and then this new issue rendered that patch useless. Please, give us a good solution. I love this game, it is the only game I play, I purchased battle of Kuban early access recently and If this problem persists I will have to quit flying. One of the best things to say of this game was that developers really listened to the community and provided a good feedback and advice, but after this months I have to change my mind, because no one have answered our requests, not a simple "ok, roger, we are working on it, hold on". By the way, Geralt, what is your graphics card?
  10. Hi Vendigo. I have tried to install that driver, but I have Windows 10 and the only version of the driver I've found is only for windows 7. I tried anyway but the installation failed. Do you have any idea or tip? I have managed to fly several times for a long time with the latest nvidia drivers but yesterday I suffered two or three crashes with that "DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED" stuff again. It is frustrating, weeks keep going and we have no answer from nvidia or from 1c. Two new drivers have come since I first experienced this issue and the problem persists. Any help would be great, thanks.
  11. Same here. And there are threads in the forums about the same problem happening in titan and 1070 cards. Gents, this is serious.
  12. Not a single word. Not a simple "we are working on it". Fabulous. I have a 780. We had to cope with the drivers problem. We were just told to revert to older drivers and we did. It worked for a couple of months. Now this. And it is spreading. 1070, titan, 780, 780ti... Please provide us with a solution. We put our money in this sim and now we are grounded. Keep that in mind and stop taking fancy screenshots about the kuban project and try to make the actual sim flyable again.
  13. Same problem here. I have a 780. We had the famous driver problem and we were provided with a solution, go back to older drivers. A temporary solution at best, but at least it worked. Now we have this new problem, since the VR update, and now more cards are involved. I have tried all the possible fixes provided by the community, and nothing. What upsets me most is that in this case we have not received a single word coming from the support team, not a simple "roger that, too bad, we are working on it, be patient". Nothing at all. Maybe a contemptous "nvidia problem". Is that all? Is that a support worth its name? All of us have invested our money in this sim. And now it simply does not work. I have told everybody wonders about this sim, it was fantastic, the true heir of Il2 saga... now I regret all that. I have to see new development diary entries telling us "Hey, look at this wonder, the Hs 129 is almost ready for Kuban" and other stuff, but a lot of players simply cannot fly, and there is not a solution in sight. I have seen answers like "just buy a 1080"... Great. Like many more, I am grounded right now. think about that and think about the effect that it is going to have in the community. When you conclude that these problems are going to put the project at stake, please take this seriously and provide us with a solution. And if that solution works for more than two months, much better. Maybe when that happen some of us will be around here still. Many others will not.
  14. Gracias por la bienvenida Hans!!! por supuesto esperamos verte por nuestro foro!! un saludo!
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