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  1. 110 casual

  2. Pervitin

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drug_policy_of_Nazi_Germany Translate lyrics I searched for information
  3. Pervitin

  4. the lights killed you

    thanks for appreciating
  5. Back to work

    Thank you My colleagues know about my limitations. You can be an excellent pilot, with a perfect situational awareness. You can master the force of gravity, the angles, the energy. You can know your enemy's devile points and enter a long game of chess ....................... but that's not me In short the hunt is this .............. come by surprise, with patience .............. with energy. And at the right moment, squeeze the teeth, skid smoothly, and pull the trigger as if it were glass, very gently ............. then look back and hit the accelerator to get out of area. regards
  6. Back to work

  7. CLIFFS OF DOVER - BLITZ Version 4.53 is live

    I lost the key assignment ....... I do not know if someone else happened to him. I leave everything in default. EDIT: I'm sorry, it was a problem with my joystick Change port and seem to recognize everything again
  8. CLIFFS OF DOVER - BLITZ Version 4.53 is live

    thanks, downloading.................. 627 Mb regards Edit:Attention, make a copy of your configuration ......... it is lost !!
  9. Message to 1C

    They say that a picture is worth a thousand words And that dreaming is free................ clod by pablo segovia, en Flickr
  10. Message to 1C

    You insist on putting demands or desires in my mouth that are not true Remind me not to use the word GPS again. I discovered that by itself is worth to undermine a thread with 50 answers and 3000 visits EDIT:I ask please to quote me some answer in which I huse the Word" icon" I also ask you to tell me where I ask for a server to my liking and to me. I think the translator will know to differentiate "ask " from "suggest " REEDIT:I'm a fighter pilot, I'm 46 years old and I'm looking for quality simulation. I do not understand how you can get rid of my words that I demand a server with icons, you think I do not know what is "Leadfarm "? The screen chat output is unsmokeable, the statistic page does not work or it shines by its absence Ground targets are not counted anywhere It seems to be thought for a spectrum 48k That's what I said, it would be interesting to try those formulas to find out if they attract players and are part of the problem, Then some unhappy people have made other complaints,I'm not responsible for that. That's been my part. Read you
  11. Message to 1C

    First of all I have not blamed anyone for anything I have only exposed one problem that is evident, the lack of pilots on the servers. Secondly, they have only been exposed, if they have all read the thread of ATAG, some of the problems that seem to be. I have raised some, other people have raised other I've talked about the lack of an attractive stat page for the player, like the ones we have on the BOS servers After the demands have been evolving according to the malaise of the people. Some spoke of the interface (with which I agree) and others of minor technical problems, that the truth, I have not noticed. For me the patch is good and stable I will not repeat the thanks and admiration to TF He also had attempts to distort the thread in Atag, it was closed on one occasion, there was a forbidden person, and it was reopened again. But this is not exclusive to ATAG,That is full of good people, this is the human condition I knew what I was exposed to, there is no drama for that. Using this thread to flay, distort, or speak of my bad English, apart from not serving at all, is a reaffirmation of the environment that we have to suffer in aerial simulation Mr. DHEODEN. Have you seen the sufficiency of me? .......... haha ​​........... for I am the first time that I have noticed that it exists. The only thing I post in this forum are videos, so I do not understand very well how I could awaken in you that insane envy. You can continue debating the morality "of the post. You can also give your opinion and you can also disagree and you can also read it. Almost everything is said already What we want a server for old and young was a way to de-dramatize the meaning of things, it was an irony ............. thought intelligent, but it seems to have been unfortunate. Maybe after reading the whole ATAG thread it would have made more sense, not before and in bold I just thought that we would have access in Clod as we do in the BOS servers, we would be many people flying I have not opened this thread to answer answers, or to defend myself from anything, or have to hold it with cigarette paper. Only for this forum to echo it, that after all have their part in the cake Actually I do not have much more to say.
  12. Message to 1C

    You seem sent to shake, distort and divert attention from the thread I say this because of his affirmations and his interventions, which do not really contribute anything interesting, apart from that, I tell him to distort the thread. With me it will not get it Greetings again, gentleman
  13. Message to 1C

    I think I'm being quite respectful on my part at least for now If you interpret that all this is for a server, , but come on I have no problem Saludos en Español.Señor EDIT;