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  1. Well, I must be one of the few who lost control. The sound of weapons, on the blue side, changed dramatically They lost a lot of punch, and you hear less We will have to get used I don't know if it will be the placebo effect, but everything seems to be getting better Congratulations!!
  2. Excellent it gave me a lot of joy You hit the table! For all the bigmouths !! the video should be called Thank you
  3. I want to know too In atag I found nothing
  4. thanks, it looks spectacular Although that plane never caught my attention! But I'm sure I'll take it to snoop It seems a lie that with the way it is so competitive! regards
  5. Mr. Dagwoodyt I notice it picky TF5 exists and will leave shortly Maybe they are the translators or the language difference, but a halo of negativity breathes in their words You want TF5, don't lie to me Be constructive please, here people are not known for not entering combat PEACE
  6. the forbidden video See it under your responsibility ......
  7. it's true that the sim doesn't help much Everything looks in the cabin like a strange purple color It is also true that the battle of England was full of night raids and modified aircraft just for that purpose
  8. Gentlemen of tf I know they are fixing everything they can I say: Wouldn't it be interesting if that piece of cabin had destroyed my 109? Thank you
  9. it doesn't seem very complicated to improve it if it's there It was logical on a channel map
  10. This was in the original game, right? If so, why did it disappear?
  11. You would not be the first to wear glasses and start seeing contacts everywhere
  12. I was losing hope but NOT This became a typical shit thread,luckily it was weird so much education Thank God CLOD is still fit It's lovely how we give a shit about people's lives ........... I want my planes !!! and I want them already !! and if I do not like what you give me I will put it in your ass I want my money !! hehehe I love
  13. if you edit video you will know how unpleasant it is to not be able to go anywhere on the track using a progress bar every time you need a new plan you have to put the track from the beginning and if you go out of place you have to put the track back from the beginning, you have to put the track from the beginning ............. EDIT the engraving button is the least of the problems if one can go anywhere on the track Apart from a free camera view that does not exist
  14. to enable a mapping button for track recording I can not believe you!!
  15. 1º__________________________NO 2ª__________________________NO 3ª__________________________NO I woke up from the nap with this bad news
  16. That is what I meant But I did not deny the evidence that on the channel map it would be a plus immersion It is something that should be standard in simulation at this time I don't understand that part in the battle of england? I do not believe you I don't see the English having tea and the Germans playing cards because there was bad weather
  17. Since the progress of TF5 is so obvious, I wanted to ask three things First Does it come with VR? Be honest, a little bird said yes second Regarding the weather, will we see something similar in clod? and third Will the recording system be improved in any way? Thank you .
  18. if I'm not mistaken this is possible in the BOX with some planes I don't remember now without the E7 you can do this. Regarding the armor behind the head, I don't know what the pilots would think then, now we generally prefer to see the six At the beginning of the war the 109 were so superior that they did not even contemplate the possibility of having an enemy at six, but in 1941-42 I suppose this changed and surely the pilots would not want to have that iron in the neck As for the armor of the wings and the front glass of the cabin, I suppose it would be accepted as an option, but I have also read that the armored glass did not show the distances well EDIT as you well know in the box, it is considered as a last option and as a mediocre plane, although I also heard that it is the best of the 109 to enter circle with the enemy With that in sight, who wants an E7? .
  19. What do you mean? In the images you can see how the steel sheet is behind the head ... I hope it can be removed !! Here we know it as "chapon"
  20. Without resentment, I will tell you that what justifies your question is the custom of exposing TF for any shit It seems impossible not to criticize any misspelled word or a badly placed photo Anyway without this kind of double-acting questions, clod would not be the same.
  21. work on the coast is already excellent look at the picture And I'm supposed to expect improvements I think the progress is very good, looks great EDIT that video is old!!
  22. Hahaha you're right waste of ammo fixation don't watch six go into absurd turns lost of control He only trained with AI to catch his touch again Do you know the rudder in CLOD? But you're absolutely right, then the song came and so little by little the edition- I'm not ashamed to show these pilots I hope you like it It's just art, it's not a combat thesis!!!
  23. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/104-il-2-sturmovik-cliffs-of-dover/
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