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    I'm an A319/A320 heavy maintenance airframe mechanic but I'm not so very interested in them (a heck of a lot cleaner than Boeings, though - lol). I'm also single engine land/sea - woohoo! Update: Now I'm working all fleets in Scheduled Special Route, Anything from overnights to month-long visits. Almost all my work involves fixing vendor work.

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  1. I just randomly grabbed a Sherman and did a little test: Fully zoomed in I moved the mouse from the center of my mouse pad to the right edge. The turret traversed 31°. Fully zoomed out I, again, moved the mouse from the center of the mouse pad to right edge. The turret traversed 2009°. That's a ratio of 1 to 65 (roughly). That's really the issue, there is simply too much variation of mouse movement between the two extreme views. And slowing one's mouse down significantly to deal with it hurts every other task the mouse is used for requiring constantly varying the mouse speed to match the current task.
  2. Actually, that scenario is likely recoverable as you would have altitude. The worst case scenario would be right after takeoff. As to why the light at all if it's not actually tied to engine performance, it was added because of the surprising number of accidents experienced in training due to the wrong engine being feathered. No one seemed to miss the obvious loss of power but a surprising number had trouble quickly identifying the correct motor in the very stressful moments immediately following an engine problem shortly after takeoff.
  3. P-51B Approach stalls are at 14:15 and accelerated stall is at 15:00. TP-51D Stall at 1:40.
  4. The D-5 Flight Manual (April 5, '44) does not mention depressurizing hydraulic system. All it says is turn off ignition after prop stops then shut off fuel selector followed by 1) turn off all switches, 2) set park brake (not while hot), 3) Lock controls, 4) carb air to alt, 5) disco canopy crank from canopy and push canopy closed manually after exiting. (Paraphrased in the extreme.) I think I have seen somewhere where it was recommended to relieve the pressure to make it easier the mount/dismount without stepping on the flap - I think it was a training film. Also, the landing gear will not retract on the ground (the tailwheel will) unless the aircraft is moving as the hydraulic system doesn't have the power to slide the tires sideways across the ground with the weight of the aircraft on them. The worst that could happen (other than the tail sitting on the rudder) is if there was an inboard preload on a/the gear leg the downlock(s) could unlock without being able to relock with the repositioning of the handle. If the aircraft was then moved the leg(s) could then creep toward retraction while rolling. Of course, this wouldn't be likely as someone would probably notice the half retracted tailwheel and damaged rudder/aft fuselage. I've worked on a couple of planes (727 and 757) where handles went up without gear pins and in both cases it was only the nosegear that retracted causing more than enough damage ...
  5. There are a few pics from WW2 showing the silver paint being worn through down to the primer and, maybe, the metal when some camouflaged planes had their paint removed with the onset of winter snow on the continent. Some ground crews removed the paint with gas filled rags which kind of removed a bit extra in places it looks like.
  6. I'll throw another issue out there: The wing shouldn't be natural metal even on an unpainted version. The forward third of the wing was puttied so no fasteners or seems would be visible, then two coats of sandable primer were sprayed on the upper surface and one coat on the lower surface and then all was sanded and painted silver. The silver paint used was the same as used on the rudder and the unfilled and unsanded wingtips while the flaps, ailerons and gas tank panels were not smoothed or painted. Hey, here's some visuals -- Google Images: p-51d wing filled painted Here's a Pic of Sierra Sue II:
  7. Are we sure M80 rounds for the M4 (or M10) were delivered? All I can find for 37mm ammo delivery (lend lease) are for the M74 AP and M51 HE for the M5/M6 guns and M54 HE for the M4/M10 guns. It's very possible a "few" M80 AP rounds were delivered on request for testing, I suppose, but its performance (25mm pen at 460m) would likely not have lead to requests for more. On the other hand Tempests were cleared for operational rocket use in February '45 (but were not used operationally) so it wouldn't be completely outlandish to provide them in game (the P-39L was also cleared for rocket ordinance as well but no rocket equipment or rockets were supplied). To be fair I really don't care very much, I just find the whole discussion interesting.
  8. It's just further proof the 109 was dumbed down over time.
  9. Well ... ? I thought he was saying the new system was more realistic than the old system in that maintaining gunsight view versus swinging view away from gunsight was more realistic. I can understand that part but I fail to see any advantage either way. After thinking about it while playing I guess what the real problem is is mouse speed. When the mouse moves at a high rate without any visual indication it's easy to wind the turret up or rocket the reticule around the target. To simply say this is more realistic is ridiculous as it's entirely a function of mouse dpi speed and is something I suffer from with a fast mouse setting (1000). As it is, view movement speed is basically a function of zoom (my scrollwheel) and that works rather well for me in game for everything else at the moment, it's just the gunsight view that's messing up. Switching to gunner view in full unzoomed state (ultra high speed mouse, I can literally circle the tank a couple of times just grabbing the mouse) and having to scroll the mousewheel a few times to get full zoom to get it under control while hitting kp5 to get back to zero doesn't seem realistic to me ... but, anyway. Like I said earlier, I'm resistant to change my mouse because everything else in the game works so well for me. As far as all tanks in game having the same traverse speed, you may want to check again. The fastest turrets are the T-34s with the slowest, by far, being the Tiger and P3.
  10. I'm sorry, but I simply don't understand what you are saying here. The old way: the gun moved via mouse control. The turret rotation and gun elevation was limited to actual values. The new way: the gun moves via mouse control. The turret rotation and gun elevation are limited to actual values. What has changed is where the view is centered during mouse movement. (I can't say unequivocally that the mouse speed was altered but it feels like it has). The current method is extraordinarily disorienting unless one can massively slow down their mouse which can be done by going immediately to full zoom or with mouse dpi settings. The unintended consequence, however, is the resulting need to change mouse dpi for various zooms and views. Unless we're going to require actual tank controls be used I would think that mouse control would be fine for realism.
  11. I am utterly confounded by the statements insisting the new controls are more realistic. Is it more realistic to have your gun swinging back and forth, up and down across the target because you can't slow it down quick enough? Really? If you see the indicator happens to be roughly aligned with your desired aiming direction you can sit back and wait for the turret to align with your preselected position? I'm sure it has something to do with everyone's settings but my goodness ... Maybe, just maybe if they default the gunsight view to FULLY ZOOMED then I can switch to gunner and not have my turret start in a 360 while I grab the mouse.
  12. North American listed the landing speed of a gross weight late model D at 110.7 mph.
  13. The smoke should exist primarily at full throttle and more in overboost (more profound on German aircraft). Also, for clarity, Mustangs are maxing out their boost nowadays at 55 inches due to the low octane etc.(Blue, 100LL).
  14. Yeah, the tank mouse controls are really bad. And, yeah, I have a gaming mouse with fully adjustable on the fly custom dpi buttons but I fail to see why everytime I change positions or views I need to switch dpi. I'd rather adjust the various mouse controlled view speeds in the menu and then use a universal setting on the mouse, you know, like a regular game. I use the different dpi settings for different games.
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