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  1. a Brit would be fine...Comet ! and indded AA tanks and halftracks
  2. at Normandie a Brit tank would be nice...Comet ! and for the germans instead of Tiger2 the Jagdpanther because it was a defensive battle. And most of all we need AA tanks or Halftracks with AA !!!! In Warthunder they work very welltogether.
  3. i really dont like the sound of it ingame....especially the outside sound. there are plenty of examples out there and some Panthers drive every year where devs could get good sound material !
  4. vs KI the Panther sucks . Shermans kill it from 1000m after several hits frontal....in 90% the first hits damage always the canon, and after another 2-4rounds the canon is complete red...while no other thing is broken except perhaps a track damage.
  5. .... der Pamnther ist absolut lächerlich . Speed 23km/h über Feld und der erste Hit aus 1000m ENtfernung und zu 90% ist die Kanone schonmal damage, nach weiteren hits isse dann rot und unbrauchbar....... aber hier sind ja Experten die meinen das dieser Schrott auch noch ok wäre :-) im englischen Forum ist man da schon ein Schritt weiter .
  6. ziemlich entäuscht von dem was die da abliefern.... auch die performance ist mies, wenn man bedenkt das in einem warthunder 30? payer online zocken und alles absolut flüssig läuft und schön anzusehen ist, dann ist das hier extrem schlecht und kaum besser als das uralte "Tiger vs T34." ja, hätte mir vorher mehr videos ansehen sollen....nja.
  7. Hi, i have a Bodenplatte mission with restricted weapons and loadouts for the planes on different aurfields, works well. But its not possible for the tanks ! When i set the restriction ON you cant choose any ammo type in tanks. When set it OFF all are free but alos all is free for the planes which sucks . So, what to do `?
  8. ??? i have more than 10 planes and Helicopters in DCS and some of them purchased without a discount because i wanted them so badly. If simulation of a thing is "outstanding" people will buy it and any price 😉 A clickable cockpit with a pilot in it gives me a more realistic feel without the need to have all the keybindings in your head ! switching to different fueltanks in a P51 is my favourite work , hahaha
  9. hm, i decide to spare money for upcoming Flightsimulator 2020 and for 1-2 DCS models which i´m waiting for like MI-24 and P47. The BoBP and BoK offers a good planeset and different areas to enjoy this a bit old getting game.
  10. while Normandy is really a bad time for flying on german side (inferior planes at that time and only a few models) how about implementing AA gunnery like 8.8´s or AA tanks 🙂 ok, warthunder time....combined arms ...cu 🙂
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