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    Without fear of death

    in berloga you can not fear death In berloga you have to fight to survive five minutes Try to merge with your machine and fight like a dog it is not necessary to hit the enemy It is enough to look at his face and go on the offensive It's the fight club 17/8/2018
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    Well, I think it would be interesting I piss on myself just thinking about it In Korea there was still a lot of dog fighting In fact the aircraft were similar in terms of instruments and the only difference with those of the ww2 were the engines and the response that they had "the delay" and the high speed of these devices The F-86 against the mig-15 supremacy was on the Russian side The death of the dog fights was then in the Vietnam War. Then the supremacy was from the United States with the Phantom facing the Mig-21 We would also like to see vietnam in the saga, hehehe .
  4. E69_pienoir

    Berloga Pure

    Edit: It was a mistake to open a subforum If they want to change their site or take the opportunity to publish berloga
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    Worst enemy for germans

    With reference to that video, is that possible? I'm not very scientific, but I smell really bad In reality it would not be profitable to lose so many 109 to knock down a single P2, it would be better to "let it go" It bothers me to be hit in a Bf110, without even my gunner making a single shot, I had at six a couple of Russian fighters trained and harassing and my gunner was smoking a joint The Russian gunners do not smoke joints? haha greetings Edit :sorry for the traslate
  6. E69_pienoir

    Worst enemy for germans

    I will use to put a video with shoehorn here An example of instant death I recognize that the tactics were not very good, entering low and from behind but do not listen or an impact
  7. E69_pienoir

    Worst enemy for germans

    I am sorry I'm not interested in politics, but I see that the image was not very successful Erased I looked for one at random and that one seemed funny to me ... I did not know there was something more behind it
  8. E69_pienoir

    Worst enemy for germans

    Any plane that carries a red star is very dangerous for you If he finds an il2 he will surely kill him ...... and the same will happen to him when he finds a P2 and be very careful with the PO2 In addition to the great secret of the Russian pilots It's with a lot of love do not be suspicious
  9. E69_pienoir

    better to leave

    the tail gunner was smoking a joint The tickets although a little delayed I think they were very good The P2 came to touch me without damage, returning to base I crashed myself and the Russian took the knockdown The war is very unfair I like that they appreciate the work
  10. E69_pienoir

    better to leave

  11. E69_pienoir

    I do not have access to the game

    as I said I reinstated ............ that is, yes, I tried everything I do not know if it goes through a revision of my account by the developer EDIT It seems that it already works ................. I insisted several times and went Thanks for the help
  12. I'm having the problem that he will not let me into the game either online or offline I have uninstalled and reinstalled and the same problem Online tells me that there is no connection with the server and oofline tells me to check my account and my password I think the problem is not from my side, can you help me? EDIT:Also I have to say that when downloading the shortcut again I change the BOS to the BOM, so I suspect that the BOS has not been downloaded Help please, it took a week without access