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  1. Then, train your skills with the rudder, you know how it works in CLOD I think some will want to knock you down My word is not worth much, but you have it ................ Tobruk is breathing your neck, you just don't want to see it. It will be here sooner than expected!
  2. bla bla bla Some will have to receive a blow to the head to know that Tobruk will be finished and for sale as a complete game. Some will continue to talk about what's in the closet, while others will enjoy the continuation of the best flight simulator model, damage model and environment that has existed. Despite all its mistakes it has been maintained for nine years, it will be for something.
  3. you can have tea while you wait
  4. Don't be sarcastic Mr. Leifr you're anxious to fly in it, and you know it
  5. Yes brother I want to say what is the use of making everything more beautiful if I have to cut my graphic configuration to fly it's a paradox EDIT: I hope I don't face my answer I'm just saying that I've also experienced these problems lately and they make me stop playing and enjoy Box And I love Cliffs Of Dover for many reasons that I will not explain now, so I take it for anyone who has not tried to do so and more now that the exit of the theater of tobruk is imminent with all the improvements that have been incorporated since it received the support of 1c greetings to all
  6. I haven't been flying for a long time, One of the reasons was this, But since I hadn't flown for a while, I thought it would be a problem of mine. Today I was surprised by this thread Like others who complain about the arcade side the simulator is taking Looks serious I really enjoyed online with my colleagues in the past What is the use of improving and improving if it cannot be reproduced? [edited] totally agree with the ghost edition I didn't think before writing ......... for my preferences No problem Mr. SYN_Haashashin
  7. Are you sure you're not playing minecraft? Now seriously You are in the wrong section
  8. Korea? Why not follow the line started with the M202? It was you who talked about the evolution of jet engines for subsequent deliveries Those theaters don't seem very attractive to vote It seems the logical way, given the lack of simulation of this type, except for DCS that for various reasons is not able to offer what BOX offers
  9. Is coming and is not dead that's how it is the rest makes no sense will arrive on time Not when the public wants As much as you cry, speak badly or criticize It will not come before for these reasons
  10. the answer is almost always: the enemy pilot was better than me Edit:If that surprises you, you'll hallucinate with what Russian planes do
  11. I offer to make a video if I have a clue from someone with access to TF5 Thanks for everything and anyway
  12. it's possible there may be mistakes It was hard to find photos to illustrate what I wanted Even eliminating a dead pilot for that reason There are not many pictures about that quiet I am blue I will soon do the counterpart
  13. well don't look at it Are you all day pulling the trigger and are you overwhelmed by this? Respect? nobody treats this simulator with more respect than me Better play Candy Crass toy airplanes? Where you come from? of WT?
  14. whooooooowh it seems real The impact of 20mm is really good I had never seen that kind of damage model
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