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  1. Not being anything like a programmer myself the only things concrete I can add is that the anomalies: a) only occur in or adjacent to clusters of trees and b) have volume.
  2. My son-in-law is a programmer who, while admitting he wasn't at all familiar with the programming structure of BoX, said that what he has used in some of his projects* was a more-advanced-than-simple-batch file that searched the model for wireframe texture errors which were then high-lighted so the programmer could determine whether a texture or wireframe needed editing. My point is that the error, as previously suggested, could likely be procedural and so may simply be a rogue tree model that isn't accepting its texture. Keep in mind that I am no programmer and that my delightfully helpful
  3. The AI won't shoot you if you are more than 50 meters in a forest. However, I have been tagged while hiding, without having exposed myself, behind buildings and on the other side of revetments that the AI couldn't "see" through and had to shoot through to get me. I can't give any comment on the current AI's firing at targets in terrain defilade. For a game that relies so heavily on AI the AI is clearly not up to the task and yet, those frustrations aside, the game is still worth it for me.
  4. I used Hyperlobby for Jane's WW2 (with the Bambi mod) and then IL2 when it came out, it was a big step up.
  5. They will arrive in the very near future along with a complimentary, current generation graphics card* so you can enjoy them to the fullest extent possible. 👍 So ... hang in there, buddy. * That's what I heard.
  6. And, maybe related, I've noticed that when driving a P4 laterally along a slope the rear of the tank seems to want to constantly slide downhill even though the CG is in the middle, actually slightly forward of the center, of the tank (its stenciled on the left side).
  7. The hull skirts were just hanging on "hooks" and could be removed. The turret skirts were welded on.
  8. Actually, both the T-34s will swing up to 7° degrees either direction (and up/down) to, or in the direction of, the last view the commander/gunner has before closing hatch. If you are already pointing within 7° of the spotted enemy and you center that enemy in the commander's view and close the hatch, the gun will swing to point directly at him. If, in panic or inattention, you swing the commander's view off in some other direction before closing the hatch, the gun will swing 7° in that direction while the hatch is closing. If one thinks about it a moment, one might see an minor
  9. Yeah, I liked this idea then and I like it now, but I'm a rubbish player ... obviously.
  10. And why on earth can't visors be replaced on the fly the way they were on the real battlefield? That's why they were quick-change to begin with.
  11. I'm in agreement regarding vehicle movement. With regard to "dust kick-up" I'm referring to actual dust on the ground kicked up by the muzzle blast. This effect, if modeled (doesn't appear to be) would vary based on terrain type and the worst effect would be from terrain featuring very fine, loose and dry dirt or sand and I'm not seeing any of this. The muzzle blast (at least with the P4), both the flash and smoke, is modeled to reflect a muzzle brake. One could go on for days discussing its accuracy, or lack there-of, of depiction of course, but a muzzle brake is accounted for
  12. We (Yanks Air Museum) have the first P-47M ever made. 227385 (Well, it's the first of four YP-47M's.)
  13. My thoughts about that particular video clip being sped up (I should add "slightly") are that it is likely from the original film, the Germans wanting to show more impressive performance (maybe) to the general public. To the point of the muzzle plume, I've noticed there doesn't seem to be any distinctive difference to plume shape whether there is a muzzle brake or not. There also doesn't seem to be any dust kick-up, but that, too, would probably be an all or nothing feature not taking ground surface (or muzzle) characteristics into consideration so maybe one shouldn't make too mu
  14. The cross country clips mentioned at ~12:30 in the last video seem to be accelerated for dramatic effect. Just the way it looks to me.
  15. Of course, using the steering wheel there were 16 distinct turn radii, two for each gear. In first gear the radii were ~3.5m and ~10.5m and in eighth gear they were ~57m and ~170m. The game doesn't model this or the zero speed turn in place (in reality not recommended). All tanks seem to share variations on the same driving dynamics (as well as the same five speed transmission).
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