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  1. E69_pienoir

    Long Life

    For Cliffs Lovers!!
  2. https://www.escuadron69.net/foro/index.php?/topic/69140-manual-español-de-tf5/ Let's see what happens .
  3. and Spanish? It can not be true that they have not contemplated it regards
  4. I would never have believed it ...... but if the statistics say who I am to contradict it I declare myself a fan of the MP in all forms Greetings and peace a combat or a shoot down against a human, satisfies me more than any campaign ofline
  5. for me it's fine nobody is on the defensive what can not be is that any thread of the cod ends with people gutting the simulator it's the usual, boring ................ Edit: surely many who do not have it already or uninstalled continue to release what they think by mouth it bothers me
  6. what is a disproportion is to say that cod is broken Or that the reason for its failure is that the SP does not work The reasons are many and varied, but not those In fact it is a lack of absolute respect and a disdain for this simulator that I would like to remind you that you have some online campaign in service Edit: cod looks like a punching bag in a gym you never go to but every once in a while you remember to give it a few hit
  7. I'm sorry but I do not understand It will be the translator's thing I sometimes also want to be suspicious or make a joke but I can not greetings anyway
  8. these kinds of statements in my opinion are quite unfortunate It sounds like a dinosaur said it It is completely false Cod is not broken, that's why the TF guys have been working I do not know where you get that from, with all my respect They look like the statements of someone who has not left the fridge since 2015 Are there still people who fly OFFLINE? seriously? Any lover of aerial war wants that a human person sits on the enemy plane, not a lot of foolish algorithms
  9. Gentlemen of TF To pronounce Read these things at this point is incredible do not care? It can not be true, can it? It disturbs me what counts Mr. Misticpuma, that seems not to help much to have a good image We all hope TF5 As much as you say around here, they are looking forward to having the update I'm sure that TF5 will come out, but these attitudes do not help much to think that it will be a quality product On the contrary, prepare when they take TF5, it will be much worse what they will hear !! regards EDIT: The people are very hard with you but you do not do anything about it TF5 will arrive when people are already very angry
  10. The Cod is in the doldrums. And it's a shame, it's a spectacular simulator .. You just have to get into the ATAG forum and read a bit. There is a smear campaign, enemies of Team Fusion. Everything they do is look with a magnifying glass, the threads end up becoming surreal. Time and budget must be very limited. TF works under hard pressure, always giving explanations ... because obviously it does not make sense that they do not work to implement VR, or do such simple things how to improve the recording and playback of tracks. The future of COD depends completely on the success of TF5 sales. The BOX hooks, it's great ........ but COD is something else, you just have to put your hand after a long time to see the complexity of the flight, and the difficulty of this simulator, not to mention the beauty of its graphics. Fly it, and when you see how fast the ammunition ends, or how easy it is to melt an E3, or how you end up like a spinning top as soon as you pass rudder ....... you will see that it has nothing to do with any another thing If we do not buy TF5 the Cod will die, or it will become what it is today ....... a simulator for English people who drink tea while chatting about their little things, and take some flights
  11. Now we just have to model the collisions well.!!
  12. good But does that mean that the TF5 output is imminent?
  13. E69_pienoir


    It's just a video The end is just art .... Although the game graphically does not differ much from the reality
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