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  1. E69_pienoir

    bf110 wingman saves the day.

    yes the glorious CLOD The music belongs to predator
  2. E69_pienoir

    bf110 wingman saves the day.

    with your permission from minute 1.23 ..
  3. E69_pienoir

    TFS Developer Update - Patch v4.54

    I do not know if it was a suggestion, but I visually improved the simulator, I was able to pursue a spity in ATag for a long time without it disappearing, not even for a moment. Congratulations, everything seems more fluid and current.
  4. E69_pienoir

    Por cierto

    Felíz año ,aerotrastornados!!
  5. E69_pienoir


    Sometimes it happens, you take off, you go to defend something, and after a long time flying everything is filled with planes You do the work for five minutes as best you can, you run out of ammunition and go home Have survived It's the war happy New Year!!
  6. E69_pienoir

    7 kills in a flight

    Sometimes it costs so much effort and it seems so complicated that you do not understand so much fortune! You remind me how mediocre I am .............. but you are not unique. There are more murderers in heaven with the same talent! Happy New Year
  7. E69_pienoir

    Finally I saw a PO 2

    I did not even have time to shoot the weapons!!
  8. E69_pienoir

    Best IL-2 Game for New Player

    If you want to enjoy the blue side, stanligrado and moscu are united. With the first you will get 109 very nice and with the second you can fly the 110 and the JU-88. Commercial strategy is called that!
  9. E69_pienoir

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    How about a picture of "I do not know, I do not answer"
  10. E69_pienoir

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    we all have our vices Some videos, others flight models, others damage model Others are rigorously historical I do not know anything about that, take your plane and get out there. If you are knocked down, you were worse than the other, it's that simple I know people who squeeze the performance of the plane and know where and from where it can not go Sometimes download all the charger on the target and the bad one keeps flying Other times you shoot a burst at 500m and knock it down !! It's war!
  11. E69_pienoir

    problem to access Atag

  12. E69_pienoir

    Is it war crime to shoot down red cross marked plane?

    shoot down
  13. E69_pienoir

    problem to access Atag

    uninstall microsoft wifi virtual device the problem is not solved say that I have 64 bit w7
  14. E69_pienoir

    problem to access Atag

    Hello no help?? The problem persists I do not even see the servers in the game, in multiplayer Only Atag's