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  1. whooooooowh it seems real The impact of 20mm is really good I had never seen that kind of damage model
  2. Get used to it Surely we will see a lot furrowing the sky
  3. many planes carried To control the dive
  4. you're right But to those of us who love light, atmosphere and clod airplanes, we would like to see other types of devices, read Zero, Mustang, P47, etc., etc. I don't know who said nobody would want the BOX planes again Forgive me to correct you, with TF quality if we want them, all We would also like a ww2 onboard operations simulator, which would do this in detail I know!! is to dream Hopefully Tobruk before venturing anything
  5. You made me laugh You're absolutely right, but this is a clod thread and anything can happen!! Surely in that case I would turn red But recognize that a zero quality TF would be wonderful Not to mention his contemporaries.
  6. Well, it doesn't seem like a bad idea. let's leave Russia and Europe in 1C And make the best simulator of the Pacific War Simulate Japanese machines with detail and on-board operations The potential market is huge !!
  7. And how about the pacific? Now that 1c has it abandoned? Zeros and mustang with clod quality
  8. E69_pienoir


    If you can't get a stick Play with the keyboard and mouse, it will be a more complete experience The gamepad is for playing San Andreas
  9. yes Just from atag, that's how it was Now you just need to enable an engraving button and a progress bar that allows you to go wherever you want on the track Yes, I know ........... I'm insistent EDIT: Is it really very complicated to create a shortcut to the recording key without giving ESC? I can't believe him !! About the progress bar of the Track I can understand that if I have "some work" But will anyone hear my pleas somewhere?
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