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    I'm an A319/A320 heavy maintenance airframe mechanic but I'm not so very interested in them (a heck of a lot cleaner than Boeings, though - lol). I'm also single engine land/sea - woohoo! Update: Now I'm working all fleets in Scheduled Special Route, Anything from overnights to month-long visits. Almost all my work involves fixing vendor work.

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  1. The P3L's external visor representations don't change. Externally, the driver's forward (main) visor is always open and the left side visor is always closed regardless of the settings and how it is depicted from inside. The other tanks (except the 1942 T34 which won't let you close the driver's visor at all) accurately depict visor positions externally. And, yeah, while sitting inside the vehicle go ahead and play with those 6 keys you mentioned until it becomes second nature, it'll help.
  2. I'd rather have the Hellcat ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ... or a Jackson even. I think one Sherman is fine for the game. It's a "sim", not reality, so the following isn't likely to apply:
  3. I just took the G4 for a spin before commenting to a) make sure my memory was correct and b) an update didn't change things. As noted, the slat deployment is dependent on AoA and it should be possible to get one to deploy (or retract) before the other by slipping or skidding. In game this doesn't work well; although one will deploy or retract first it isn't directly controllable by yaw angle (i.e. making the left side or the right side deploy by skidding one way or the other). One more important thing is that it doesn't alter lift at all (though in game it likely allows increased angle and reduced speed). In the game the slats simply pop in or out without any apparent effect if in steady flight. Lift is a function of camber (among other things) and the slat drops the leading edge increasing the wing's camber increasing lift requiring quick corrective aileron to prevent roll if the other slat isn't deployed. This is the problem some pilots were referring to when they talked about "aileron snatch". While dogfighting at low speeds and/or high angles and using all controls, including rudder, to draw a bead on the target the uncoordinated flight condition (and possibly wake turbulence as well according to Brown) could deploy one slat requiring immediate aileron correction to maintain the sight picture (Brown said in his tests he found it impossible to keep the target in sight).
  4. Hi. There are no smoke shells or smoke grenades. ๐Ÿ˜’ The fire extinguisher is, I believe as I don't recall seeing a key, automatic. (I'll look for a key again.) Yeah, AI can miss on first shot,depending on setting, but what really gets you is they can see around and over objects and will shoot from behind things if there is a ballistic solution. AI won't shoot through more than 50 meters of forest however, that's new. Work around? Learn at what distance the AI begins shooting from and then don't get that close. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ I'm not familiar with the stuck traverse in the current build, I have more of an opposite problem, constantly needing to keep the mouse sliding or the turret stops ๐Ÿคฃ. Hang in there.
  5. CORRECTION: You know ... I got to thinking about this (its been a lot of years and my memory ... well ... ) and looked at these systems again and, no, the P-39 had it's own dedicated glycol tank in the nose alongside the 37mm receiver (the engine overflow tank was behind the engine in the aft fuselage) but the system for the P-40 that was tested drew from a "short straw" (upside down standpipe?) in the engine overflow tank but this system was NEVER produced, so the production P-40's actually never had a functional windscreen glycol deicing system. (What kind of idiot would put THAT out there?) And, yeah, if you could wipe the screen off that would be helpful as well, but by the war's start the Army apparently had decided that the most practical approach to an iced (or oiled) windscreen, although the P-39 kept its glycol, could be dealt with by simply opening the windscreen window and view the world through the opening, modern airliner style (not a lot of incoming airflow if the cockpit is/was reasonably sealed). I apologize for the confusion. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
  6. Regarding Item 2, the "Little Window" ... That would be "Ice Window" installed along with the optional glycol de-icing system. The idea was that if you had to use glycol to remove accumulated ice then you'd probably want to wipe at least part of the windshield off afterword. A similar window could be found on some P-40E's (not in game), although it's mostly an "N" thing, and on some P-47 Razorbacks (again, not in game). On the P-40N the window is the extra ~vertical frame (hinge) on the left side aft edge and the Razorback it's similarly the left side aft lower triangular area demarcated by its hinge. The early Mustang used a wonky squarish window higher up the left side windscreen but not common. The P-38 never had an ice window because it relied exclusively on hot air anti-icing as did most later aircraft. The USA didn't feel the need to standardize this de-icing system consequently it's not unusual to find ice windows on aircraft in the tropics and not on aircraft in Alaska ...
  7. Nvidia RTX 3000 cards are expected to be announced in August and rumored to be released in September. The RTX 3080 Ti is rumored to be a 40% improvement on the RTX 2080 Ti. Those speculated Nvidia dates are ahead of AMD's expected next gen dates of October/November, of course, so it will be an interesting year end. And the rumor mill is just beginning to get spooled up ...
  8. Regarding the nose gear, besides space being an issue conventional (then - haha) was both lighter and considered the norm. The reason tri-gear was introduced was to make life easier for mass produced pilots ... maybe reducing accidents. None of the nosewheels in game are steerable* so most have shimmy dampeners (the P-39 could sometimes - and the B-24 moreoften) because the shimmy would usually fold up the nosegear. An interesting "feature" of the nosegear was, typically, once it was flopped all the way over to one side it could be difficult to center as it would flop all the way over to the other side when trying to straighten. It would sometimes take some power and heavy brake use to get the plane taxing straight -- a kinder crew chief would use the towbar to straighten it for you first - lol. *I believe it was the DC-4, C-54, R5D that introduced nosewheel steering in WW2.
  9. I was on the Finnish server driving down the road in a Panzer IV getting strafed by a Tempest. Got one track shot off (darn it) so tried to keep my tank roughly pointed at the plane. The plane subsequently made such a low strafing pass that he clipped the top of the turret causing me to flip over several times and blow up while he, though sounding slightly damaged flew away ... ๐Ÿ™„
  10. Finnish server. I was in a PIII reasonably well hidden from aircraft by leafless trees on a winter map. An IL2 was flying around looking for me without success until after about four passes his (I assume AI) gunner started shooting at me and then my end was inevitable. I assume it was AI because the gunfire never landed more than 10m from me even after the aircraft initiated the turn around. : / The whole AI thing throws the entire ground based game into question.
  11. Yeah, I think I'm done with the game. What compounds this problem is that AP and APCR do no damage internally unless the hit something directly*, and even that is questionable. So one side has the best armor, gun and ammo and the other has to get deep inside the kill zone to be able to use their gun. The situation on the Finnish server has pushed me more and more to try to help the Red side against one or two Tigers who are threatening to shut the Red Tank Spawns down completely in the first hour, which can be done, to an extent, with the right terrain, numerical superiority and some luck. The only fair solution, then, is for both sides to have the same equipment. I like a fair fight so I've basically given up on using the Tiger (my favorite WW2 tank) because, even without the AI, it feels like cheating. The Panzer IV is a much better competitor with the available Russian options, I think, than the Tiger so that's basically what I've settled on (except that I can't bring myself to helping a Tiger or two crush the Red side so I go Red). The day the Tiger came out I questioned the rationale for doing so. From a gaming perspective it was an insane decision but from a marketing perspective it's no date created sales which, frankly, is the bottom line. Anyway, I really wish the game could have stayed focused on airplanes with the expanded ground game limited to AAA, both fixed and mobile. *The solid shot penetration model, I believe, simply damages internal components and/or crewmen that the shot strikes while moving through the vehicle, without taking spawling into consideration not to mention most of the material that originally filled the volume of the newly created hole has to go somewhere. And then there's the inexplicable: I've been 3 meters behind a T34 Early in a Panzer III with only 2 rounds of APCR. First shot square in the back of the turret which should have struck the gun breach. As the turret turned to the left I put the last shot in the left side of the turret towards the front aiming for the gunner and gun breach again. The turret finished rotating and I was shot dead. I am aware of armor penetration shot deflection, by the way. Also, APCR hits into nearly full fuel tanks would rupture those fuel tanks filling the vehicle with a fuel fog and liquid fuel making further vehicle operation problematic as a) the crew have to breath and b) optics would eventually be made difficult to use.
  12. Yeah, there's a handful of guys on the Finnish server that trundle along through the trees blasting everything at first the Base and then the Artillery and with most of the other blue players taking out the ships you have a six hour map turning in as little as an hour. They could probably easily accomplish these great feats of skill with a panzer iv but they always use the Tigers so even if you AI them back you're struggling to get in a lucky shot (the AI gunners aren't the greatest) before the Tiger (or Panther) gunner lands one. So, anyway, I agree with Stup - it's a multiplayer game killer. The way you do it is you occupy commander's position (or maybe anything but gunner) hit the Tilde key, hit F1 for Assign Targets and then hit F2 for Attack Ground Targets at Will. Drive until the crew spots a target then stop and let them shoot. They will fire when within effective range and as long as something "solid" isn't effectively blocking the shot. Tree foliage, no matter how visually impenetrable it might seem to you, isn't considered "solid". The ONLY good thing about it is they aren't ace gunners so they do miss some, but it hardly matters when the shots are coming from deep in a forest at you.
  13. My point was more about the practicality. An uncooperative person or body is very difficult to move especially in a confined space. It's a bit morbid, but one could, if so inclined, google "dead French crewman being removed from tank" and checkout the first hit and kinda get an idea of the effort required to remove the otherwise uncooperative. Of course, this only deals with the external part of removal, the easy part.
  14. I used to work on an airline's fuel crew (B747, DC-10, 767 ... well ... etc. ) year's ago and one of the requirements for qualifying was being able to remove an incapacitated coworker from the fuel tank*. With that experience I'm not sure what it would be like, in reality, to try and get someone removed from their station in a tank and, if not doing so from outside, where would you put them after you got them out of the way? Maybe there could be a Crew Member Removal and Substitution option in the Repair Menu that would take a few minutes and require hatches open. Heinz could be strapped on the back of the tank because we don't leave anyone behind.
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