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  1. this boy is a good follower of cliffs More than interference seems a good observation! long live clod!!
  2. I am not upset it has already been said eighty times that the VR will come After the expansion, repeating again and again that it will not come to Tobruk without vr will not accelerate this process, surely !! I didn't see the edited piece, but I don't care. Greetings, mate ..................... I'm glad your tastes
  3. Today, VR is not a priority, and yet I think that TF will work on it since the departure of TF5 Is there a real statistic of how many people use VR? How many people use it sporadically? How many people alternate between them? My friend, when she operated on her tits, showed them to everyone, but she was often covered and wearing a bra You do not need to ask for this so that we all know that you have this technology. I agree, if they try it there is no going back, but even people who have prefer to follow up for various reasons The vr as said already a million times will come.
  4. try pressing the B key which sometimes releases the brakes If this is not the case, you must configure a key for "ground personnel to remove the chocks" I also use a translator You find this in airplane controls
  5. As far as I know, it can't this is not BOX, mate It's another thing, enjoy it
  6. In realism options Visual aids no object icons
  7. For those who do not see the improvement. WE LOVE THE CLOD, we know it is on the next level! For others, put on glasses who wants to understand that I understand Thank you
  8. all good I also have this problem and I solve it like this: when setting up your controls, press "save as" give your configuration a name that will be saved on this route 😄 \ Users \ Documents \ 1C SoftClub \ il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover mine is called pienoir When the game starts press "load" and find your configuration file in that path "C: \ Users \ Documents \ 1C SoftClub \ il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover" ,and finish by pressing "apply" you can save all the settings you wan,for example one for twin engines I hope this helps .
  9. Friend you're right For me it works in 109,110 and beau ........... I have not continued testing. oddly, he doesn't work in the hurri or the spit Maybe it's historic? I don't know, I haven't tried on more planes. Try other devices and you will see that it works I'm sorry
  10. friend Look for it in the controls settings In "generic" increase gunsight illumination decrease illumination of the gunsight. I don't know if the translation is correct, but there you have it
  11. Well, you're right I don't know if I made it work at some point. In that case it should be modified from the mission file or from the FMB creating it from the beginning follow this path in to the mission .mis file you want to fly and modify the fuel parameter C:\Users\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\missions\Single
  12. when you enter the mission before pressing "fly" Enter the configuration of your plane, press "load" and you will see a slide bar to choose the fuel load
  13. stop looking at people look at the simulator the mystic lord changed the title of the thread several times This is what I mean, don't degenerate the thread into nonsense Someone who is resentful published a video with an unsuccessful title And someone in his legitimate right and work corrected him The rest is bla bla bla ........
  14. I posted that I liked the video of Mr. Mystic He who wants to understand that he understands
  15. Clod is fabulous I don't understand them, this should be a community They should be grateful that clod exists you all get lost in shit !! Mystic Lord, I do not know you, but I can appreciate provocation in your publications, I do not say that you do it in a conscious way, but it is so If you love clod, no TF ............ you should realize where your posts lead This is the world of air simulation, a catastrophe, a nonsense of egos and malicious Stop doing the stupid thing !!
  16. Well, wait to sit in the cabin of the plane, you'll see how it sounds then!! .
  17. How can you make that comment and fix it wishing luck? Doesn't he like capture? Or is it simply a destructive comment?
  18. effectively it's eight days but as you know is an Alpha The videos will come and the captures too, if I'm not mistaken you should know what a first week is is to put things in order I think TF cares little and the insistence on seeing things, because things are going and they are doing what they get Be patient, you will not regret
  19. Then, train your skills with the rudder, you know how it works in CLOD I think some will want to knock you down My word is not worth much, but you have it ................ Tobruk is breathing your neck, you just don't want to see it. It will be here sooner than expected!
  20. bla bla bla Some will have to receive a blow to the head to know that Tobruk will be finished and for sale as a complete game. Some will continue to talk about what's in the closet, while others will enjoy the continuation of the best flight simulator model, damage model and environment that has existed. Despite all its mistakes it has been maintained for nine years, it will be for something.
  21. Don't be sarcastic Mr. Leifr you're anxious to fly in it, and you know it
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